Industrial wind turbines and adverse health effects

canadian medical associationIndustrial wind turbines and adverse health effects” by Roy Jeffrey MD, Carmen Krogh and Brett Horner has been published in the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine Can J Rural Med 2014;19(1). This peer reviewed journal is a publication of the Canadian Medical Association.

The conclusion states:

“Based on current knowledge, we expect that, at typical setback distances and sound pressure levels of IWTs in Ontario, a nontrivial percentage of exposed people will be ad – versely affected. “Trade-offs” of health for perceived benefit in alternate forms of energy can be prevented if setback distances and noise limits are developed using established noise management techniques. In addition to providing care for affected patients, rural physicians have a responsibility to advance understanding and to help inform IWT regulations that will protect the physical, mental and social well-being of patients.” Read article

9 thoughts on “Industrial wind turbines and adverse health effects

    • Link takes you to the CMA homepage – not the article. Your recipients won’t be able to access the article you think you are sending.

  1. New patch of emails are going out today….remember the federal government has a 20% wind policy for the nation by 2025. It is important to keep the pressure on the MP’s.
    Looking forward to the Charter Challenge!

    • I am unaware of such a federal initiative, could you elaborate please. My understanding is that energy remains largely a provincial file.

      • I see the webmaster has posted it now. Krogh submission.

  2. A policy paper went out with Access to Information showing the federal government fully engaged in wind deployment. I don’t know if it ever got posted here. I will try to get a link for it.

  3. Am happy to inform you that democracy was restored on our First Nation Community after our Chief and Council listened to our elders, youth and other community anti wind turbine group. It took several visits to the council meetings and participated in other protesst to support our other non native neighbours.

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