Dufferin Wind appeal denied by the Enironmental Review Tribunal

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DECISION[523] The Tribunal finds that the Appellants have not established that engaging in the Project as approved will cause serious and irreversible harm to plant life, animal life or the natural environment.

[524] The Tribunal finds that the Appellants have not established that engaging in the Project as approved will cause serious harm to human health.

[525] The Tribunal finds that the Appellants have not established, on the facts of this case, that the renewable energy approval process violated the Appellants’ right to security of the person under section 7 of the Charter.

Appeals Dismissed

6 thoughts on “Dufferin Wind appeal denied by the Enironmental Review Tribunal

  1. 4 of these turbine towers are already half built!
    Talk about a predetermined process!
    If you don’t appeal you lose your right to protest it and
    if you do appeal it means spending a whack of money for nothing because they know it is going to happen anyway. Talk about driving rural Ontario to poverty.

    And I still hear some Toronto media personalities say they’d vote for Wynne again. Are you kidding me?

  2. Utter bullsh*t….but not the least bit surprising. The ERT is worse than a kangaroo court. It is no more than an arm of a dictatorship!

  3. “The Tribunal finds that the Appellants have not established that engaging in the Project as approved will cause serious harm to human health.” How can these tribunals have the audacity to deny the health impacts?

    These IWT’s are strip-mining the wind. Each turning blade strips the energy from the wind and produces a turbulent spiral pattern of reduced wind pressure. This spiral turbulence is comprised of alternating regular wind pressure (from the empty spaces between the blades) and reduced wind pressure (from the ‘drag’ of the individual blades). This pattern of varying wind pressure has very long pressure wavelengths and is recognized as “’infrasound”.

    The decibel levels (air pressure energy content) of this infrasound is far higher than that of the accompanying audible wavelengths. However, the government and IWT industry only address audible wavelengths, and claim that IWT’s do not produce any substantial infrasound. Since the IWT’s technically don’t produce infrasound in their nacelles or at their blade edges, the government and industry continue to claim that the turbines don’t produce any substantial levels of infrasound .. choosing to ignore the fact that the turbines do cause substantial infrasound to occur downwind of the units (by way of these turbulent spiral pattern of reduced wind pressure).

    The government’s Green Energy Act and its continued disregard of both the occurrence of substantial levels of infrasound and the medical impacts of the infrasound on physiology, allows the IWT industry to continue erecting more and more turbines within detrimental proximity to people and their habitations.

    In Ontario, as elsewhere, acoustical and medical science are being denied and selectively manipulated in the interests of politics, ideology and financial gain. Unfortunately, until the details of this outrage are publicly and politically recognized for what they are, the perpetrators will blithely continue to proliferate and profit, while digging themselves into deeper eventual liability. Hopefully the tide will soon turn, retribution will be dealt upon them and the outcome will serve as a reminder to politicians, voters and industries alike to be more diligent in their individual responsibilities.

  4. Truth should set us free,I would think so
    There is nothing more terrifying to this system than living beings. They are the masters of their dead world where we, the living, can easily destroy it from within. Visualize a graveyard that you are the only living being standing in the middle of and who do you think calls the shots? Dead men tell no tales but the living witness can and they are the only ones able to do so. Let’s say someone is in court regarding a simple parking ticket. Imagine how a judge would react to someone saying that they are the witness to a dead legal servant of their realm aiding and abetting you, the living, into committing fraud by using the fraud BC name that you know isn’t yours? The intent of the system’s deceit is already proven via the existence of the birth certificate in the first place.
    If there was no intent to defraud humanity through this trickery, the birth certificate wouldn’t exist, nor would the registration buildings erected to serve this fraud. We had to step back from this illusion to actually see what was really going on and now that we do, we can see how to move forward in prosecuting all of these fraudsters from the bottom up and the top down. If it is fraudulent for us to use a legal name in their system, then so must it be for all of them; mirror,mirror. It is a legal and lawful fact that using something that belongs to another without their permission is theft, infringement of copyright etc. The truth beyond that is the fact that all parents who register their children are being deceived with intent and that those who serve the CROWN dead corpse commit fraud by omission and/or commission, knowingly and/or unknowingly. What’s good for the goose must also be good for the gander.

    • More to come
      Someone in Wheatley will be doing this very soon and it will be an example of what is to come from this new strategy.
      Maybe will see the rats jump ship and drown or swim to another ship.

  5. I generally don’t do this but I would suggest to you, to keep all your spirits up, you read “The Awakening” by Dr Polosak. Its done wonders for our cause in Dutton area and has kept many of us motivated in this wind war we are in.
    Your biggest threat comes from within, its called complacency, As long as we keep that at bay, the destructive minority can’t win.

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