P.E.I. arenas say their new wind turbines an expensive ‘burden,’ want them removed

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Several Prince Edward Island rinks that were convinced to make the expensive conversion to wind power, but never saw the promised savings, are now trying to get rid of the trouble-plagued turbines and win compensation for their troubles.

“We went into debt to purchase this windmill on the promise that it would make us money and it would help us with our power costs,” said Tom Albrecht, vice-president of the South Shore Actiplex in Crapaud, P.E.I., which spent $70,000 and received another $230,000 from the federal and provincial governments to install a turbine.

“The bottom line is buy us out and give us our money back.”

Last week, the Wind Energy Institute of Canada apparently decided to shut down turbines at at least some of the rinks, as it worked through technical problems, according to Darin Craig, past president of the South Shore Actiplex board. Read article

4 thoughts on “P.E.I. arenas say their new wind turbines an expensive ‘burden,’ want them removed

  1. Some residents from the north end of the Island said they’d been promised a reduction in their hydro bills. The reality is that they just keep going up – it hasn’t saved them a nickel. Surprise, surprise!

  2. I’m glad our municipality voted against allowing a solar company putting solar panels on it’s buildings, including the arena. Thank goodness our councilors could see the snake oil salesman.
    Also thank goodness for the 5+ years our group has been educating our council on the wind and solar scam.

  3. Mayor James Ginn of Central Huron (Clinton) was speaking in the fall, very proud that the Clinton new fire hall and/or the big REACH Centre in Clinton are going to be covered in roof solar panels, and that this would pay for itself in just a few years. He must not realize that they could lose their fire insurance, since in the case of a fire, the firemen’s safest course is to let it burn down, and just ensure the neighbouring buildings don’t catch fire too. Trouble is, if someone might be inside.

    By the way, this mayor is having some wind turbines placed on his farm too.

    Quote from a N.J. fire last fall: “- a blaze consumed the building where frustrated firefighters met their enemy: rooftop solar panels. Solar panels pose a growing threat to firefighters, who may suffer electrical shocks from panels that typically cannot be turned off, said John Drengenberg, consumer safety director for Underwriters Laboratories. Even when systems are equipped with shutoffs, any light can keep panels and their wires energized, Drengenberg said.

    “Gaining access to roofs gives firefighters advantages such as venting gases, but the panels get in the way, said Ken Willette, who manages the public fire protection division at the National Fire Protection Association. In Delanco, N J, volunteer fire crews rushed to the burning meat warehouse and discovered the roof was covered in solar panels, forcing firefighters to change tactics. It took 29 hours to put out the flames at the Dietz & Watson warehouse, which was left gutted and smoldering in ruins.”

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