Skydivers testify at wind turbine project hearing

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There’s no doubt in Rick Epp’s mind that if a wind turbine had been located in a field off of Station Rd. in Wainfleet four years ago, he would have struck it or one of its blades. Epp was testifying at an Environmental Review Tribunal Hearing Monday in Wainfleet and recounting a serious malfunction he had in the skies above the township, located in the southern part of Niagara Region.

The hearing was convened after Skydive Burnaby owners Mike and Tara Pitt filed an appeal against Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc.’s project on Station Rd., which will see two wind turbines installed on land owned by the Loeffen family. The Loeffens have partnered with Rankin Construction on the project, which will also see three more wind turbines installed to the northwest of Station Rd., off of Concession 1 in Wainfleet. A stay was ordered on the two turbines on Station Rd. in late 2013, and construction halted until the hearing is completed.

Epp, an experienced skydiver of 32 years with more than 7,000 jumps, was the first to take the witness stand on Monday (Jan. 13) morning as Skydive Burnaby lawyer Eric Gillespie questioned him. The malfunction occurred, Epp said, after he watched a student he was skydiving with successfully deploy her chute. “She did a really nice job,” the skydiver, who works as a transport truck driver, told the hearing. Read article

One thought on “Skydivers testify at wind turbine project hearing

  1. how many bodies will be hanging on these monstrosities?

    all the while the windies will continue to make excuses of that this is an uncommon happening that they will look into. just as they do with fires and ice shed, collapses and nothing is ever done.

    this is human lives at stake, there is zero room for a what if scenario. these buggers need to be stopped and stop putting $$ over our provinces own residents!

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