Wind companies should plant trees

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Sir: The recent article C-K has high hopes for woodlot policy seems to be a very controversial issue in this area. I am not surprised that Council has not been able to make a decision on a by-law protecting the little remaining forest in this area.

The Municipality of Chatham Kent is one of the worst offenders for cutting down trees. They are constantly cutting down trees along the ditches that they never replant and many other similar situations. Some of these trees are rotten and should be removed for safety but they are never replaced. Others are perfectly healthy trees. With the municipality setting this example it is not surprising that many others do the same thing.

Before I moved into my current house there were three healthy mature native white pine trees along the front lawn near the ditch. The county cut these three trees down. I considered not purchasing the property because of this. I decided I would plant new trees at my own cost to resolve this issue. There is an existing row of mature trees along the road in front of my neighbour’s homes as well as mine. Out of thoughtfulness I decided to plant back about 10 to 25 feet from this established line.

I placed a call to ‘call before you dig’. All of the utilities sent forms with the technical information and a ‘thank you for using call before you dig’. Except for one — The Chatham Kent Roads department. A Chatham-Kent employee left a very confrontational message on my answering machine “We don’t want any trees planted on Chatham-Kent property.” I found the tone of this message extremely rude. Read article

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  1. I’m glad to see the discussion on how barren CK is. I used to fly over it and was shocked to see the lack of trees and the fact that farmers were ploughing their land and planting right up to the edges of rivers and streams. It left an indelible impression of environmental degradation. CK isn’t the only area that has this sort of aerial view. I’m sickened to think that the trees that were planted as windbreaks with government funding; a much needed conservation approach in intensive farming regions, can now be cut down at the whim of a farmer deciding he needs to maximize his yield. We need to do a major environmental reassessment of farmland in Ontario.
    Everyone needs to plant more trees.

  2. Concerned about CO2 levels? Trees do more to clean and improve the environment including creating mini-climate zones than all of the wind turbibes combined. But so typical of self-styled environmentalists it seems their very actions are to destroy nature in order to save it. How crazy is that?

    There is one thing called an election and the best thing would be to throw out this council and hopefully effect some very necessary changes. Let’s hope enough like minded citizens can support a good “house cleaning”.

    • Right on! Karen.

      My son and I, between us, have planted almost 4 000 trees AND
      IF every person on earth would plant ONE tree every year of her/his life, we might [except for, you know] all have the cleanest lungs imaginable.

  3. I think mature trees which are taken down ….should be replaced by mature healthy trees. Not little saplings. That would cost a fortune. Rightly so!!!

  4. Is Chatham Kent our “Duck Dynasty” of Ontario? It’s like we’ve all given up on them; let them clear cut and pave it with turbines…

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