‘We’re penalized for conserving’

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ATHENS – “Enough is enough.” Michele Starkey has reached the end of her patience with the Ontario government. “When I got my last hydro bill and I saw they were requesting another increase in 2014 it made me see red.”

So the Athens’ resident took to social media and launched an online petition calling for Ontario’s Auditor General to investigate the proposed increases and review Hydro management. “I want to know why they are doing this and who approved it. They’re selling off surplus hydro below cost just to get rid of it and we’re being penalized for conserving.” Starkey blames government incompetence for creating a situation where higher prices are needed to compensate for poor management of the utility. She said it’s time for people to speak out.

She said recent Recorder and Times stories raising the spectre of local industry moving to the U.S. where electricity costs are half of Ontario’s prices confirms her sense that something must be done to stop the increases. Those rate hikes, announced early this month by energy minister Bob Chiarelli, are expected to add 42 per cent to the average hydro bill in three years. Starkey said the forecast increase will drive individuals and business out of the province. “Our area and all of Ontario will be a ghost town as people leave and jobs are lost.” Starkey has contacted Hydro One and the province’s ombudsman’s office and said she is dismayed over their lack of response.

“You feel you are on your own. You have to fight these people by yourself. But you can do something with people power.” Read article

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  1. “Our area and all of Ontario will be a ghost town….” All except the urban centres, that is. Isn’t this the goal of Agenda 21?

    • … and we know what is causing at least part of those increases, don’t we?

      Anyone can start an Avaaz petition, and once it reaches a certain critical level, showing sufficient support, Avaaz will send it out to the wider Avaaz community. Many of their campaigns have been spectacularly successful.

      Avaaz is one of the emerging forms of bottom up power – opposing the current top-down abuse which is prevalent in almost all countries.

      • Hey Sylvan Bob,
        You pray big – for socialism…..which leads to communism.

        Designing words: Top-Down………Bottom-Up;
        and, radical revolutionary sympathizers will save us – eh?

        Why not just join Unifor – and, take down the whole country!!!
        They say – ‘Good Jobs Revolution’; and, we should wonder
        what is meant by……
        ‘Energy Democracy’ – on their pages too.



        All this happening in a Free Nation – believe it, or not.

        Where do you get your freedom from?
        Again – where do you get your freedom from?
        The answer is God;
        and, only a ‘corrupt government’ –
        can take your ‘rights and freedoms’ – away from you.

        Wake up!
        The Liberals have lost control – and, in the words of Michael Barone,
        in reference to Washington:
        “We now have a Gangster Government”.

        Get Rid of the ‘Control Freak’ Liberals – in Ontario!

        I love my country Canada
        Happy New Year!

      • Premier Social Justice @ work!

        Food Boss Wynne:

        Looking for that foundation, and that connection.
        ‘[excerpt] “We know there’s a need and that’s why we’re asking people to help,” said Wynne at a joint press conference. “…It will not meet the entire need, but we will do our very best.”’


        The 5 minute – fraud check!

        ‘[excerpt] Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly said the provincial program was rolled out quickly and as a result, “you don’t dot all the Is and cross all the Ts.”

        In an effort to cut down fraud, Kelly said there is a five-minute interview process where residents will be asked to show ID, state whether they are an individual or part of a family and circumstances surrounding their power outage.’

        Happy New Year – everybody!
        Start the new year fresh……………..
        …………….introducing, Food Boss Wynne;
        and, nourishing – Social Justice.

  2. When the demand for any product including electricity then you take in less money from the sale of a product.
    Then the price of a product has to be raised to make up for fewer sales of the product.
    This works good in this situation because the government has a monopoly on the Ontario electricity supply.
    this is nothing more than simple economics in action.
    The government would rather spill the electricty than let Ontarians have this electricity. Or sell the power at a loss rather than let Ontarians have the power at a cheaper price.
    The government does not want Ontarians using so much electricity.

  3. Should read:
    When you decrease the demand for any product then you have to increase the price to make up for lost sales of a product.

  4. I am seeing a surge of anger in the urban public sector! This is long overdue. We must demand a non confidence vote for our government, both Liberal and NDP. We must voice our mistrust of a government that has become a puppet to an industry. Our good intentions have morphed into a religious cult. Even our classrooms have been infiltrated. I say SECEDE from Ontario. Urban and rural people, together must demand that we secede from this madness. Save our province. Our new Province .. The Province of Rural.

  5. All Wynne or the NDP has to do is promise urbanites a new subway, better health care, more education, infrastructure repairs and so on to win an election.
    With about 1/6 th of the population of Canada living in the golden horseshoe this is just about a done deal and the NDP can do the same.

  6. Those who live in the golden horseshoe have natural gas for heating and appliances. so they are not exposed to high electricity prices like rural Ontarians are.
    wynne dosen’t have to answer as she caters to urbanites.

  7. Urbanites are not required to make the life style changes that rural Ontarians are required to make to conserve electricity.
    They don’t have to pump water for example. They can do laundrey and run dishwashers at off peak times. They can use CFLs and nightlights. Cut back on AC when not at home.
    You are dealing with two different issues in electricity use between urban and rural consumers. Energy conservation is not as big an issue for urban consumers as it is for rural consumers.
    Business use of electricty is a different issue for urban consumers which most won’t consider when voting.

  8. Notice who’s getting the help with replacing food ruined by the recent power outage?? The GTA! Anybody surprised? They’re the ones destined to benefit from an increase in the gasoline tax as well not to mention the cancellation of the gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville! What does rural Ontario get from all of this?? Sweet “dick all just more IWTs!

    • And true to form, this useless Liberal government bungled the food coupon roll-out: The coupons ran out because the greedy, not so needy “Jacks” charged to the front of the line while those with mobility, transportation and financial issues, who really needed the hand-up, never had a chance to get out of the starting gate. Another ill conceived free-for-all, just like the IWT land rush.

      How tough would it have been to let various communities, especially in the hardest hit areas, hand out the coupons themselves, on an as-needed basis.

      Again, the incompetence of Wynne & Co. is front and centre.

      • Sorry Skeptical Gord! Not “incompetence”! ” Wynnie the Puke” knew EXACTLY what she was doing! Support the ones most likely to support HER in the next election ie; the GTHA!!! Let rural Ontario “go to h*ll”!!

    • There was no option of saving our frozen food by putting it outside, when Goderich area had the devastating tornado in August 2011, and no $100 food coupons were handed out by the government. This is just buying Toronto votes.

      • This is just buying Toronto votes.

        Nonsense — they will buy votes in other staunchly Liberal ridings as well! Just wait a couple more days — and a lack of money will not garner any objections — from Liberal MPPs.

  9. Thanks Michelle S but I fear that anything short of a quarter million signatures, primarily from the GTHA, will be acknowledged. Rural Ontario doesn’t count anymore!

  10. The temperatures were below freezing during this time so frozen food could have been stored ouside.
    Urban people have lost all their survival skills.
    Those living in areas where gas is available should provide backup heat for themselves.
    This is Canada, a cold country, where backup resources are needed.

  11. Was just checking my hour-by-hour time-of-use data on hydro one site. Although New Year’s Day is listed as a statutory holiday, hydro one has charged regular day rates on our account. Holidays are supposed to be at off-peak rates. Anyone else have the same experience?

    Have sent a query in to Hydro One. They promise a reply within two days. Will be interested to see what they say.

  12. Did you happen to check Christmans and Boxing Day?
    Maybe all the holidays need to be checked.
    Good way to get extra revenue without anyone knowing.

    • I checked. Christmas and Boxing day were all off-peak as expected.
      It is not like New Year’s Day is hard to determine. It is not like Good Friday – the Friday before the first Sunday after the first full moon in spring!!

      I hate to be suspicious – but it does seem like a ploy for extra revenue.

      Did anyone else check their account? Or was it just our family?

  13. This would only apply when there are below freezing temps as occured during the ice storm.
    Have also lost food in summer storm outages and didn’t expect to be compensated.
    Did people expect to have power restored in a short time with a storm that devastating?

  14. Some even complained that stores got their power restored first. The GTA food supplies had to be protected first along with other stores that sold essential goods.

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