Johnston testifies about living near industrial wind turbines

StephanaSaugeen Times
Stephana Johnston, an 82-year-old former health educator, of Norfolk County, told her story of suffering from health problems she believes were caused by living near industrial wind turbines. Speaking by teleconference at the Environmental Review Tribunal appeal hearing, Friday morning (Jan. 10) in Kincardine, Johnston said that the cyclical noise from wind turbines causes serious harm to human health, and that has been upheld in two court cases.

Danielle Meuleman, counsel for the director of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE), objected, saying that the tribunal had directed all participants and presenters on what evidence was permissible at the hearing. Chairperson Maureen Carter-Whitney reminded Johnston that post-turbine witnesses and presenters were allowed to speak only of their own personal circumstances, experiences, and symptoms, not other people’s unless they live in the same house.

She said they may also comment on publications they have read that caused concern, but those articles are not allowed into evidence. Also, post-turbine witnesses and presenters are not allowed to give opinions on articles and publications. Asha James, counsel for the appellants, Ken and Sharon Kroeplin of Kincardine, said that Johnston is not giving an opinion on the two court cases, but only referring to them. Read article

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