Wind turbine noise: The 1234ever Lament

Wind turbine noise portrayed in disturbing video
MILFORD, ONTARIO.  DECEMBER 14, 2013.     Lights! Camera! Noise! A new video, produced by residents of Prince Edward County, depicts the environmental hazards from industrial-scale wind turbines, and the impact that the power-generating machines are having on Ontario’s rural residents.  “The 1234ever Lament” is a three-minute recitation of a poem, now available as a YouTube video.  It illustrates “shadow flicker”, and includes compelling footage of whirling turbines that currently dominate the Wolfe Island landscape.

Written by Jim McPherson, “The 1234ever Lament” asks why Ontario continues to use wind turbines that generate electricity that is not needed, and that have a negative impact on rural neighbourhoods while causing electricity bills to increase for everyone.

“This short video tells a compelling story of what it is actually like to live near a wind factory,” said environmentalist Esther Wrightman of Kerwood, Ontario.   Wrightman  is fighting a multi-million dollar “SLAPP”-type lawsuit by NextEra, a Florida-based wind developer that was offended by Wightman’s use of the term “Next Terror” in her advocacy against a nearby wind project that deliberately demolished a Bald Eagle nest.

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Contact:  Jim McPherson at
phone 613-902-5924
cell 613-920-6399

Credits:   Recording of actual wind turbine sounds by Kristian P. Larsen of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jim McPherson or Cee Holter
Box 68, Milford ON K0K 2P0

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