Review of scientific literature found adverse health effects

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A Lambton citizens group is hopeful that recent scientific literature that documents health impacts from wind turbines will provide ammunition in its battle against a planned wind farm. The review of existing research literature was published in the winter edition of the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine and concludes turbines placed too close to homes “can negatively affect the physical, mental and social well-being of people.”

The group We’re Against Industrial Turbines Plympton-Wyoming (WAIT-PW) is now touting the results in its efforts to lobby against Suncor Energy’s plan to build up to 46 industrial wind turbines in rural Lambton County. The review also states there is sufficient evidence to support the conclusion that noise from industrial wind turbines “is a potential cause of health effects.” Ontario requires wind turbines be built at least 550 metres back from neighbours, but opponents argue that’s too close. The Town of Plympton-Wyoming has a bylaw, being challenged in court by Suncor, calling for a 2-km setback for wind turbines.

“Our conclusions are finding, based on all the evidence we’ve collected and reviews we’ve done of the material, some genuinely do suffer adverse health effects,” said Carman Krogh, one of the article’s co-authors. Read article

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  1. Has anybody noticed that at the end of news articles about wind that there are crazy people commenting, arguing, and really trying to spew a lot of crap? Has the wind industry hired a bunch of morons to do this? It’s amazing to see how they are uneducated and indifferent to real people’s suffering. It would be nice to hear from more people who give a damn about rural Ontario and it’s residents. It’s a waste of time listening to stupid arguments, you can’t cure stupid.

  2. CAPE is an affiliate of The International Society of Doctors for the Environment/ISDE since Sept.18,1994 which is based in Basel, Switzerland.

    ISDE has consultative status with WHO,ECOSUC and UNEP
    Members include:
    CAPE, CAnada
    USA, Physicians for Social Responsibilty/PSR
    Networks in which ISDE participates iclude:
    Climate Action Network
    Environmental Defence Fund
    Friends of the Earth International
    Greenpeace International
    WWF International
    McMaster Institute of Environment & Health, Hamilton,ON

    McMaster Institute Of Environment & Health, Hamilton, ON
    Jim Dunn, Director.
    Advisory Board includes:
    Theresa McClenaghan, Canadian Environmental Law Association
    Rob Hall, Hamilton Public Health Services
    Ray Copes, Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion

  3. The Ontario Chapter of the College of Family Physicians
    Environmental Health Committee includes:
    Dr. Richard Denton, Kirkland Lake & CAPE member
    Dr. Rosana Pellizzari. Peterborough
    Dr. Cathy Vakil, Battersea, CAPE Board & Queen’s University

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