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AmherstAssociation to Protect Amherst Island
Residents of Amherst Island started the new year with shocking news. The Ontario Government deemed complete a Renewable Energy Approval application by Windlectric Inc. for up to 37 industrial wind turbines and posted the application on the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) Registry on January 2 for public comment. The proposed turbine project has entered the “technical review” phase.

The Ministry of the Environment ignored an October 15 Loyalist Township Council resolution ‘’requesting Ministry of Environment (MOE) to deem the application as incomplete and requiring that the proponent resubmit with all appropriate studies and consultation completed”.

In recent months, the Association to Protect Amherst Island made a strong case to the Ministry that the application is incomplete and deficient and should be returned to the applicant for completion. The Association argued amongst other things that the documents failed to address the Loyalist Council position that the documents are incomplete, failed to recognize the presence of Blanding’s Turtle (one of thirty-four endangered species on the Island), failed to properly address decommissioning and how turbine parts will be disposed of in Ontario, failed to consider the impact on over 100 heritage properties, failed to consider the impact on dry stone walls designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, failed to mention the impact on groundwater, failed to identify all cemeteries and burial sites, failed to provide clear noise maps, and failed to address emergency services, safety, and roads use.

Loyalist Township Council approved a report on April 2, 2013, in which Murray J Beckel MCIP, Director of Planning and Development pointed out the many deficiencies and omissions in the Windlectric Inc proposal and advised that the consultants’ reports lack detail and an approval of the project is premature until the full scope of the project including an appropriate level of detail is supplied enabling a proper assessment of impact on municipal infrastructure, the natural environment, cultural heritage, and land use compatibility .

Notwithstanding its many deficiencies and omissions, the Ministry of Environment declared the submission by Windlectric “complete” and invited public comments on the proposal for sixty-five days to March 8, 2014.

Amherst Island is a rural community west of the City of Kingston (Ontario) about 3 km off the northeastern shore of Lake Ontario. The Island’s separation from the mainland has contributed to preservation of its cultural and natural heritage landscape. The Island is world famous for raptors and includes the “Owl Woods” where many birders have seen their life owls of several species.

The community is not only threatened by a proposal by Windlectric Inc. to blanket the Island with wind turbines but with two other industrial proposals. Residents have asked the Ontario Government to consider the cumulative impact of the Napanee Gas Plant proposed by TransCanada and relocated from Mississauga/Oakville, the proposed Lafarge 2020 Cement project, and the existing Lennox Generating Station. Given the gas plant fiasco, Islanders believe that Premier Wynne and the Ontario Government have an obligation to consider the full impact on Amherst Island. The Association to Protect Amherst Island’s preferred outcome is to reject the Windlectric proposal for industrial wind turbines.

The Association encourages the public to oppose the Windlectric project and to submit their comments to the Ministry of the Environment by March 8, 2014. Named one of the Top Ten Endangered Places in Canada by the Heritage Canada Foundation in 2013 due to the threat of wind turbines on its rich cultural and natural heritage, Amherst Island is simply the wrong place for industrial wind turbines.

For more information please consult:
Contact: Peter Large, P. Eng., President, Association to Protect Amherst Island

13 thoughts on “Amherst Island public comment due March 8

  1. The MOE deems everything complete no matter how shody a job is done! The projects always talk their way out of any heritage piece being important. See this in any project.

    Owl woods…they don’t care the MOE just states theres no SIGNIFIGANT wildlife in the area (owls aren’t extinct in the rest of the world ) so they rest their clams there.

    This is how they work! Crooked as hell!

    And their winning at this game of theirs, MOE bought and paid for to agree! Insane!!

  2. The general public in the Kingston area needs to know all about Algonquin Power & Emera Inc. as well as who the other major shareholders are in Algonqin Power.
    They also need to know the extensive measures that Parks Canada uses to protect Blanding’s turtles.
    They also need to know that migratory bird issues are under federal jurisdiction.
    Since Ontario does not need the electricity that will be produced by this project the electricity will be exported likely to the U.S. at the expense of Ontarians.
    Both Algonquin and Emera are in the electric transmission business both in Canada and the U.S.
    It’s not likely that the Kingson MSM wants to publish this kind of information.
    As I understand it, Queens University has given much support to the wind industry.

  3. Kingston Whig Standard, Feb.15, 2011
    “Couple Blown Away”
    “KEDCO had invested 100-150-hours of staff time over the past year helping Windstream make contacts with local contractors …”
    kEDCO/ Kingston economic Development Corp.

    Kingston Canada
    When you go to this website the 86 wind turbines on Wolfe Island is shown.

    Amherst Island residents have to deal with KEDCO support on wind turbine
    issues. And then there are the Gerretsens.
    The local MSM dosen’t want to offend any of the parties supporting IWTs.

    • Thanks Barbara for all this info with these contacts,as I attach notices to all regarding fraud alert as all this is about plus the greatest fraud and deception of all things legal fiction with poof. I served them all notices of fraud for the benefit of all.
      They can always send us notices and acts why not us. Looking after our brothers and sisters is playing it forward. The more the better Cheers

    • What do you know about the Gerrestsens? My father spoke to a member of his golf club who eluded to the Gerrettsens and IWTs but when he further inquired the fellow went mute.

      • John Gerretsen is the current Ontario Attorney General.

        His son, Mark Gerretsen, is the current Mayor of Kingston.

        Both get all gooey at the mention of wind turbines.

        I’m sure there’s some kind of alleged agenda there …

  4. The Kingston area is more urban than rural and the political backing for the government is there.
    A large university is located there and inhabited by people who believe that IWTs work and don’t cause any harm.
    The developers of this project along with their investors have plenty of political clout.
    Local businesses think they are going to get something out renewable projects as well.

  5. In the U.S. the generation and transmission of electricity, by law, have been separate businesses since about 2000.
    In Canada a company can engage in both the generation and transmission of electricity.
    For example, in the U.S. Nextera can only engage in the generation of electricity but in Canada the company can engage in both businesses.Samr is true with Algonquin Power.

  6. Both Gerretsens have been publicly in favour of IWTs.
    John Gerretsen was a member of the group that met at Kingston the last week of June, 2008 where the Green Energy Act was hatched.

  7. All of these factors combined leaves Amherst Islanders in a very difficult situation in their battle against IWTs.

  8. Private Wealth Council, Davos, Switzerland, founded 2004
    People include:
    Al Gore, Generation Investment Management, LLP, London,U.K.
    Nicholas Parker, Toronto Cleantech Network, LLC and former asset manager for Maurice Strong.

    Maybe they have the wrong address for the public comments page? Send them to Corporate Knights magazine instead?

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