Ontario’s green fiasco is a lesson to us all

alternative-energy-failEdmonton Sun
Ontario is reeling. The “Ontario Green Energy Program,” introduced four years ago by then-Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government, has proved to be an utter disaster. A public inquiry has brought to light the sheer size of this white elephant.

The consequence of going all-out green will cost the average Ontario family an extra $636 a year by 2018 , a 42% jump in electricity bills over the next five years. Independent analysts are pegging the additional costs at $16 billion today, $23 billion by 2016. This in a province that is already $273 billion in debt! “Trying to save the future has created an economic disaster in the here and now, for our children and our grandchildren,” summed up one commentator.

Ontario industry is paying more for power than almost any other jurisdiction in North America. Any wonder manufacturing and food processing companies are leaving Ontario? Any wonder it’s so tough to find a job in Ontario? Read article

19 thoughts on “Ontario’s green fiasco is a lesson to us all

  1. Great article except the crap about global warming… when will the media stop promoting warming lies???

    • That’s a nice thought Lyn, we can only dream of unfortunately.
      I heard Wynne being interviewed on CBC radio this am and their new spin on our destroyed economy is that we are not in trouble in any way, this is all part of the plan falling in place nicely, as this is just the natural transition period, from the old (manufacturing) economy, to the new economy. The new ‘smart economy,’ you know the one where we’re leaders of the entire world! She was quite serious. And there are actually many politically brain-dead fools, who will believe them……again!
      Time to start helping/campaigning for your local Conservative candidate, whether you like them or not normally, because they represent our only hope.

  2. Don’t pay too much heed to what Hicks’ writes. After all he writes for the Edmonton Sun,this is much like the Toronto Sun. A lot of writers there weren’t able to get jobs at the Globe & Mail or National Post. Ever watch Sun TV? What a bunch there too.

  3. Main street media will drop the global warming crap when the people who either own or control the media can no longer make money on this crap.

    Todd Smith waterboy for Northland Power?

  4. ‘[excerpt] I don’t pretend to know the ins-and-outs of the electricity business. It’s a complicated beast.’

    Then he should delete – a good portion
    of his ridiculous article.

  5. “Todd Smith waterboy for Northland Power?”

    Had they formed government in 2011,
    the “Progressive Conservatives” and their
    “health study and a moratorium” proposition
    would have allowed MPP Frank Klees and Northland Power to go ahead and desecrate the Great Spirit Island. So… maybe it is more complicated than that.

    What about Randy Hillier being ousted for accusing the party of taking some platform in order to benefit from a construction contract? Heard about it briefly on local radio “informational update” last year, but, I didn’t really understand it..

    • Mr Klees Newmarket-Aurora MPP was until very recently, on the board of directors for several “energy” companies such as Universal Energy and Just Energy, which were power resellers (the former having been fined numerous times for shabby business practices) and more recently, Tribute Resources which had an application filed with the Ontario Power Authority for a Feed-In Tariff contract for the Bruce Peninsula Mar industrial wind power generation project. He resigned from Tribute on August 5th, a scant two months before the provincial election. BUT…

      After the election, on November 15, 2011, Tribute Resources Inc., announced the appointment of Mr. Larry Smith to the Board of Directors. Mr. Smith is currently the Chief Financial Officer of the Newmarket Aurora Progressive Conservative Riding Association (yup – MPP Klees’ riding). Tribute Resources is right back to where they were before the election, being directly linked to the political arena.

      I guess that puts Klees at arm’s length with major wind developments?

  6. Yes, more complicated than it appears on the surface.
    So which MPP is pushing for the Northland Power pumped starage project at QP?
    So which MPP has Northland solar parks in his riding?
    Todd Smith?
    Randy Hillier was accused of leaking a confidential PC party e-mail regarding the construction industry.
    Don’t think this was proven?

  7. Todd Smith has worked hard for his anti-IWT constituents in Prince Edward County, but he has also been a strong supporter of the proposed pumped storage project near Marmora. Not sure what kind of energy he was hoping to store there. He could be jerking us around with both hands.

    Frank Klees was on the board of directors for Tribute Resources, who were proposing a wind factory near Mar on the Bruce Peninsula. I don’t believe he was involved with any Manitoulin Island projects.

    Not surprisingly, there are some Conservatives who have various financial or otherwise interests in the wind turbine business, but I’m certain that they are far outnumbered by Liberals, and possibly NDP members.

    As always, you have to go with the lesser evil.

  8. Well, isn’t the construction industry involved in the construction of renewables?
    Like the cement and electrical contractors for example? Probably working all 3 parties?

  9. Thank Us for the clarifications.

    One thing I know for sure, is that
    if I hadn’t moved away from industrial wind turbines,
    I would be dead.

  10. Northland Power has made millions off from renewable energy projects and the proposed hydro pumped storage is one part of the “green” energy scheme.
    For an MPP to shill for such a company is unacceptable.

  11. QuinteNews, Nov.14,2013
    “another step for the marmora mine project”
    Give the council, MPPs and Northland Power officials a $50,000 grant to tour the Johnstown, Penn. flood site where 2,000 + people died because a dam that was placed above the town broke. Said dam never should have been placed there to begin with. Dam constructed so that rich men from Pittsburg could have a fishing lake.
    Now this place is a real tourist attraction known as the Johnstown National Memorial Monument.
    Fools always learn too late.

  12. MACLEANS, June 4, 2013
    “Green power for the people”
    #4, Marmora Pumped Storage.
    Cost is $700 million for ~ 45 jobs.
    400 MW enough power to serve 40,000 home but for how long?
    5 times the height of Niagara Falls.
    Fine example of how much the “green gentry” of Ontario care about the lives and safety of people.
    NEVER NEVER NEVER store this much water above where people live.
    Again, example of rich men fooling around with the force of water for their benefit.

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