Dutton/Dunwich Residents get their say

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Dutton/Dunwich residents will get a chance to state whether or not they are in favour of wind turbines in 2014. Council this week made further plans to finalize a poll it will send out to residents on the issue.

By mail in the new year, residents will receive two one-page sheets by mail asking for their name and address and whether they are in favour or not of wind turbines. Only those of voting age and residents of the municipality are eligible to reply.

Staff have been asked to get estimates on what the cost would be to provide a return envelope for the poll. Current estimates are it would cost about $2,500 to poll Dutton/Duwnich residents. Read article

4 thoughts on “Dutton/Dunwich Residents get their say

  1. If only 40% respond, they’ll have to look at that? What nonsense. The people who consider it to be an important issue, will respond. Those who don’t, don’t care enough to make the effort. If they only accepted election results, where more than 40% of residents, who are allowed to vote, responded, there would be very few elections with results. The health studies done by professionals, not hired by the wind industry, say that there are health problems associated with living near wind turbines. The windpushers, many of whom are in our government, have simply chosen to ignore them.

  2. That is not the end of the story Superchic. We are working VERY hard and devoting time and funds to fight the developers before they start to ruin our community. If you reside
    in Dutton/Dunwich, please message me to find out how you can help with this challenge.

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