Here’s A Horrifying Picture Of What Sleep Loss Will Do To You

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10 thoughts on “Here’s A Horrifying Picture Of What Sleep Loss Will Do To You

  1. They care not. Rural Ontarians are collateral damage in their fascistic plan to enact Agenda 21 – to save the planet, don’t ya know. Count on no one, no government to help you sleep. Go somewhere where you can sleep. You may not have your home, but you will be more likely to retain/recoup your sanity.

  2. “Sleep deprivation can cause impaired memory and cognitive functioning, decreased short term memory, speech impairment, hallucinations, psychosis, lowered immunity, headaches, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stress, anxiety and depression. Gretchen Borchelt, JD & Christian Pross, MD”

  3. Yes,they do not care
    Yes they care to do business at almost all costs as that is what corporations do best and why not take farm land with it,and then gag them that want to speak out.There’s only a few unworthy illiterate country folks to fight and why not make the neighbourhood un-
    neighbourly to divide and conquer.

  4. nonvoter – what do you suggest us ‘unworthy illiterate country folk(s)’ actually do to stop this governmentally approved insanity?
    The ad is factually correct and every health agency on the planet will agree that sleep deprivation, regardless of the cause, can lead to some very negative health impacts.
    In Ontario we have a government who would not disagree with anything in that ad yet have imposed a Green Energy Act that authorises its own Ministries and the Ontario wind energy industry to ignore the facts.
    How do we counter such blatant hypocrisy?
    That it appears in the Huffington Post suggest it actually has nothing to do with our wind energy debate as they are one of the last places you could hope to find any support for us! They are into more government, not less……. 🙂
    Andrew Watts

    • We have been countering the blatant hypocrisy for years and with solid research and testimony.
      If the government says it’s OK then the majority urban population or rural areas that are not under fire knows no different. If many knew what was happening I truly believe they would be appalled. No one deserves to be treated like a second class citizens, become ill due to a seriously flawed and unethically implemented policy and have people who cannot live in their homes or shouldn’t be living in their homes but are trapped.

      The real question is how do we counter collusion and suppression when every agency, including Ombudsman is travelling on the same train that won’t let people off?

      Keep sending info out including to the largest media outlets in the city. Don’t let up. There is a massive coverup happening.
      Sun News is reporting and others are reporting. They have high moral standards but the majority of provincial and national publications/on air shows are not.

      I shake my head in wonder that there still aren’t any high profile celebrities or publicly recognized influential people willing to stand up, call in the media and take this on to get the truth out. It’s so sad.

      • Why do YOU denigrate rural folk by calling on {eye candy} “any high profile celebrities or {more eye candy} publicly recognized influential people” to tell the truth of our experience?

        You simply reinforce the picture of us as road side trash.

      • Why do YOU denigrate posters on this site who are merely wishing for somebody / anybody to crack the main stream media code of silence on IWT issues?

        As I’m writing this, Neil Young, a famous “singer” according to some, is performing a “benefit” concert against Big Oil and the oil sands that is being hyped and promoted all over the MSM.

        If only the anti-wind movement had such “benefactors”.

        Snowball’s comment has nothing to do with reinforcing the idea that rural folk are “road side trash”.

        YOUR comment was way off base.

    • “nonvoter – what do you suggest us ‘unworthy illiterate country folk(s)’ actually do to stop this governmentally approved insanity?”
      This is what they the scumbags think of us,otherwise if they thought so highly of us country folks they would treat us like they would where they were going to place the gas plants and on shore wind turbines but they were to important. They think of us as roadside trash.
      But I think of our government as cur controllers that are just money handlers and puppeteers for rich corporations and not the common people that are the force for them to even exist.
      How do we counter such blatant hypocrisy?
      Stop playing the game!

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