75MW Wind project on Amherst Island up for public comment

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“This posting is for a proposed Renewable Energy Approval by Windlectric Inc. for the Amherst Island Wind Energy Project, proposed to be located in Loyalist Township, County of Lennox and Addington, Ontario. This is a Class 4 wind facility with a total expected generation capacity of up to 75 megawatts (MW).

The proposed facility is considered to be a Class 4 wind facility under Ontario Regulation 359/09 (O. Reg.359/09) Renewable Energy Approvals under Part V.0.1 of the Environmental Protection Act. Applications for Renewable Energy Approvals are required to be submitted in accordance with O.Reg.359/09 for consideration for approval.”

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  1. Emera is fixing to become a major player in the New England power market.
    And Emera has increased its ownwership to near 25% in Algonquin Power. At 25% ownwership the financial reporting requirements are different at least in the U.S.
    Amherst Island residents need to be aware of who the other investors are in Algonquin Power. check your local friendly banks for their ownership in Algonquin Power.

    • This posting has conjured up feelings of powerlessness. We in Ontario have to do something different. The definition of insanity comes to mind – ” doing the same things over and over and expecting different results” – the letter writing, the appeals, the hiring of consultants, the reports on incompleteness, the meetings, the rallies etc.etc. and for what? Nothing has made a difference. So how do we get the attention of government officials, the media, the rest of Canada?

  2. gaiagoddess, “So how do we get the attention of government officials, the media, the rest of Canada? ” I’m glad you asked.

    Dear Mr. Wilson MPP,

    I am writing you today with a heavy heart. The letter below pains all of us. More and more of the people I am in touch with are telling me that they have had it with the Liberal government of Ontario. In fact more and more voices are rising and rising in numbers and strength. We are beginning to realise that the only way to put an end to the destruction of our rural lands and rural way of life is to make known our intention to SECEDE from the Province of Ontario. We have asked for a non confidence vote, to no avail. We have asked to call an election, to no avail. We have asked our government to increase the set backs from industrial scale wind turbines since the wind industry has increased the size of the wind turbines since the original 550 meter setback was established, to no avail. 75 or more municipalities have declared themselves to be unwilling hosts, to no avail. The Ministry of the Environment continues to ride roughshod over our rural municipalities and continues to industrialize families in their very beds. We have seen the reckless waste and spending spree of this inept government and we see the destruction of the economy throughout this once great province. This letter is to notify you that the people in rural Ontario, from the grass roots is announcing their intention to SECEDE from the province of Ontario. We believe that as more and more of the urban public become aware of the cost to taxpayers for the outrageous subsidies to the wind industry and as ratepayers feel the crippling effect of the rising cost of electricity , they too will demand that this government stand down immediately. This Ontario government has allowed the take over of our rural lands. They have allowed themselves to become puppets of the wind industry at the expense of the whole province. This Mr. Wilson is fascism. We the people will never allow any individual, any group or any controlling power to become stronger than our democratic province. Our rural municipalities will be heard and respected because we are the people. The current Liberal government of Ontario has disgraced the province it was entrusted with. We ask you to please make our intentions to SECEDE from the province known at Queen Park. Tell them that they can become the province of Toronto if they choose and we will become the Province of Rural.

    Most sincerely,

    • For your consideration … and with apologies for impersonating Barbara ….

      In the upcoming municipal election in October, any municipality that is interested in seceding from the province of Ontario (Toronto) will have to get permission from it’s citizens by way of a vote. If the province says they can’t have this referendum, than the municipality would need to proceed on it’s own by hiring some kind of accounting firm to handle the logistics. This way, the provincial government would not be able to discredit the results of the plebiscite. My guess is that the optics of this whole thing going down would force some sort of backtracking by Wynne & Co. Might work, there’s a lot of pissed off people out there …

  3. If you check out the Totonto financial news this already known but not stated as in my above post which information comes from Maine news.
    Does anyone not think that powerful financial interests will get their way?

    Emera affiliates:
    Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.
    Atlantic Hydrogen Inc.
    Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline
    Open Hydro

    Was there anything in the Kingston MSM on this situation?

  4. Ontario’s program of wind development is being cited in Alberta press as a shining example of how NOT to green a province.

  5. “Does anyone not think that powerful financial interests will get their way?”

    If so, check for – a red laser beam – pointing at your forehead.

  6. Maine had three power companies and Emera aquired two of them which are now merged into Emera Maine which now covers from New Brunswick to the Mass.state line.

  7. early spring real noisemaker rallye needed….from each corner of ontario….slowmoving, noisemaking processions down 15 from ottawa to 401 to toronto, qew from fort erie to toronto, hwy 20 from dunnville to toronto, from windsor to toronto by 401, goderich to toronto via #8 to 401, tobermory to toronto via #6 hiway, 400 south from bracebridge, 35-115 to 401 to toronto……added bonus would be native brothers from thunder bay down same time……meeting place queens park,making noise in every community enroute…..local coverage ahead of time…..police cooperation requested all the way…..need national media watch from earliest point…..$$$$$$$,waste the focus….us not nimbys but messengers of financial wake up call to sleeping public……SHUT DOWN GREEN NONSENSE,SOONER THE CHEAPER…..tractor trailors sized signs needed….solicite trucker aid,participation(10 cent/litre hike liberal grab)…….. last one got some good press…….interested?when?

    • “Noise protest”: play wind turbine sound through your speakers, car audio, iphones, megaphones. Visit quiet Toronto/London/Ottawa parks, or when Windies come through. See my website for turbine recordings. More coming soon.
      Soundmann dot com.

      “Civil disobedience”: get in the way of cement trucks and/or turbine parts in transit.

      Did you notice how Turbines at the Leslie Spit got attention. It only matters if we can bring the pain to the city, or if we can slow production.

      I just spent several emails trying to convince an “environmentalist” person that wind does not work. People not only don’t know, but they DON’T WANT TO LISTEN EITHER. Pathetic.

      • Need to change PUBLIC OPINION before any liberal will listen….they sold this plan,we need the public majority demanding it ended…..

  8. When you do an internet search this is what you get.
    The Wall Street Journal, Dec.20,2013
    “Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. owns and operates a diversified $3.2 billion portfolio of regulated and non-regulated utilities in North America.
    liberty Utilities, Salem, New Hampshire, is a wholly owned subsidiary of APUC. Handles regulted segment of APUC’s business.
    Makes things look fine and dandy for public consumption.

  9. Regarding the Ontario Wind Resistance project for Amherst Island; PLEASE do NOT erect these massive turbines on a small, quaint 12 mile long, 3 mile wide Island that has been the home of a bird sanctuary for over 35 years. In addition to the noise, size and unsightliness of the turbines, and the destruction of unspoiled beauty, the bird species will suffer greatly and diminish. All one need do is speak to Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre to get an idea of how many birds are now in need of rescue; these turbines will desecrate them. As well as that, the Island has been a cottage residence for many because of it’s hush and laid back, old fashioned charm. By proceeding with the turbines you will forever and irrevobably change the lifestyle there, affect the farming industries, and lower property values. We may as well be living in the concrete of the city if the turbines are built.Speaking as a person for whom the Island has been a refuge for 54 years, and having both my parents and most of my ancestors buried there is what is now a peaceful place, my loss will be permanent. So will Ontario’s at having ruined such a beautiful refuge.

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