Appeal Court Allows $2-Billion Wind Development Action To Proceed Against Government Of Ontario

“The Court of Appeal, in confirming the motions judge`s decision, made it clear that proponents who choose to participate in discretionary government programs, such as Ontario’s renewable energy program, do so primarily at their own risk.  Governments may alter the policies that underlie a program, and may even alter or cancel such programs, in a manner that may be fully lawful and immune from civil suit even if individual participants suffer damage from such alteration or cancellation.”

On November 12, 2013, in Trillium Power Wind Corporation v. Ontario (Natural Resources), 2013 ONCA 683, the Ontario Court of Appeal allowed a $2-billion action by Trillium Power Wind Corporation (Trillium) to proceed against the Government of Ontario as a result of the government’s decision in 2011 to impose a moratorium on offshore wind power development. The Court allowed Trillium’s claim to proceed on the sole, narrow basis that the government had, allegedly, committed “misfeasance in public office” because, in imposing the moratorium when it did, the government had allegedly targeted Trillium, intending to cause Trillium harm.  However, the Court did not allow Trillium to proceed with its other claims based upon, among other things, breach of contract and negligence.

Brief Background

In February 2011, Ontario announced that offshore wind power development would be subject to a (second) moratorium, citing the need for further scientific studies of the potential impact(s) of the development.  By then, Trillium had allegedly expended over $5 million on the testing and development of an offshore wind power project that had been progressing through the regulatory process.  Read article

4 thoughts on “Appeal Court Allows $2-Billion Wind Development Action To Proceed Against Government Of Ontario

  1. Does this mean that in time Ontario will be controlled by an independent corporation such as a wind company who has more money than the province does because the liberals have run us out of money. What a S%^& show. Again another example of how incompetent the leaders are. Kick these guys out both the Liberal’s and the turbine companies have got to go. rip up the contracts.

    • There is no money and there is no debt. Federal reserve money makers term has run out (99 year term agreement is up)and Canada as a corporation is listed on the New York stock exchange is tied up with this petro dollar.
      As far as the debt they the feds (owned by who?) created that,not us. But used us as collateral thru the birth certificate scam right after the first major crash they created. Just to keep us under there control and steal our ,energy,currency,threw votes(volts). And Charge us for paying them on there debt. Gee all electronic words they used on us. Maybe because our bodies run on electrical pulses and mother earth produces power free for us to use.And has given us zero point energy but these scumbags are shelving this for our own good they say Wow!

  2. I would have to defer to Nonvoter. He hit the nail on the head that if we can prove that this whole concept is a figment of the defacto goverments imagination (which is why I don’t pay any income tax and havent’ for 10 years now). then these wind turbines will just be spinning relics with no place to go!

  3. What On Earth Is That Smell?
    By Ninja Bambi at Winter Solstice 2013
    What is that smell? The rotting flesh of this dead-by-consent system. Oh, it reeks This maggoty-meat, fit only to feed to packs of wild dogs!
    I am witness to humanity wailing at the unjust Just-ice system whose puppet-stringed players serve ritual deceit!
    What stench is this? The sickening odour that is slavery.
    Oh, it is evil This ancient *cess-pit, neck-deep, putrid, thick as quick-sand!
    I am witness to that cadaver named Legal upon which feed Eager flocks of carrion crows, all black-robed and beak-nosed!
    What is that stink? The halitosis of the fork-tongued liars.
    Oh, it is garbage This heap of guilt-stained paper, enslaving with spells and mal-intent!
    I am witness to the myriad crimes of so-called humans, Who hide behind their corporate-bodies and glued-on paper faces!
    What on earth is that smell? The odour of mass-treason is foul,
    Oh, dealers in misery! The destruction left in your wake is well-measured and well-known!
    You deceivers can no longer mask your stink. You abusers can no longer disguise your stench.
    You liars can no longer deny you reek. So be gone, be gone, be gone!

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