Democracy Costs

Mcguinty Killed DemocracyCatherine Mitchell, Welland Tribune
How much time, money, and energy are you willing to invest in the protection of your democratic rights? My democratic rights are not for sale, but it does require an investment to protect them. Elected officials have an ethical duty and a legal obligation to protect the health, safety, quality of life and well-being of citizens and their properties. When these fundamental legal entitlements are ignored, compromised or denied elected officials are obligated to take action.

The Municipality of Wainfleet may be one of the smallest in Ontario with a population of 6500 people but they have been a powerhouse in the struggle over the renewable energy initiative and the Green Energy Act. Wainfleet council is one of the ninety-one (91 ) municipal councils in Ontario that asked for a moratorium on renewable energy initiatives until risk assessments were conducted by the province. They declared themselves “Not a Willing Host” to industrial wind turbines, they had their 2 km by-law declared “invalid” not illegal. A creative ruling that acknowledges that municipalities have an obligation to protect the health, safety, quality of life and well-being of citizens and their properties, but “property” was poorly defined! And now they find citizens of their municipality engaged in an Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) Hearing. Some consider the ERT hearings nothing more than a kangaroo court rigged by the provincial government. Others consider them the municipality’s last defence before the invasion of industrial wind turbines. The $40,000 that has been budgeted for legal fees in this battle is an investment in the health, safety, quality of life and well-being of all citizens and their properties in Wainfleet. Read article

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  1. So far the total number of folk attending this ERT hearing in Wainfleet supporting their Council has been about half a dozen maximum!
    That’s our biggest and so far, unsurmountable problem.
    Too many municipalities being threatened by the provincial government(who are spending our own tax dollars against us)and unable to focus on any single ERT that may benefit all of us.
    United we win, divided we fall. So far the province and the wind energy industry have united to make sure our municipalities remain divided and cannot win.
    In my personal opinion, Wainfleet Township Council have done as much, if not more, than any other group of elected politicians in Ontario to do what they were elected to. To protect what they honestly believe are the best interests of all their constituents.
    Their honesty and integrity deserves far more than the support they are getting.

    The ERT Hearing continues at the Firehall by the Township Offices:
    10:00am next Monday, 13th Jan
    Final day starts at 10:00am Wednesday, 15th Jan.

    In between, at 7:00pm Tuesday 14th Jan there is a Council Meeting
    There is a Delegate who is appearing to condemn the Council for approving a $40,000 contribution to the ERT Appeal costs.

    Recently this Council have been subjected to attacks from residents who have never taken the trouble to attend public meetings and who have never stood up in public to explain why those of us who oppose these wind projects are wrong.
    They have now been served with a second lawsuit by the local wind energy company.

    If any of you bother to read this and think Wainfleet Council deserve support then try to find the time to come out to at least one of the events above, if for no other reason than to show support for a Mayor and Council who are supporting this ERT Appeal and deserve far more than they have seen so far from those of us who comment on this site.
    Andrew Watts

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