Engineer testifies to safety, noise issues at Armow Wind hearing

bill palmerSaugeen Times
Bill Palmer says neither Samsung Pattern (approval holder of the Armow Wind development), nor the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has addressed properly-identified concerns about the Armow Wind project, which is why he has brought these concerns before the Environmental Review Tribunal.

Speaking at the hearing Thursday morning in Kincardine, Palmer, a professional engineer, was first advised as to what he could speak to when giving testimony at the hearing, chaired by Maureen Carter-Whitney. Palmer argued that he should be entitled to discuss concerns about shadow flicker from wind turbines because it can distract drivers, and the OPP has stated that distracted driving kills.

Danielle Meuleman, counsel for the MOE director, objected to that because there is no context for that in the hearing. Carter-Whitney agreed to strike everything about shadow flicker from Palmer’s testimony, and sections of his statements about health effects. “The tribunal asks that your oral testimony to reflect that,” she said, “and please hit the highlights.” Palmer discussed Kincardine’s history with failures in the wind turbine industry, beginning with the first Huron Wind turbine built beside the Bruce Power Visitors’ Centre. Read article

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