Norma Schmidt testifies at Armow Wind appeal hearing in Kincardine

“Being deprived of sleep night after night is torture. Do I need to be an expert in torture to understand this?”

normaThe Saugeen Times
Norma Schmidt spoke emotionally and haltingly Friday, Dec. 20, as she testified before the Environmental Review Tribunal which is hearing evidence at the appeal against the proposed Armow Wind development in Kincardine. A resident of Underwood, in the Municipality of Kincardine, and surrounded by wind turbines with the Enbridge Ontario Wind project, she had a stack of information and documentation that she wanted to submit to the tribunal, outlining the health effects she has suffered since the Enbridge project went into operation in 2008-09.

However, Danielle Meuleman, counsel for the director of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE), objected to any of the papers being submitted since they had to be done through a properly-qualified expert. Tribunal chairperson Maureen Carter-Whitney agreed, saying the papers would not be entered into evidence. However, Schmidt would be able to refer to them in her testimony, to outline her concerns.

“I would rather be living in my quiet house and working in my chosen profession (as a registered nurse), but that has been taken away from me,” said Schmidt. “I have had to leave my home and abandon my career. This is my experience living close to, and surrounded by, industrial wind turbines.” She said she hoped her story would help the tribunal understand how the Armow Wind project threatens the health and well-being of people living near the turbines. Read article

23 thoughts on “Norma Schmidt testifies at Armow Wind appeal hearing in Kincardine

  1. Why do you Ontarians tolerate this bullshit? I mean, the bullshit of the ERT lawyer & ERT chairwoman? Why do you tolerate these goddam wind companies?

    What am I missing in this picture?

    This is why Dr. Pierpont no longer gets involved in wind energy issues; she did her part. There doesn’t need to be any more clinical evidence. There don’t need to be more “studies.”

    Like Pierpont, Dr. Laurie in Australia has done her part. Dr. Alex Salt at Washington Univ. School of Medicine has done his part. Dr. Malcolm Swinbanks, Michigan, has done his part. Rick James, Michigan, has done his part. Dr. Paul Schomer, noise engineer, has done his part. Dr. Steven Rauch, Director of Harvard’s Clinical Balance and Vestibular Disorders Clinic has done his part. Dr. N.D. Kelly, in a report for the USA Dept of Energy in the 1970s, did his part. Dr. Mauri Johansson, Denmark, has done his part. Dr. Amanda Harry, UK, did her part. Esther & Harvey Wrightman did their part. You get the picture.

    Here, read this. It’s copied verbatim from Dr. Paul Schomer’s resume:

    “As an international leader in the area of environmental noise, Dr. Schomer is chairperson of the United States delegation to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Acoustics and Noise committees, chairperson of the American National Standards Committee dealing with noise, chairperson of the ISO working groups which deal with environmental noise and with impulsive noise measurement, chairperson of the American National Standards Institute working group which deals with environmental noise, and he is the United States representative to the International Organization for Standardization in the areas of aircraft noise and impulsive sources. He is the Standards Director for the Acoustical Society of America, a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers Aircraft Noise Committee, a principle contributor to current efforts in the area of standardizing airport noise monitoring, and Executive Director, past vice-president for membership, and twice a past member of the board of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering.”

    Okay. Take a deep breath. The guy who holds these stunning credentials has gone on record as saying wind turbine infrasound is making people sick. Like Pierpont, he notes that it’s a vestibular disorder created by infrasound.

    So, why are you not believing him? Or Pierpont? Or Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Rauch, who is now diagnosing WTS victims from Falmouth, Mass., with — Wind Turbine Syndrome! He’s not diagnosing them with Chapman’s cruelly hilarious notion of “nocebo effect”; he’s diagnosing them with Wind Turbine Syndrome! Yeah, he read Pierpont’s book! Yeah, he met with Pierpont in Boston 2 years ago and they discussed the whole issue. Dr. Rauch is diagnosing people as having WTS without saying, “Um, before I diagnose them with WTS, we need more studies!” In other words, fuck the phony Health Canada study! (Don’t you get it?)

    (Chapman is a — sociologist, for Chrissakes! Zero clinical credentials! And Leventhall is a physicist — for Chrissakes! Ditto, zero clinical credentials!)

    Why, instead of listening to Drs. Rauch and Pierpont and the host of other, real experts listed above — why take this crap, this bullshit, from a goddam ERT lackey lawyer and lackey chairwoman? And why tolerate these manifest and outrageous lies from terrorist wind companies?

    How about this? Screw the experts (Pierpont et al.); listen to the Norma Schimdts! The people who are experiencing this horror! Whose lives have been turned into a 24/7 nightmare!

    (I don’t get it. Maybe I’m missing something. Like — cowardice. Like — complacency. Like — “I’m too busy.” Like — “it doesn’t affect me.”)

    The task, now, is for all the Norma Schmidts (who is a saint, by the way, and has more strength of character and courage than I will ever have — and who doesn’t use foul language like me when she’s pissed off) who are being hammered by this criminal govt. and its criminal ERT’s to shut down rural Ontario. Shut down the ERT! Shut down the phony lawyers! Shut down the wind companies.

    Rural Ontarians: You don’t need any more postings on about, um, getting sick from this infrasound shit! You don’t need more postings on OWR. You need to — shut — down — the — ERT — and — the — wind — companies. Stop reading about civil disobedience in the Ukraine. Or the Arab Spring in the Middle East! Stop reading the News! Time for an Ontario Spring. Shut — them — down. Civil — dis — obedience.

    Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

    • Amen Calvin.
      Finally, someone who has balls to tell it like it is. How did you get by the site monitoring police! An American of all people! If more Ontarians were like you, we would move forward a helluva lot faster. You are exactly right, get off your lazy butts Ontarians, this WILL effect you, and you better find time in your busy day or you will go down. Ontario is being pulled out from under your feet.
      It’s going to take a lot more than posting on this site or hearing yoursef speak to bring down the turbines.

  2. I suspect that what will eventually emerge – and I think the MOE and the wind companies are already aware of it – is that the ‘side effects’ of turbines tend to affect those who have pre-existing conditions.

    Like any germ or virus or predator, it attacks the vulnerable. Actually, it attacks everyone, but the vulnerable are the first to suffer. They are the canaries in the mine.

    The usual estimates of how many people are susceptible to wind turbine syndrome usually runs in the 15% to 30% range. I suspect that we are ALL susceptible, but those without pre-existing conditions are much slower to notice the effects. The stress builds slowly and it’s very difficult to say what causes it.

    Our society tends to stress most of us already and the IWT’s are just one more source. For the vulnerable, the IWTs can be that final straw, but none of us needs any extra stress, especially when there are no benefits.

    But think of all the green jobs – lawyers, tribunals, expert witnesses, police at the protests, the benefits are just endless…

    Pardon the sarcasm. I hate their stinking guts – lawyers, corporations, politicians of all stripes… and anyone else who supports them or benefits from them…

    • I had NO pre-existing conditions, nor did my spouse, or our pets who were affected. We suffered to the point of screwing up our jobs due to the sleep deprivation and infrasound impacts and had to leave our home! We were not “vulnerable”!
      DO NOT give anyone, including MOE lawyers or media an EXCUSE to do what they are doing by saying only a few are being hurt. It’s just not true.
      There is absolutely NO known percentage # of the population affected because NO ONE has done the work! In our area, in a first generation project people end up selling CHEAP or abandoning to get out!
      These people are like ghosts and are not being counted. And there are MANY!

      • And, by the way, I know a LOT of people who have been impacted the same way also without “pre-existing” conditions. Some do and some don’t. Just like the rest of the population.

        So let’s all drop the “vulnerable” mantra from the government thanks very much.
        They’ve obviously done a really good job at screwing peoples perceptions about health impacts.

        Keep going Norma. You are a continuing beacon of light in this mess of deep black bull**it

    • Snowball, please read my post again. The point I was trying to make was the exact opposite of how you took it.
      It seems that most witnesses who testify at these hearings have pre-existing conditions. The dark side uses this to dismiss their cases, whereas I’m saying they are just the first responders. They are more sensitive, so they often feel it FIRST, and we should take this as a warning of the harm being done TO ALL OF US.

      OTOH, if you and others have been affected and don’t have pre-existing conditions, then please testify at a hearing. It will be much harder for them to dismiss you.

      • Sorry Bob.
        VERY frustrated that this is being allowed to continue and MSM (especially!), lawyers, engineers, dark physicians, bureaucrats, PREMIERS, PRIME MINISTERS, MINISTERS and politicians just let it happen.
        I don’t know how SO many people have been drawn in….empty robots.
        Humanity vapourized in the name of industry. It’s quite the force.
        Anyway, I did testify. It doesn’t matter how many or what their history. They have an “appeal dismissed” stamp in front of them whatever happens.
        Maybe a human rights suit will prevail but certainly and obviously not an ERT.

  3. Thank you Norma and all other witnesses for the strength to continue even when lawyers from our own government question or infer your intent. There aren’t enough jail cells for this lot.

  4. Carter-Whitney was an environmental activist prior to being appointed to the ERT. Look this up on the internet.

  5. Every time I try to see the complete article my Norton antivirus blocks a web attack by Sweet Orange..etc. The same thing happened when I tried to look at another of these I think the same location Saugeen Times.. I’m just informing about a potential problem I’m not all that knowledgable about computers.

  6. Thank you Norma, for having the courage and strength, to continue to fight, for what we all know, is justice. The ERT, the MOE, the government, are all in collusion with the wind industry. This is going to blow up in their faces, and people like you, will help to make it happen! Their corrupt immoral behaviour, will be exposed.

  7. Thanks for your testimony. Now there is a public record of what have had to endure.
    The billionaires and multi-millionaries involved in the IWT industry are more powerful now than the government.

    • But Barb you are lost in the illusions as you think in there box. We have and can be God against these fictions if you grasped legal and lawful jurisdictions and them using only the legal jurisdiction and tying your mind with this and yes then they are powerful.
      I do get it you will not get it. That is to bad and a pity

  8. Nonvoter, I understand the situation and I don’t regard these ERTs as legal. They are trumped up affairs.

  9. These high priced lawyers, who are defending the MOE and other industries should have the privilege of living under the IWT, and they would not be so ready to dismiss the testimonies from people who are not experts. Living the life in the shadow…. makes the best experts.

  10. Of course this is for the Wind Sl uts and our babysitters you voted for and for the dogs they chase after us. Happy new year! May it be one without fear,so let us put this in gear.

  11. = the almighty Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yuan, etc. and quick profits are determining our and this planets future !!!
    (And the culprits behind all this will be long gone when the SH-T hits the fan (turbine blades !!!)
    Happy New Year !

  12. Norma came out in the public in front of witnesses and told of her ordeal. Now there is an OFFICIAL RECORD of what she said.
    Anything she has said about here ordeal in the MSN or internet postings is NOT an OFFICIAL RECORD.
    There is a huge difference between the two because she was questioned at this hearing.
    This is one reason why they don’t want IWT victims to testify at these hearings.
    NO OFFICIAL RECORDS like this are wanted.

  13. Take back OUR Province. It is as simple as that! SECEDE! There is strength in numbers. Rural Ontario must start the demand to SECEDE from the province. The ratepayers in urban areas will join us. They are beginning to understand. ACT NOW. Write your MPP and your MP TODAY. Tell them that the only way to save OUR province is to SECEDE from the provincial government that has imposed this fascism on Ontario. WE the province of Rural will not tolerate fascism. period. Thousands of signs screaming for secession from a dictatorship that is breaking the Province and the people of Ontario. CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE … Hold back your taxes. Only pay your hydro bill every other month. Storm Queen’s Park.

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