MOE grants Batchewana, BluEarth approval for Bow Lake wind project

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Ontario’s environment ministry has given the go-ahead for a 60-megawatt wind farm 80 kilometres north of Sault Ste. Marie, the project’s proponents announced this week. Blu Earth Renewables and Batchewana First Nation are partners in the 36-turbine wind farm, which is to be built on Bow Lake, just south of Montreal River and close to the shores of Lake Superior.

The partners announced Monday that the wind farm has received its Renewable Energy Approval from the government and say the project represents one of the country’s largest partnerships between a First Nation and a wind developer.

“The Bow Lake Wind Project is perfectly aligned with our original expectations at Treaty time; those expectations were to benefit from our resources in sustainable ways. The BFN will continue to affirm, and benefit from the Letter of Assertions, which outlines our First Nations’ expected relationship with resource developers. This assertion was the foundation for our relationship with our partner, BluEarth Renewables, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome,” said Batchewana First Nation Chief Dean Sayers in a release. Read article

8 thoughts on “MOE grants Batchewana, BluEarth approval for Bow Lake wind project

  1. The Sault Star closed comments on this article on the same day it was published. I call this passive aggressive censorship.

    • The Sault Star has been censoring anti-wind comments and letters to the editor for quite some time.

      The city of Sault Ste. Marie has claimed to be “the Alternative Energy Capital of North America”, so any negative comments about “green initiatives”, even if they are not really “green”, are not welcome.

  2. The Bow Lake Wind “Farm”, proposed for a scenic area of Algoma “Group of Seven” wilderness featuring the most northerly sugar maple hardwood forest along the stunning coast of Lake Superior, is a numbingly stupid endeavor.

    Many kilometers of logging roads will have to be widened and straightened, wetlands filled in, and the tops of towering hills will be blown apart a la the Green Mountains of Vermont.

    All this in the name of “green”, brought to you by the Ontario Liberals, in a massive ass-kiss to the local greedy but not environmentally friendly First Nations, partners in the project.

    Everybody involved in this scam can go rot in hell, and take their tourism business with them.

    • And further to the above, the Wynne government made it a point to pile on: they approved Bow Lake on the exact same day, December 16, that the small Algoma contingent of LSARC and SOAR began fighting the proposed Goulais River wind project at the ERT in Sault Ste. Marie.

      Greetings from the Ontario Liberals: F*** you and Merry Christmas …

  3. Yes and talk about the rape. BFN are raping us, the land/scenery, the wildlife, the destruction at what cost? This area was already heavily logged and opened up to many camp owners. Along every step the BFN were there. Raping! I call it rape because they followed no rules on the backs of us taxpayers without consent. They answer to no one but their so called spirits, the bear, moose and eagle just to name a few. .Spineless Governments allowed this to unfold and we will all pay the price FOR EVER. You reading this David O? Our grand-kids will not enjoy what we thought was this vast wilderness that was once great for hunting and fishing ,gone. Tourists will ask WHY? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Especially here! Lost my will and respect only time will tell and heal i hope.Never would i have believed that BFN would disrespect their spirits this way! What hypocrites! No advantage or savings. Not needed unreliable energy. Green? No just greedy! greedy! Have a NOT so Merry Christmas. You just ruined mine.

  4. Want to add the following from the Edmonton Sun :”Ontario is reeling. The “Ontario Green Energy Program,” introduced four years ago by then-Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government, has proved to be an utter disaster. A public inquiry has brought to light the sheer size of this white elephant.

    The consequence of going all-out green will cost the average Ontario family an extra $636 a year by 2018 , a 42% jump in electricity bills over the next five years. Independent analysts are pegging the additional costs at $16 billion today, $23 billion by 2016. This in a province that is already $273 billion in debt! “Trying to save the future has created an economic disaster in the here and now, for our children and our grandchildren,” summed up one commentator.

    Ontario industry is paying more for power than almost any other jurisdiction in North America. Any wonder manufacturing and food processing companies are leaving Ontario? Any wonder it’s so tough to find a job in Ontario? ” This is common knowlege. ARE WE ALL THAT STUPID HERE IN ONTARIO??? Guess we are!

  5. Bow Lake Project
    The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan is in this for up to $75M equity/ownweship.
    ARC Financial Corp., Calgary, is in for $160M.
    Next look at Alberta Investment Management Corp. Officers & Board Members
    Board includes:
    A.Charles Baillie, Goldman Sachs & Queens University Board
    Mac Van Wielingen, ARC Resources & ARC Financial Corp.
    Leo J. deBeveir, CEO and former VP at Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan
    Jagdeep Singh Bachhen > L.John Doerr
    There are others on tht Alberta Investment Management Corp. Board.
    Easy to get Bow Lake Project approval.
    Maybe the northen Ontario papers don’t care to publish this kind of information.

    A. Charles Baillie, Goldman Sachs and on the Board of Queen’s University

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