A new threat to the Oak Ridges Moraine

Oak_Ridges_Moraine_mapToronto Star
Remember the huge groundswell of popular support to protect the Oak Ridges Moraine back in 1999? Thousands of residents of Toronto, York Region and other parts of the GTA attended public meetings, wrote and phoned their MPP and sent enthusiastic letters to newspapers, including this one. Media attention and public outrage fuelled each other, until there was no possible chance that the outcome would be anything other than the complete protection of the Moraine. It was, and still is, one of the best examples of the power of public engagement to shape government policy.

In the years since, however, the shifting government approach to the Moraine has illustrated another fact of public policy: the unfortunate truth of “out of sight, out of mind.”

Among other things, the Moraine is southern Ontario’s so-called rain barrel, the source of drinking water for more than 250,000 people. Yet, despite the area’s ecological importance, in the 15 years since the passage of the Oak Ridges Moraine Protection Act, the level of government support for the area has steadily eroded. In 2001, the province quietly weakened the Act, and then, apparently not wishing to alert the public to the area’s growing vulnerability, the government ignored a legislative requirement to review the policy in 2012, pushing the task back to 2015 (after the next provincial election).

Worse still, last month the province approved the first of several large wind and solar projects proposed on the Moraine. The first project, a 10-megawatt wind farm known as Sumac Ridge, will feature five of the largest wind turbines ever erected in Ontario. They will sit on the scenic hills of Kawartha Lakes, near the Bethany ski hill and just north of the intersection of Highways 35 and 115. Read article

12 thoughts on “A new threat to the Oak Ridges Moraine

  1. Now they want to destroy the area where countless numbers of people have spent their summer vacation, for many generations. No one in their right mind, would vation in a power plant. It is not safe, or appealing in any way. This Lib/NDP government, has got to go!!!

  2. When are we going to grow up and not stand up as dead to them?
    This is only a smidget of information as why we are not with a voice in there eyes
    And why they get away with these acts because we are dead meat sticks ands we truly are

    Sovereign ” citizens, patriots, humanity in general etc.
    1. …If you use or claim to use/own the NAME you think is yours but isn’t because it was GIVEN to the CROWN CORPORATION/church/state by your parents at birth?
    2. …If you claim OWNERSHIP of anything REGISTERED because ALL things/people REGISTERED are PROPERTY OF THE CROWN?
    3. You are automatically deemed a thief if you claim ANYTHING/EVERYTHING that has the NAME you claim fraudulently as yours on a REGISTRATION/OWNERSHIP and why COURTS and POLICE can and will “steal” what you think are your belongings but aren’t and actually are only reclaiming what was willfully GIVEN to the CROWN, their master. A BIRTH CERTIFICATE CANNOT be used for IDENTIFICATION and ANYONE can ORDER a COPY of YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE with minimal information.
    5. The courts have YOU automatically in DISHONOUR if you claim the NAME you think is you and you become SURETY for the BOND created in that NAME called a BIRTH CERTIFICATE and you do so WILFULLY in ignorance. JOINDER/LIABILITY on YOU can only be created when YOU claim THEIR legal NAME that THEY, the CROWN owns and NO COURT can touch you if you don’t. The Name is the pin on the hand grenade that THEY are terrified of, so pull it.
    6. Only BAR members (Lawyers/judges) have RIGHT of COPYRIGHT use to maintain their “honour” in the courtroom and why those claiming to be a NAME REPRESENTING “themselves” CANNOT be heard because YOU are deemed DEAD; Dead men tell no tales.
    7. All bank accounts, mortgages, loans, businesses, children, MARRIAGES/DIVORCES etc. REGISTERED/CREATED in the NAME you think is you are actually PROPERTY of the CROWN and any attempt to claim them is a wilful and ignorant ACT of FRAUD and all things contained within these CONTRACTS are CHURCH/STATE/CROWN PROPERTY.
    8. All IDENTIFICATION created from the BIRTH CERTIFICATE NAME you think is yours is FALSE IMPERSONATION and FALSE IDENTITY using the PROPERTY of the CROWN without permission and is a CAPITAL OFFENSE. Anyone claiming to be a NON-BAR member TITLE such as a Police Officer is actually FALSE IMPERSONATION two-fold because they don’t have RIGHT OF COPYRIGHT USE like everyone else.

    9. This FRAUD from the CROWN CORPORATION is EASILY dispelled and REVERSED by exposing the CROWN CORPORATION’s (owners thereof) INTENT to DECEIVE/AID AND ABET humanity into FRAUD via ignorance of these CONTRACT facts.

    • Hey nonvoter,

      “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”
      Albert Einstein

      Get it?

  3. I noticed, after reading the comments under the article in the star, that many folk in other affected areas of rural Ontario seem to be offended that finally The Star has an article about the true impacts of IWTs, now that there’s an Industrial Wind facility approved closer to the GTA. While I certainly understand where they’re coming from, I think we should just be happy that it may finally be getting through to GTA and TO residents via this first of hopefully many Star and others articles on the insanity of the GEA. It has to start somewhere so if this is that somewhere so be it, we’ll take it and build on it.
    If we can win this one, it’ll help stop many more, plus will help open many voters eyes before the next provincial election this spring,(I hope).
    The last thing we need, is infighting amongst ourselves. Sticking together in one large and continually growing group is imperative. We are going to beat these corrupt ba//ards in time. By never giving up and sticking together.

    • I posted a few of those comments :).
      I think the readers should be informed, both of the moraine and the history of this fight.
      There is nothing insulting about telling the truth. And we still believe the moraine should be saved….

  4. Wake up!

    Steve Gilchrist – private citizen – and, opportunist…………
    writes a garbage commentary for the Toronto Star;
    but, you can volunteer – in support of the ‘ball and chain’ of Agenda 21;
    and the promotion of the,
    Oak Ridges Moraine Protection Act;
    and, in case you missed it –
    Oak Ridges Moraine Protection Act
    is a big part of Agenda 21;
    and, should be ripped up!


    The Conservatives never supported the Oak Ridges Moraine Protection Act

    • Didn’t know his background, until now… Wow. So this guy is a true NIMBY. He supports green energy… just in someone else’s back yard.

      Well, if it gets into the Toronto Star, and we can comment on the absurdity of the GEA, then by all means we should still do it. Post his LinkdIn address there too.


    • A few notes on the above discussions:

      I met Steve Gilchrist, private citizen and former Conservative MPP, at a recent meeting.

      Indeed, he is an opportunist of the highest order, he talks out of both sides of his mouth, and yes, he is a NIMBY, having suggested that a great place for wind turbines was near Sault Ste. Marie on Lake Superior. Tell that to LSARC, SOAR and the residents of Batchawana Bay.

      Wake up!:

      The Oak Ridges Conservation Plan and Act were both created by the Conservative government of Mike Harris with Natural Resources Minister Chris Hodgson taking the lead. I was at the meeting where they agreed to do this and congratulated them for this fine piece of legislation.

      Agenda 21:

      According to some paranoid types, every single conservation initiative, be it a park, nature reserve, hike in the woods, greenbelt, seminar, managed forest tax incentive program, you name it, is a gigantic plot to bury rural values.

      Some people think that every every square inch of rural Ontario should be subdivided and severed into oblivion so that the non-stop fornicating masses can wreak their own brand of population havoc on the countryside. Call it Agenda 22, the holy grail of rollers and other far right nutbars.

      Thanks but no thanks, I’m stickin’ with the status quo, but hopefully without the wind turbines.

      • Hey ScepticalGord,

        Dig a little deeper friend…………
        ‘[excerpt] The Oak Ridges Conservation Plan and Act were both created by the Conservative government of Mike Harris with Natural Resources Minister Chris Hodgson taking the lead. I was at the meeting where they agreed to do this and congratulated them for this fine piece of legislation.’

        I just read this – and, reminded myself – what an idiot I am;
        and, then –
        I made the mistake – and, read it again.
        Oh well – I’m an idiot.
        ‘[excerpt] Some people think that every every square inch of rural Ontario should be subdivided and severed into oblivion so that the non-stop fornicating masses can wreak their own brand of population havoc on the countryside. Call it Agenda 22, the holy grail of rollers and other far right nutbars.’

      • Hey ScepticalGord,

        you say,
        …’I’m stickin’ with the status quo’…

        My question to you is:
        What is the status ‘quo’?

      • Hey ScepticalGord,

        BEGIN!!!! Do not worry about the opening sentence.

  5. Sent to Ontario Nature on Friday January 3 / 2014:

    Good afternoon,

    Are you aware of what’s happening on Manitoulin Island?:


    More useless Greed Energy about to ruin the Algoma Highlands, and this is just the tip of the iceberg for that area.
    At least I got to kayak around Bow and Negick Lakes last summer, before they start blowing the tops off these scenic hills:


    And, now that Wolfe Island has been sacrificed, why not go after Amherst Island?:


    Why aren’t we buying power from Quebec?
    Why are we spilling clean, green hydro power?
    Why aren’t we focusing more on biomass?
    Why aren’t we subsidizing individual small wind and solar setups on farmhouses and rural properties?
    Why doesn’t every newly constructed business and condo have their own green energy systems on the roof? (I’m not talking about grass-covered patios for the Elites to sip their lattes)
    Why is it that Mike Crawley is allowed to get rich as a big time wind power developer while he is president of the federal Liberal party and former president of the provincial Liberal party? Did somebody say: “conflict of interest”?
    Why does anyone, other than those that stand to gain financially, still support useless industrial wind turbines as a viable form of energy?

    Why are we still having this discussion after all the information that has come out in the last five years?

    What does Ontario Nature say about this?

    Or, is Ontario Nature still part of the problem?

    Lack of response from you will indicate that the last line is the answer.


    P. S.
    No answer as of today, Friday January 10 / 2014

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