Yet another wind project approved (Bow Lake) & another posted for comments (Grey Highlands)

Approved-Rubber-Stamp-724817Bow Lake Approved – 36 wind Turbines
“This Class 4 wind facility, known as the Bow Lake Wind Farm, consists of areas required for the wind facility components, as well as collector lines. The wind facility is located in the UnorganizedTownships of Smilsky and Peever, District of Algoma, Ontario.”

Grey Highlands Comment Period – 10MW
“This posting is for a proposed Renewable Energy Approval by Grey Highlands Nominee (No. 1) Ltd., for the Grey Highlands Zero Emissions People Wind Park, proposed to be located in the Municipality of Grey Highlands, Grey County, Ontario. This is a Class 4 wind facility with a total expected generation capacity of 10 megawatts (MW).”

Vineland Decision

2 thoughts on “Yet another wind project approved (Bow Lake) & another posted for comments (Grey Highlands)

  1. The Bow Lake Wind “Farm”, proposed for a scenic area of Algoma “Group of Seven” wilderness featuring the most northerly sugar maple hardwood forest along the stunning coast of Lake Superior, is a numbingly stupid endeavor.

    Many kilometers of logging roads will have to be widened and straightened, wetlands filled in, and the tops of towering hills will be blown apart a la the Green Mountains of Vermont.

    All this in the name of “green”, brought to you by the Ontario Liberals, in a massive ass-kiss to the local greedy but not environmentally friendly First Nations, partners in the project.

    Everybody involved in this scam can go rot in hell, and take their tourism business with them.

    • And further to the above, the Wynne government made it a point to pile on: they approved Bow Lake on the exact same day, December 16, that the small Algoma contingent of LSARC and SOAR began fighting the proposed Goulais River wind project at the ERT in Sault Ste. Marie.

      Greetings from the Ontario Liberals: F*** you and Merry Christmas …

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