Something’s rotten

The Ontario Auditor General’s 2013 Annual Report paints only half the picture with Ontario’s electricity rates and possibly only half the picture with everything else in her report.

I am not an energy planner or financial expert, however I do have some insight on Ontario Power Generation (OPG) since I worked for Ontario Hydro/OPG for 32 years, I am now retired.

Yes OPG has it’s “fat cat” problems at the top, which disseminates down through the organization. Why is this a surprise? Good businesses’ examples are lead by management from the top down, and expect their staff to adopt the same ethics and culture as they are shown. OPG management is a reflection of the government who has appointed chairmen, board of directors and others OPG. Recent newspapers and television have reported about the OPG – fat cats and how they should have been overseen by the Ontario Government as a Crown Corporation, saying ‘someone must have been asleep at the switch.’ Well maybe the government wasn’t asleep at the switch, but were rather ‘in control of the switch’ and have just now switched the light on to shine brightly on the unpardonable gluttonous appetites of OPG executives in order to refocus attention away from ‘other’ governmental corruption! Have we now forgotten about the Gas Plant fiasco and the ludicrous Green Power contracts? Read article

3 thoughts on “Something’s rotten

  1. Setting an example..

    Welcome to the 21st century! where our children and grandchildren think you’re disgusting.

    ‘[excerpt] …switched the light on to shine brightly on the unpardonable gluttonous appetites of OPG…’

    You alleged: “Good businesses’ examples are lead by management from the top down…”


    In fact, we, of the Information Age, practice
    ‘inverted pyramid’ leadership,
    where ‘fat cats’ never forget
    they work for US.

    Better get on board, or get outta the way.

    (Do you live in poverty? What about your children and grandchildren?)

  2. All who are dealing with IWT isues should have a copy of this article as it identifies where the problems are. You can’t deal with a situation until you know where the prolems are and who or what is causing them.

  3. Grist, Dec.25, 2013
    “How to land a green job in 2014″
    Lists nine areas to look for ‘green” employment.
    These kinds of jobs for most companies suck money out of the company and cause the price of company products to rise.
    This adds to inflation and drives companies to countries where they can produce goods at lower costs.
    Most of the environmental lawyers are not trained in science but rather in how to deal with all the environmental laws and regulations.

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