Tribunal Hearing for Turbines

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(Kincardine) – An Environmental Review Tribunal is continuing in Kincardine on Thursday. Local residents, Ken and Sharon Kroeplin have launched an appeal over the proposed Armow Wind Project by Samsung-Pattern in the Kincardine area.

They claim the industrial wind turbines cause health problems. The Kroeplins says one of the more than 90 turbines to be constructed, will be within 600 metres of their home. The Environmental review tribunal began hearing arguments last month, and the hearing adjourned until today.

It will begin at 10 AM at the Best Western Governors Inn, in Kincardine. The Tribunal hearing is scheduled to continue on Friday, beginning at 9 AM. It will then adjourn until next month, when the tribunal will hear more testimony between January 6th and 24th in Kincardine.  The Armow Wind project received provincial approval in October.

2 thoughts on “Tribunal Hearing for Turbines

  1. As long as this ERT is open to the public then any testimony and the names of the witnesses are public information.
    If the hearing room is cleared of the public while any of the testimony is given then that testimony is confidential.
    this includes the names of the witnesses.

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