MOE received 139 complaints in 12 days in Port Elgin

CAW protestBayshore Broadcasting
Since December 10th, the Ministry of the Environment has received 139 complaints related to the industrial turbine at the Unifor Family Education Centre, formerly the CAW Centre.

The information was brought forward at this week’s Saugeen Shores Committee of the Whole meeting as an update to a meeting held August 26th, when there were a series of deputations made by residents who live near the turbine.

Mayor Mike Smith tells Bayshore Broadcasting News they’ve met twice with Unifor officials to talk about the turbine and the health effects it’s creating and some progress has been made in addressing the concerns.

Smith urges everyone who feels they’re affected by the turbine to file a complaint so the issue is documented. Read article

3 thoughts on “MOE received 139 complaints in 12 days in Port Elgin

  1. MOE is a puppet to the Wind developers and they bend over to the Queens Park parasites.
    They will not do anything until we fire them out of their office.
    They are like a plague inflicting harm and torture in your own back yard with their rubber stamping approvals and then say there is no evidence.

  2. MOE heard tenfold complaints over the years and will still run the MOE CAT D10 thru urbain ontario like its the Liberal sandbox. We are all finished. Its too late to stop the Green Demise. Every MPP could take a zero pay along with many managers with them and we still gonna be paying. Wymme will win the next election cause Hudak looks like a weasel and admitts he has nothin to help us. Either suck it up (again) or move. Lots of corperations be willing to buy our property. Just gotta get the price ur looking for. AGENDA 21. It lives like a blob and will never disappear cause it has all the time in the world. May take ten generations but I already see it over the horizon. The shape of farming is already transformed. Watch your backs!!!!

  3. There are enough voters in the GTA to control the rest of Ontario.
    But there could be the option of the separation/division of Ontario.

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