Appellants state their case at Armow Wind appeal hearing

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Kenneth and Sharon Kroeplin of the 7th Concession of Kincardine, presented their witness statement at the Environmental Review Tribunal hearing, Monday morning in Kincardine.

The pair launched an appeal Oct. 23, against the proposed Armow Wind Class 4 wind facility, a 92-turbine, 180-megawatt industrial wind development in Kincardine. It was approved by the director of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) through the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) process, Oct. 9.

In her opening statement, the appellants’ counsel, Asha James, said she will provide evidence from four post-turbine witnesses who have all experienced adverse health effects from living near wind turbines. Three of the four abandoned their homes due to these adverse health conditions.

Also providing evidence will be Heather Pollard, district supervisor of the Owen Sound MOE office, regarding wind turbine noise complaints received by that office. Plus, evidence of non-compliance by the Enbridge wind project which continues to operate. Read article

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  1. Will Alexandria Pike when Danielle Meuleman cry during their sentencing?

    ‘[excerpt] Danielle Meuleman, counsel for the MOE director, said she will call three witnesses, including a noise expert, and two in response to witnesses brought forward by the appellants’ counsel.

    Alexandria Pike, counsel for the approval holder, Samsung Pattern Armow Wind Ontario GP, said the onus is on the appellants to prove that the wind turbine project, when in compliance with REA guidelines, will cause serious physical and psychological harm.

    “It’s clear that the evidence cannot establish this,” she said. “The post-turbine witnesses being called are self-reporting their conditions. It’s not appropriate to draw an inference from that evidence.”

    Pike also noted that Rick James, Bigelow and Pollard are not experts who can draw a link between the wind turbines and harm to human health.

    In fact, she said, Pollard’s evidence is irrelevant, given the Enbridge project is pre-REA guidelines, which is outside the jurisdiction of the tribunal hearing this case.

    Pike said the approval holder is bringing forward three noise experts and two medical witnesses to refute evidence from the appellants’ witnesses.

    “The approval holder has spent a lot of time and effort designing and modelling this project, and has gone through the consultation process,” she said. “The approval holder is confident the project can be operated without any harm to human health.”‘

  2. Misleading shareholders is a crime, you know.

    ‘[excerpt] “When we first voiced our concerns about wind turbines, we were told there would be no problems,” he said. “But other wind farms are causing adverse health effects. Do they (Samsung Pattern) have a magic wand so their project won’t cause problems?”

    The Kroeplins are concerned about property values because before the Armow Wind project was approved, they had several offers on their property, but after the project approval, all interest dropped off.

    Other than Samsung Pattern which offered to purchase the property if the Kroeplins cancelled the appeal. The Kroeplins refused, proceeding with the appeal to protect themselves and their neighbours who are not leaseholders.

    Sarah Powell, counsel for the approval holder, objected to any references to the offers by Samsung Pattern for the Kroeplins’ property, as they carry prejudice.

    “When did you receive these offers?” James continued.

    “Originally, we made them an offer,” said Ken Kroeplin. “We approached them to see if they wanted the property because we were surrounded by leaseholders. They told us they were not interested.”

    The Kroeplins rejected the later offers from Samsung Pattern because they were based on the couple cancelling the appeal.

    Jeremy Glick, counsel for the MOE Director noted the Kroeplins said they had their house appraised twice in 2012, at what value?

    Ken Kroeplin said the appraisals were done in April and May – one was for $779,000 and one for $760,000. In July, 2012, they put their house up for sale for $779,000.

    “I offered to sell my property to Samsung Pattern but they weren’t interested,” he said. “Then they offered to buy it at the full value of the asking price if we cancelled the appeal.”

    “Why did not you accept the offer?” asked Glick.

    “I already told you,” retorted Ken Kroeplin. The house is still for sale at the same price.

    “If you were really concerned about your health, why did not you take the offer and move?” asked Glick.

    “The only reason the offer was made was to stop the proceedings we are at today,” said Ken Kroeplin. “We would have accepted the offer if they had taken that clause out, but we never heard from Samsung again.”‘

  3. Jeremy Glick’s name-calling is hate crime.

    ‘[excerpt] Glick asked if the Kroeplins were also members of the Central Bruce Wind Turbines (it was clarified later that this is Central Bruce-Grey Wind Concerns Ontario), and they said they were.

    Glick then asked if they belonged to any other anti-wind turbine organizations?

    “These are citizens concerned about turbines,” said Ken Kroeplin. “They’re not anti-wind turbine, just concerned citizens.”‘

  4. Will reply to MNR not complying page here.
    Yes, the president did change the permit regultions at the behest of AWEA.
    Treaties are subject to negotiation. It’s a good bet that the U.S. will try to apply pressure to Canada to also change the regulations. Mexico is a weak country so easy to deal with.
    the Environmental Enforcement Act of 2009 was fased in in parts and came into full force in June, 2012.
    The nest removal pwermit was issued in late 2012 some six months after the Act came into full force.
    the permit to remove the nest was provincial permit but where was the federal permission/permit.Eagles are migratory birds and the Ontario permit was not based on migration issues.
    Most of the public does not understand the difference between federal and provincial permits.

  5. Yes.. it’s difficult to understand the significance of a federal jurisdiction, when, for example, GDF Suez is permitted to build and operate wind turbines too close to the Chatham Airport even though it violates federal Airport Zoning Regulations! Without any enforcement, makes no difference?

  6. Plenty of things are gotten away with when the public dosen’t know about and/or dosen’t understand the issues involved in any particular situation.
    The airport situation should not have happened to begin with. But how many people even knew about this?

  7. They don’t get people like the Kroeplin’s. To the dark side, it’s about the money. To refuse the money and continue to fight means there must be something wrong with you.

    They do the same thing with Bill Palmer. He studies and investigates and spends his time and money going to appeals because he believes in what he’s doing, and apparently he also has some religious belief that he should care about other people or something. So they suggest that should negate his testimony.

    Somehow, they seem to think that if he were being paid to testify, as their witnesses are, then his testimony would be a lot more valid.

    Listen. lawyers, let’s just ignore his foolish beliefs that he should care about people… forget that and just listen to what he says. Would those questions and ‘concerns’ be valid if they were put forward by a money-grubbing lawyer who didn’t believe or care about any of it but would be willing to fight to your last nickel?

    Is that how the logic works?

    How much would we have to pay him to validate his testimony so that you WOULD ACTUALLY DEAL WITH THE ISSUES?

    For the people who wonder why there is no longer any respect for authority – there might be some clues here.

    • What authority, they are doing the harm by allowing fraud enter all parts of government and then they want us to abide by the laws they make but they break.
      So there is no authority,I will prosecute these seaman that work for pirate captains myself in a common law court if they ask me to participate in there fraud. I’m sure you have no idea what i mean.
      Their ship is a pirate ship and they mean to rob our energy and I no longer am a part of their merchant admiralty ship, I aim to sink their ship.As others here have no idea that they are part of the merchant pirate ship because full disclosure was never presented.
      A few great awakened captains on the I am the witness ship have already sunk a few pirate ships but it will take a few more before your voted merchant ships will start to completely be rendered useless as it so corrupted.

  8. Approving wind turbines = breaching the MORAL code

    Too bad — the MOE and ERT don’t want to hear your “feedback.”

    ‘[excerpt] Subject: Fwd: FW: Request to Premier and Municipality of Kincardine re Declaration of Emergency
    William K.G. Palmer P. Eng.
    Oct. 3, 2012

    Dear Premier McGuinty, MPP Thompson, Deputy Mayor Eadie, and Councillors Coristine and Faubert:

    Subject: Declaration of Emergency in Municipality of Kincardine

    I write to you to request your immediate attention to declare an emergency in the Municipality of Kincardine consistent with the “Criteria in Consideration of a Declaration of Emergency” issued as a checklist for municipal heads of council under the Emergency Management Act (copy attached). An emergency is defined as “a situation, or an impending situation caused by … an intentional act … that constitutes a danger of major proportion to life or property.”

    This letter briefly summarizes how the criteria for declaration of an emergency are met, and why urgent action is required to be taken to address the situation.

    II. Are volunteers assisting?
    Numerous volunteers are trying to assist the impacted citizens. These volunteers care about their neighbours.’

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