Residents fear turbines will impact gas wells

natural gas crude oilBy Amanda Moore, Niagara this Week
WEST LINCOLN — All Anne Fairfield and Ed Engel want for Christmas is to see the turbines near their rural home ordered down. The West Lincoln couple has filed an appeal to the province’s approval of the HAF Wind Energy Project based on the Canadian Charter of Rights of Freedoms. The couple claims the province’s approval of the project is in direct conflict with their right to enjoy their property.

While they wait for decisions on two Charter appeals currently before the Environmental Tribunal, they watch in fear as work continues on the five turbine project. The couple’s most immediate concerns relate to the installation of distribution lines near a known gas well. “This is where the danger lies,” said Fairfield. “This case has reached a point where the health and safety of a very densely populated rural area of West Lincoln and Hamilton is threatened if no immediate action is taken.” Read article

11 thoughts on “Residents fear turbines will impact gas wells

  1. When we approached our local county health department in the US when IWproject was proposed we asked if they could do a study. We were suggesting they do health assessment before and then after project was completed. They couldn’t do that.
    I think it would be helpful if people who have a proposed wind project going up nearby – even if it hasn’t been completely approved. If they would get a general health assessment from their doctor or records whatever. Then if and/or when depending the individual and the closeness to the IWT they do have health issues they have a base and proof of whatever their health was before.

    I believe eventually we will be seeing a class action lawsuit similar to the one dealing with smoking and health.

  2. The U.S. has the grand jury system. Maybe it would be worthwhile to look into any corruption involved in the installation of IWT projects. Both on the federal and local levels.

  3. A grand jury is a legal body
    Sorry that Barbara still believes in fiction as all things legal is fiction and fraud.
    I do know she went to law school but I am sure they taught legalese.
    That in fact is another language and not being part of there society we are left trying to understand this crap.

  4. Sorry i am writing in short forms as I often get bumped.
    Everything of the legal system is pure distraction in the physical keeping us never looking as to the spiritual nature of these things.
    All these things legal is that it is clear the entire legal system and its machinations was nothing more than distraction designed to keep an egocentric,left mind content to play with the details with the devil.
    Stand in truth and in lawful jurisdiction. These monsters we created will go to rest.
    The world is not flat and legal is not lawful but it is fiction.
    Left brain contamination is how they got us to believe in legal and their admiralty law .(are we on a ship?) NO!
    I say Barb leave this alone as you are stuck in the delusions of fraud and their wicked system called legal. But I still love ya.

  5. We have to deal with things as they are and not as they should be. Leave this alone and let people get away with fraud and corruption?

    • I will not deal with fraud anymore!
      And that is the way it should be. Shut the whore of Babylon down that you want to keep joiner to and allow to live in all this dead legal crap.
      Joiner to fraud. Stand in truth. Look in the Blacks law dictionary to impersonation.. Have a real good read. Real eyes your fraud
      We need remedy not war what you are supporting in all corporations of fictions
      Cheers and love

      • I am not stating leaving the wind scum bags alone. I see my brothers and sisters also hammered by these fictions and that is what they are.
        We have mayors that claim to have jurisdictions in our communities as chief justice and they need now to shut this down.they have not but they must apply there powers against these fiction corporations to have our rights to live in peace restored
        If not we CAN privately prosecute them in a common law court and the others that have participated in this harm.
        As far as Esther going to their court in their legal system is also fraud and no need to go there as it is fraud. just state do not wish to contact with fictions and let it be, walk away.
        Bring it down do not keep feeding there fires.

  6. Sorry mistake in “do not wish to contact”,i mean contract. in the above statement.
    Barb I have been reading the last three years of my life in learning about law and legal.
    Never been interested before but my life changed when I had to move due to Wind Turbines and the long fight that got nowhere in the sense of our elected babysitters. We have open the eyes of others on Wind turbines fraud and I am trying to show the fraud two folds.
    When you know this we can knock the crap right out this fraud by exposing these frauds.
    Fraud expose is fraud nulled.

  7. non voter – I love your passion and don’t altogether disagree with your suggesting that Barbara, who has been fabulous with all her research and input, may be wasting her time against a rotten, broken and corrupt legal system.
    But in Barbara’s defence I think you owe it to her to actually say something specific?
    The ‘fraud’ has been exposed all over the world and for may years now but still perpetuates.
    You are offering no better option than Barbara who still tries to deal with the situation as it is.
    Now if you could come up with maybe some civil disobedience or even armed insurrection you could be on to something.
    But you can’t criticize Barbara for staying within ‘legalese’ bounds when you offer nothing that appears to be any different?
    I can’t imagine what it must be like having had your life impacted by these wind machines and can only sympathize with you. I’m waiting for the first ones in my township to be built overlooking my home.
    I know these things are evil and will benefit no one but do not yet know exactly how my life and the lives of my community will suffer.
    I’m not against your views but think Barbara deserves far better.
    Andrew Watts
    PS.Barbara, my apologies, you don’t need me to defend you but just wanted to put in my two cents worth…….. 🙂

  8. This IWT fiasco has exposed the rot and flaws in the legal system.
    Something will have to be done about this situation as well.
    But too many still think that they can deal or work with with the government to stop the IWTs. This isn’t going to happen. The present government dosen’t need rural votes to stay in power.

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