Merry Christmas


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  1. Thanks!
    It has been a merrier one for pro Windies and for the Wind dead corps,pillaging our energy&$ .
    Lets bring down these perverted parasites that feed on our fear and ruin our communities
    Lets see if we can put the ones away in there own FEMA camps that they think they build for us.
    Next year we can enjoy our holidays in great cheers and abundance and perhaps parasite free. Cheers

    • I sure hope you’re right Gord, but noticeably absent from this article was any mention of his fight against the corrupt Wind Weasels, probably his toughest battle ever. Because human rights advocates are often far lefties & many lefties have of course fallen for this, the biggest scam ever. Coupled with the most corrupt government in Canadian history, he’s going to need a small miracle to win.
      Let us pray for that miracle, as its all we can do.
      Happy New Year Gord and all Wind Warriors too

  2. Hi Gord,Again we have proof in your above link were this lawyer of the BAR society reveals that LEGAL fiction is all about labyrinth,stupid hidden references to keep us dumb down to their legal fraud.
    How many times do you need proof we are being scammed in this legal sh it.
    So we think we have this white knight of a LAWYER that helping us. SH IT No .That is one guy maybe out of thousands and millions of these BAR parasites just to keep the illusion that it works.
    What this guy should be doing is what I try to explain, that it is legal jur is fiction.

    • Again step into LAWFUL jur is truth COMMON LAW
      Maybe just meditate our prayer in what ever you want to believe in and ask for universal law to deal with these community des troyers that are helping these demons in there agenda to des troy our communities.

      labyrinth legal definition of labyrinth. labyrinth synonyms by the Free …‎
      labyrinth (Complex), noun complexity, confused situation, difficulty, enigma, involvement, intricate state, knotty problem, maze, mystery, problem, puzzle, riddle

      • By the way we are the white knights but most of us believe in fairy tales that lawyers being our saviour in disputes
        It is the legal sh it they swamped us with that is ruining our freedoms and given rise to rich bas tards with there corporations to become our government

      • Generally speaking, I’m no big fan of lawyers either, but the fact remains:

        Wind proponents are using these no-good dirty dog lawyers to beat us, so by cracky, we might as well use these lying legal low-lifes to win a few for us.

        Fair is fair, even in the tawdry world of legal fictions and frauds.

  3. Here is one that should shock you about police officers and MOE officers or any officers as this crime they do every day when they put there uniform on
    From the Blacks Law dictionary

    impersonation. (18c) The act of impersonating
    someone. Also termed personation.
    false impersonation. (1878) The crime offalsely repre­ senting oneselfas another person, usu. a law-enforce­ ment officer, for the purpose of deceiving someone. See 18 USCA §§ 912-917. Also termedfalse person­ ation. (Cases: False Personation 1.]

    • I will tel that to my brother in-law the next time he is managing traffic at a drinking and driving accident at 2:00AM and -25C.

      • Sure and maybe he’ll awaken to the fraud of impersonation of copyright identification.registered to the corporation of CANADA, They should all be acting as peace officers and we need to be responsible for our actions to do no harm unto others.
        And when someone harms or kills someone they need to be dealt with.

      • Your ignorance towards the truth I spell out shows the likeness of Wind industries like to do Push people out
        Wind turbines have pushed me out to a new home and now you wish me to move out of a country. Thanks

    • Let me put in in simpler terms for you…since you’re not clear on it.

      If you don’t like Canada…GET OUT!!

      You have a choice…unlike may other people in the world.

      • SERIOUSLY Gears? Did you actually say that? What would be the difference if a pro-wind farmer said to you – “If you don’t like Canada…GET OUT!!” ?
        I Have a lot of sympathy for what non-voter says, although I disagree with him where he seems to think there is an underlying ‘REAL’ law that we can appeal to.
        Our government has no inherent right to rule. Over the centuries, the ruling classes have made concessions – often at the point of a gun or sword – and then worked hard to ‘mitigate’ the freedoms and rights they so reluctantly granted.
        I don’t, by any means, agree with all that this man says, but he makes some very good points.

        For myself, I follow OWR because I don’t like Canada as it is. I don’t like anywhere else any better. I believe that Canada – and the world – could be a lot better place for everyone, were it not for certain megalomaniacs and psychopaths who run the governments and businesses and think the world and the people are all here for their benefit.
        So I stay and try to change it.

      • Yes Bob, I did say that, and it has nothing to do with wind. I am extremely aware of what’s going on with government. Reading the regulations for this wind crap and bewildered that someone could actually come up with this garbage…certainly not any level headed individuals without undue influence.

        BUT…when people start broad bushing people as corrupt who have risked their lives for others by specifically putting themselves in harms way…a line is crossed and it has nothing to do with wind. May as well light a match to the flag and stomp on it. In fact, I don’t send anyone to this site anymore because of exactly that dynamic. Valuable information has been displaced in many cases by empty make-themselves-feel-good rants that readers view, as one friend labelled it, “nutbarism”.

        I, like many others, have personally spent hundreds and hundreds of hours working on getting the enemy to fall on his own sword…it’s just starting to show signs of working…I read this garbage and can’t help but see our efforts cheapened by a class clown.

      • I have to agree with Gears… “non voter” wastes a lot of air space with pointless incomprehensible rants that have nothing to do with the issue at hand.

        Sorta like the Fracking Rants that some indulge in…

        Catcha later — gotta go warm the Globe some more.

      • My point was poorly made. Those who don’t understand the negatives of turbines – who think they are ‘alternate energy’ might say to you, “If you don’t like it, leave.” And you, who don’t understand what nonvoter is talking about (admittedly, he’s hard to follow sometimes if you don’t know the background), want him to go away because you don’t get it.

        As for not sending people here – perhaps you should give your friends credit for enough intelligence to pick the grain from the chaff.

        If you want a discussion where you agree with everyone – start your own website and lock out everyone you disagree with. Trouble with that is that you never learn anything and it gets really boring – with only one person commenting.

        Some people here piss me off, too. And vice versa. But sometimes they say something that adds to my knowledge or awareness. Otherwise I try to ignore them. I’m trying to give up pissing contests.

        As for cops – I’ve met lots of good ones, and I’ve suffered at the hands of a few sadistic, power mad cowboys. There are far too many of the latter, and if the good ones don’t like the image they are the ones in a position to do something.

        And as for burning the flag and stomping on it – I have no problem with that either. Not my flag. Not my government. And I reject the paternalistic crap they try to instill in us… ‘patriotic’ is from the same root as ‘patriarchy’. It sucks.

  4. Fact remains we then are equally intrenched in the legal fraud and in the playing courts were they lead the game more to there advantage and win when they want to. As you then participated in there fraudulent game they invented. So if you want to play there game and be a fiction or do you want to win in a common law court?
    Your free will!

  5. All I want for Christmas is peace on earth and the turbines shut down and removed. Wishing everyone a peaceful holiday keeping loved ones close and dear. Cheers to all Wind Warriors.

  6. The people have lost their rights bit by bit. Done by those who wanted to subvert the laws for their own purposes and enact laws to suit their own purposes.
    Al Gore has stated that laws had to be changed in order to accomplish this new “green” global agenda. This is what the passage of the Green energy Act did.

    • People have to see the difference between the living world of common or natural law and dead by consent, corporate fiction legal illusion. One has to see the duality of the courts in both roles they play where COMMERCE / ADMIRALTY is the default position in order to “milk the bonds” of the unsuspecting and why REAL crimes and STATUTE TAXATION can be dealt with in “their” courts. You also have to see that STATUTES are NOT LAWS, they are LEGAL BY-LAWS/STATUTES and are ONLY applicable to the LEGAL NAME SURETY/SHIP’S NAME that is gained through the willful consenting of everyone who uses GOVERNMENT IDENTIFICATION of any kind where it CAN AND WILL be joindered/joined to the BIRTH CERTIFICATE where people unknowingly commit fraud by claiming to be THE LEGAL NAME versus their own living one; there is a HUGE difference, subtle but REAL……

      • Your soap box babbling cheapens the efforts of those dedicated to fighting this stuff.

    • Gee with that soap box I could clean it up peacefully as you seem just to want to fight instead of educating yourself. Using your left brain ego crap and using your government assisted programs of education and bought out news media for dumbing you down.
      So bring on the soap and we can also wash the parasites in Ottawa and Queens park
      So ya stay on their course of keeping us divided and they shall conquer.
      Merry crus a fiction

  7. How many of you have ever seen a stabbing? this happens so fast you would not believe it. And a knife is a lethal weapon.

    • Well, I have never seen a stabbing.

      But, I’ve experienced the – ‘lunatic cop’ – thing.
      It was around Christmas – we were moving horses –
      from one barn to another.

      Won’t bore you with the whole fiasco.

      Our family will never trust the police ever;
      and, besides that – you never have to talk to a cop…..
      …….just be polite @ all times.

      p.s. I documented every single detail, because we were so traumatized;
      and, it’s something that deserves putting out of mind – but, to pen only –
      so your mind can relax and not dwell – any further on it.

  8. As more and more IWTs are installed people are going to become more angry,disillusioned,and frustrated.
    maybe this could even lead to IWT PTS.
    Lose everything and you could easlily develope PTS.

  9. Interesting perspectives! Careful now web mistress may ban you! I hope not; there are good points on both sides of the argument. Incinuating insults are uncalled for and not nice though.

  10. Gears, I have spent hundres of hours researching who these companies are and their connections as well as who financed and who owns these companies.
    And I don’t consider this a waste of time nor garbage.
    So Gears, bring your research and show it to those at OWR.
    There are many issues involving IWTs that others at OWR are working on as well. This is a huge problem that requires the work of many people.

  11. Nonvoter knows there are problems with the legal system which is more than most people know. Maybe some don’t like the way he presents this subject but so what!

  12. People can choose not to read these posts.

    And thanks to all who’ve invested thousands of hours shining lights on these problems.

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