Turbine turbulence could cause problems

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Wind turbines to the west of Skydive Burnaby will put skydivers in danger of a serious accident, an expert witness said Tuesday at an Environmental Review Tribunal hearing in Wainfleet. Boz Eralp was brought in by lawyer Eric Gillespie to testify on behalf of the skydive club, based on Burnaby Rd.

The hearing was convened after Skydive Burnaby owners Mike and Tara Pitt filed an appeal against Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc.’s project on Station Rd., which will see two wind turbines installed on land owned by the Loeffen family. The Loeffens have partnered with Rankin Construction on the project, which will also see three more wind turbines installed to the northwest of Station Rd., off of Concession 1 in Wainfleet.

A stay was ordered on the two turbines on Station Rd. in late 2013, and construction halted until the hearing is completed. Eralp, the hearing heard, holds pilot’s licences for Airbus passenger jets, Boeing 767s and 757s, Lear jets and has 9,000 all-weather flying experience. He also has more than 3,000 jumps under his belt as a skydiver and is a tandem skydive instructor and skydive coach.

“I’ve never seen a fatal accident here, the owners are very careful to keep the margins of safety high. They don’t take shortcuts … it’s a very impressive facility,” Eralp said of Skydive Burnaby. Read article

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  1. Turbine turbulence is dangerous.
    2 pilots on 2 different days reported troublesome turbulence from 2 of the Talbot Wind turbines in Chatham-Kent. They were landing at a private grass airstrip located south of Ridgetown and the turbines are about 700 or 800 m away.

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