Appeal completed; ruling could take months

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A decision into the appeal of the Goulais Wind Farm project may not be rendered until mid April. An Environmental Review Tribunal heard arguments for more than two days earlier this week from opponents who don’t want to see a wind farm created in Goulais.

The appeal was filed by Heyden resident Doug Moseley with the assistance of Lake Superior Action Research Conservation (LSARC) and the law offices of Eric Gillespie. The appeal was also supported by the Save Our Algoma Region (SOAR) groups. In October, it was announced that the Goulais Wind Farm project had been approved by the provincial government.

The decision, posted on the Ontario Environmental Registry, said the renewable energy approval has been issued to SP Development Limited Partnership to engage in a renewable energy project for a Class 4 wind facility that will have a total capacity of 25 MW. The 11-wind turbine facility must be built and operational within three years.

But opponents argued that the industrial wind turbines are harmful to human health and disruptive and destructive to the natural environment and wildlife habitat. They also argued that the wind turbines contribute to the rising cost of electricity and are totally unnecessary to produce clean energy in Ontario. Involved parties will file their final written submissions to the tribunal by Jan. 20 and a decision on the appeal is expected to be made before April 22. Read article

15 thoughts on “Appeal completed; ruling could take months

  1. To all these bas tards that support wind turbines the legal parasites with Wind companies with there employees that are helping to promote this fraud are in fact joiner to destruction of our homes and our communities.
    Were money and power meet is a magnet for criminals to commit these frauds.
    Who controls your government? Answer is simply MONEY $
    Remedy? Kill this fraudulent legal system as they also hide behind this legalese crap,with of course protest to expose these crimes.
    All this is conflict of interests and that is the crime and it is not LAWFUL

  2. I wish them luck, however, the wind people have ingrained themselves so much in government and in their contributions to some environmental groups I am not optimistic.
    In a county I know of the only thing that did any good was when a brave young mother wrote a continuing blog about their experiences. It did help us (another county) make citizens aware of someone’s experience. Of course, when we had this young couple speak to our county government they were ignored.. One county board member (who had leased land – had the gall to insinuate it was “all in their heads”. The rest just ignored. The young couple received a buyout from the wind company. They were forced to remove the blog. Ibelieve their property was bought by the wind company — however, that was small satisfaction since they had to leave the home they built.
    I believe, this is our world today… talking to my federal representative has done nothing… ah, it’s green the wind company says it’s good, it must be… produces hundreds of jobs (asking where… ah we’re a little sketchy on that one… I guess that must be a trade secret… Oh, and why IWT don’t kill birds and bats and eagles — he (my representative) heard it from the wind company that a building or a cat kills more..
    Someday they’ll wake up after spending billions of taxpayer dollars and causing our rural areas to look like industrial wastelands. Sorry, I hope I’m wrong.

  3. In the case of the board member that you mention this is conflict of interest and could also be self-dealing both of which are criminal acts.Since this is on the county level then a county grand jury can look into this kind of corruption.

    The Ocotillo,CA situation should be looked at by a federal grand jury as to how the IWT contracts were obtained. Court cases often don’t include sufficient iivestigation into how things get done. If an issue is brought before the courts it dosen’t mean all the issues involved in a case were looked into.

    • Again definition for grand jury is legal juris fiction. No dam good. Private prosecution get there lawful name and there legal fiction name and act as THE WITNESS to the crime in a common law court.
      Screw the lawyers as they are not allowed but it will be a peoples court and private prosecution.
      Prosecuted they will not be able to be bonded and have a criminal record. What a joy that will be to send this message to all these criminal bastards

  4. Don’t think the former mayor of Detroit thinks grand juries are legal fictions.
    He got 28 years as the result of a grand jury investigation.

    • Sure he got 28 years , they all played the legal fiction game and used legal registered names and agreed to that jurisfiction .
      Are they working here? if so why is there no one in jail time in this wind scam yet?
      Barb you just do not get that legal jurisdiction is fiction and lawful jurisdiction is standing in truth
      I cannot help that you want to live and breath and keep joiner in this legal fiction nonsense that this system has you believe in.
      I’ve seen both sides of it and nothing has helped and it keeps costing us our homes our peace and our energy and money and legal does not work here.
      I somewhat believe you have an invested interest in this legal system as you so much glorify it works. Just buy your comments on the lawful aspects you seem to jump back to legal fiction crap belonging to your masters the crown,vatican your slave masters

  5. Renewable Energy Developers Inc. is now a subsidiary of Capstone Infrastructure Corp.
    Morningstar provides information on Capstone Infrastructure and Business Week provides information about who runs both RED and Capstone.
    This newspaper article provides little or almost no information on either of these companies so that the public can understand what’s going on with this situation.
    Just follow the connections that the officers and directors of these two companies have and it’s easy to see how contracts are awarded.

  6. Capstone

    Stuart Miller…

    Clean Power Income Fund
    Macquarie Power & Infrastructure Fund

  7. Renewable Energy Developers Inc.
    John S. Varghese, Chair. & on the advisory council of Wellington Financial LP which leads to the Leslie Street Spit.
    David Kerr who was founder of Algonquin Power & Utilities.
    Uwe Roeper who is also pres.of ORTECH Consulting Inc. which provides services for trials, hearings and tribunal support.

  8. I have no vested interest in the law.
    but without laws you end up in chaos.
    It isn’t the law that’s the problem. It’s the people manipulating the laws for their sole benefit that causes the problems.
    Vatican law governs the clergy and religious orders and not the laity.
    People had names long before there were birth certificates.
    Baptismal and birth certificates are issued to identify the father of a child.Baptismal records are also records of having received a sacrament.

    • Stockholm syndrom have you? Stuck in there drama? Legal slave,scared to leave from corruption,extortion,and fraud to common law and truth?

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