Hydro rates could climb 68 per cent

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PARRY SOUND – The provincial government has rolled out its long-term plan for electricity and local MPPs aren’t buying. “The reason they’re calling it 20 years is so they can say to you how little the increase is,” said Progressive Conservative energy critic Vic Fedeli. “They’re planning on absolutely no investment being counted on after the first three years.”

Fedeli states that looking at a five-year plan, electricity rates are going up 68 per cent. “Under this long-term energy plan we have projected costs on average of over 20 years, because there are 20-year projections done by all the provinces including the province of Ontario and the project is 2.8 per cent,” stated Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli in a press conference on Dec. 4.

“Why don’t we talk about tomorrow morning? Basically 33 per cent in three years, 68 per cent in five years,” said Fedeli. “Those are the numbers that people should be sitting up and clearing their throats and rubbing their eyes and wondering what the heck happened to the Ontario I grew up in?” Read article

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  1. Parker, Tom, Bruce and others have spent lots of time trying to explain the charges on Hydro bills but the message dosen’t get through to many people. The whole picture/situation needs to be considered and not just the IWT/renewables part.

  2. Everyone gets a statement of energy used ,but this is not a bill. You state that you will pay the amount on statement only when they send you a bill. Because your bill is already paid Blacks law dic. meaning of statement
    .statement of account. 1. A report issued periodically (usu. monthly) by a bank to a customer, providing certain information on the customer’s account, includ­ ing the checks drawn and cleared, deposits made, charges debited, and the account balance. – Also termed bank statement. See ACCOUNT (4). [Cases: Banks and Banking 2. A report issued periodically (usu. monthly) by a creditor to a customer, providing certain information on the customer’s account, includ­ ing the amounts billed, credits given, and the balance due. – Also termed account statement.

  3. According to the Auditor General’s Report 2011, the goal of the Liberal government is to install 10,700 MW of industrial wind power in Ontario. Industrial wind turbines are not very efficient and only operate 28% of the time (page 111 – Auditor General’s Report). There are 8760 hours in a year. The FIT subsidy is $0.135 per kw or $135.00 per MW minus the $31.50 / MW or hourly Ontario energy price (HOEP). The actual price of the energy!
    If you do not break the calculator when you do the math, the final number is $2.6 BILLION per year owed to the private for profit, frequently multinational corporations for the FIT subsidy for the next 20 years. That is a lot of money for surplus energy.
    According to the Auditor General’s Report 2011 – no business plan, no due diligence, no involvement of the Ontario Power Authority or the Ontario Energy Board in the $7 BILLION Samsung/Smitherman deal. The whole Energy Portfolio is a disaster and we are driving the province into bankruptcy. ,

  4. Why is there not an inquiry called into this mess. It is far more serious than any of the other horrific scams they have pulled, and there are a lot of them!

  5. With this obvious level of corruption, the Ontario gov’t is practically daring us to take action, since no other rational arguments have been taken seriously by them. We are no longer fooled by them dictating what will be good for us – or, is it – what will be good for them and their chums?

  6. I have a question, why do we have an auditor general if the gov isn’t going to listen anyways??

    ( I want them, but what gives??)

    • What kind of monster can keep all of our government agencies and watchdogs wrapped up tighter than a drum and seriously, what in H did Smitherman and McGuinty get us into?

      There is no office or agency that will report on this huge crime.

      Some media personalities are absolutely horrified when they find out what is happening and even go so far as to promise to investigate and report and then are completely shut down. Silence.

      From Toronto viewing, CTV used to report on all matters. They are no better than CBC now. They’ll talk about Ornge, ehealth and gas plants but they will NOT report on the wind scam, no matter how much evidence they are given. They also regularly show happy clips of Kit-Kat going along her merry way.

      They are all guilty of suppression and allowing this to continue unabated.

  7. Ontariowoe, The short answer is : They are in denial. Too much work to expose the truth…they are afraid for their jobs. It is easier to say ” we didn’t know” Let somebody else do it. On and on. It is up to us my friend. We must make unprecedented noise. Demand that we secede from Ontario. Make them ask us WHY? Wake em up, shake em up ! Get mad , Stay mad, Make history. It is our duty to save Ontario and the whole damned planet ! The bible says: ” Be of good faith and DO IT! ” There is strength in numbers. We have the numbers world wide. All good ideas rot if we do not put the ACTION behind the idea. Let’s DO THIS! Write your Mpp today. Tell him/her that you are one on many , a growing army that want to secede from what is left of Ontario. This movement will gain huge momentum. Lead so others will follow. Give people hope and they will become renewed in their fight against this tyranny in Ontario and all over the world.

    • Hey mcguintylies,

      ‘[excerpt Get mad , Stay mad, Make history. It is our duty to save Ontario and the whole damned planet ! The bible says: ” Be of good faith and DO IT! ”’

      Do we have to stoop – that low?
      …….and take on the ‘mantra’ of the left?

      to the left?…….to the left?……to the left?…….

      And – about that bible….I’m not getting it.

    • Hey Ontariwoe,

      ‘[excerpt] There is no office or agency that will report on this huge crime.’

      Energy Minister Chiarelli – has agreed to speak – to the citizens of Ontario
      if only they would visit – the lawn @ Queens Park.

      I know – I just made that up!

      But, Mr. Chiarelli does have a comfy office – with a desk, and a chair
      @ Queens Park.

      Call him out!

  8. Attention all *BAR/non-BAR members. (*BAR members refers to all beings who are oathed to the CROWN/TEMPLE BAR and are therefore, foreign agents/CITIZENS of the CITY OF LONDON, STATE/ALIENS with special use of CROWN COPYRIGHT as outlined by the CROWN CORPORATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS) Non-BAR members DO NOT have use of CROWN COPYRIGHT and anyone using any CROWN COPYRIGHTED intellectual property are, in fact, committing fraud by omission/commission, knowingly/unknowingly where all doing so are guilty of UNCLEAN HANDS
    Inasmuch as ignorance is not a defense from/of the law, it is incumbent upon all claims to prove INTENT of that ignorance and furthermore, to prove the INTENT of any/all parties who are attempting to maintain/reinforce that ignorance to control a monopoly over humankind. A crime is not a crime unless all assumption/presumption is nullified where one is guilty or innocent via WILLFUL INTENT only.
    With that out of the way, let’s get busy exposing the Achilles’ heel of the LEGAL system as it pertains to ADMIRALTY LAW/PHOENICIAN LAW upon which ALL legal matters are based. Where the spoken word (phonics) is fraught with assumption/presumption, I am going to SPELL it out for you. As a quick example of the word play (phonics) that is the art of the MAGI-STRAITS where assumption/presumption can be interpreted in many ways, let’s see how a presiding judge can be interpreted to have intent to kill shall we? An innocuous word like “presiding” as used in “presiding judge” can be assumed/presumed merely as someone sitting at the bench. With the prefix of “pre” which means prior to/before the word “preside” becomes “before-side” as in choosing a side beforehand. In phonics, the SOUND of side is also spelled “cide” as in homicide, genocide, infanticide etc. which means “to kill”. That means the word pre- side/pre-cide can be interpreted to mean to “before-kill” or, as in presiding, before killing. Such is the true nature of Phoenician/Admiralty law.

  9. The Roy Green Show, Dec.28,2013
    Scroll down to:
    “Why are 28000 in toronto still without power when only 400 have no Hydro in Quebec”
    Governmnets, including Ontario are taking steps to remove wood burning stoves and fireplaces.

    There is a lot more at stake here than just the Green Energy Act.

    Maybe if people in the golden horseshoe get iced in snowed in and frozen they just might wake up to what is happening in Ontario.

  10. The government is removing any chance that people might have to survive a crisis removing wood stoves and fireplaces.

  11. You don’t learn law by reading a dictionary anymore than you can become a physician by reading a medical dictionary.

    • Barbara, in the earlier years when most people could not write or read the king appointed lawyers to help the dumb. But most of us are not dumb and can defend ourselves and do not need pimps of lawyers anymore.If your saying I am dumb then I guess I should not read and remain dumb like our BAR society would prefer and Of course you government. This is why the BAR created legalese to maintain and continue there criminal habits because they use spells on there spelling we cannot understand and we cannot be understood. I do not read or want to understand this diseased legalese as it is FRAUD.. I like to share common law,natural law which is for common people to understand. I do not want to be a lawyer

      • Legalese wasn’t just created out of thin air by a bunch of James Bond villans who want to control the earth.
        Most things like law evolved over time adopting latin, old English etc. Since its legal, you cannot change or modernize a word over time to meet the needs of the average joe. Hence, it may be difficult to understand but there is a methodology behind it that is there to help people.
        The reason why it hasn’t helped us in the the wind industry is that we and our lawyers could not demonstrate a solid case against them yet. I doubt common law would do any better, probably just get laughed out of court.

  12. Have you ever tried to read a chemical dictionary? Not many people can read one of those either.

  13. You can try to read the chemical dictionary and I have and it is not something you have to be in a society for,like the BAR.
    Like I say, stay in your handlers box and play there game that they master. Call it the Stockholm syndrome,slave or whatever
    .. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win

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