NextEra Energy: Crybaby Bullies Inc.

NextTerror lawyer…and “the list” gets longer. Like a spoiled child who is not content with being given the sugar bowl, Nextera’s Kerwood Wind is threatening legal action. Adelaide-Metcalfe township has joined the list of targets which stands now at 4 (or maybe more):

  1. West Grey
  2. Bluewater
  3. Adelaide/Metcalfe
  4. Esther Wrightman

Note that the targets are 3 small municipalities and one resident – all having to face off against high-powered ($800/hour) legal teams from the likes of Torys and McCarthy/Tetrault. Nextera plays hardball only.

But there was a surprise for NextEra, the solicitor for Adelaide-Metcalfe chose to present a 9 page document outlining the oddities of the complaint on the January 20, 2014 Agenda.

Summary: “Kerwood [NextEra Energy] has elected to bypass the Council and is proceeding under Section 41 of the Electricity Act. Kerwood cites a “constructive” refusal of it(s) plans for the electrical infrastructure as its reason for proceeding via Section 41. It is implicit from that statement that no refusal has actually taken place.”

Never liking this kind of exposure and open discussion, Nextera quickly filed a letter of “abeyance” for NextEra to the OEB – returning to the table, but reserving its threat of action.

What is ironic in all this, is that a motion to declare the township an “unwilling host” was defeated at the May 6, 2013 Adelaide-Metcalfe council meeting:

“Resolved that Council support the resolution of the Township of Wainfleet advising the Township is not a willing host for Industrial Wind Turbines. MOTION LOST. “

So even though Adelaide-Metcalfe Council (not the residents) claims they are a “Willing Host” for wind turbines, we can see that they can never give the cry-baby bully enough. It’s always wants MORE. And if one thinks they will be saved from a bully by doing whatever they tell you to do, they’ll still shoot you for walking too slow. And Nextera says these legal actions and threats do not cause ‘terror’??

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  1. I do not know if this is related and am not currently being sued by a utility company, so I go ahead with this post.
    I have been sitting in the background reading and see that the United Way of Canada is going to be the recipient of any awards in a few lawsuits.
    I found this rather interesting and started looking at the UWofC. Objectively ,UW is in conflict of it’s own values, mission, ethical and moral statements ,and that is where it claims to have no knowledge of the particular action, it is only accepting a “donation”.
    A very interesting “fact” that was brought to my attention was that United Way offices are not governed by UW Canada. The offices you see in your own community “purchased the license to use the UW name”. I suppose the next question would be, who then “owns” my local UW? Who purchased my local UW and have they purchased other UW offices?
    Something else that was told to me , is that the UW receives it’s greatest portion of “donations” from utility company’s that litigate communities and individuals.
    I was also told that all UW offices have been put under a gag order regarding utility companies and litigation.
    Not sure if this information is helpful in anyway, but here it is.

    • Thanks, anon. Every little bit of information helps. Every bit of truth and honesty that slips out into the public sphere is a benefit to the people. Thank your friend who told you for this. Every whistle blower is a hero and should be applauded.

      I suppose the dark side might feel that way about those who sell us out for personal gain. HA! The dark side will take your soul, use it, and then try to kick you in the head.

  2. NextEra also bullies and threatens individual land owners with law suits if they don’t resign the lease.

  3. We will campaign against donations to the UInited Way, every chance we get!!! They will be sorry for being so corrupt, and uncaring. Their name is now mud!!

  4. Nextra wants to be ashamed of themselves for killing eagles!! it makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – I wonder how they can sleep at night!! – oh I forgot they are crooks!! so they can sleep well!!

    • Lyn…. As you say, being “crooks” allows them to “sleep well”, They also “sleep well” because they don’t “sleep” anywhere near the turbines they erect in rural Ontario!

      • John you are 100% right!!! – I watched what these people did out in Selkirk!!! and it truly was sickening!!!

  5. Does anyone know if NEXTERROR – Florida Light and Power was the company in Florida that built high voltage lines over kids playgrounds and schools and the kids were getting cancer and other. And of course they had a big battle and denied it for a long time. This was in the 1970s, before my time.

  6. Has anyone made a complaint to the RCMP or the federal agency in charge about removing/destroying a migratory bird’s nest?

    • The Feds are the next target! -I have sent well over 80 emails to the Premiers’ of Ontario’s Office and NOT one reply from them!! – I did call them just before Christmas and got a real person with an attitude wanted to know exact dates etc.!! well I almost have them all lined up for her!! – and you know you cannot get a direct email address to the premier’s office and or a 1-800 number – what a province!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or the lack their of!! – I would suggest everyone else who cares about this situation contact as many MPP’s and MPs’ etc that you can – just don’t sit back and wait for someone else to do the work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anyone who was there that day and witnessed the destruction of the nest can make a complaint and there is a video of the event.
    Mutiple complaints are always the best way.

    • Yes I and othesr have complained not just to MPP’s but the ombudsman and it really seems to be getting us no where!! – so now I have been contacting the MNR – lets just see what happens!! like I said before the entire thing makes me sick!!

  8. Awe it’s the NEXT TEAR ( drop ) show!!

    Looks like this townships seeing the teeth end of their pet project!

    Shame they didn’t heed the warnings from others that have been bit!

    Good for the lawyer for standing to them!

    This company should change their motto to” just sue them all” !
    Making a fine reputation for their resume for future business!

  9. Oh btw, nice pic but I’ve seen the next tear lawyers…they much more resemble
    Urban bad suited twinks… Just saying.

  10. Read the post from Jan. 13th 2014,below on THIS SITE
    You will find factual documentation from the Federal government Ministry of Health SHOWING the federal government HAS a policy SUPPORTING the CANWEA 20% wind technology road map for 2025. Everyone should be hounding this level of governemnt,too.Provide the factual documentation so they CAN NOT ignore the trueth from their own policy directives… the evidence is important. When writing an email copy back to yourself,ask for notice that your email was received and ask for a response in a timely manor or so many business days. Governments are here to SERVE the citizens of this country NOT the other way around!

    • Hey Avoter,
      you say,
      ‘Governments are here to SERVE the citizens of this country NOT the other way around!’

      Role of government:
      1. The Federal level
      2. The Provincial level
      3. The Local level

      You seem to know how things run – in ‘governments’
      Explain role 1-2-3
      Stephen Harper has already commented on the Ontario situation –
      under a Liberal government.

      Good Luck!

  11. Lyn, Likely no RCMP or anyone form Candian Wildlife Service was present to witness this event.
    So also most likely that citizens will have to file the complaints.

    Those who have videos or photos of this event should not turn over originals of them but instead furnish copies. Never give up originals unless legally required to do so.
    There is no penalty for filing a complaint. Citizens have the right to do so.

    • Barbara!! lets get serious when it comes to this stuff!!! the Wind Turbine companies are in bed with the government!!! – every level of government knows what going on with this!! unless they live under a rock!! – and the only way to make so called head way is to keep in in the news!! – and to be calling and emailing and god only knows I know it is frustrating because as I mentioned before I have sent well over 70 and 80 emails to the premiers’ office!! and other agencies!! not response!! – people have to stick together regarding – as there is strength in NUMBERS!!!!!!!!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -so lets stop being typical Canadians people and say what can we you!!! – can do allot pick up the phone and start emailing – they can’t ignore us all!!!!!

  12. First there has to be somekind of federal paperwork generated about the destruction of the eagle’s nest. Otherwise there are no records on file.

    Mr.Harper did not witness this event so he can’t file a complaint.
    If federal complaints are filed and nothing is done then the Prime Minister can look into this matter.

  13. Don’t people know enough to report this kind of activity to the police and get a lawyer?

    Maybe our lawyers advise we should NOT go to the police.

    Breach of trust?

  14. People need to get behind Lyn.
    But only the actual witnesses can file formal complaints.Formal complaints are different than making a police report. So the actual witneses have to do this. Also try the federal crown attorney.
    And my question is,has anyone done this? You don’t need a lawyer to do this.

    • Hi Barb!! thanks for your advice!!!!! – I am going to pass this along to the people fighting the big fight!! – I truly hope that people really start to take notice!! this wind turbine situation is big and if we don’t watch out it will really get out of control!!!!!!!!!

  15. The company that actually destroyed the nest is also responsible.
    Perhaps the problem was that it had to be established that this matter is under federal jurisdiction.

    • Not only has the wind turbine companies been allowed to take down active eagles’ nests !! – but now they want to start to harvest their eggs!! – it is wrong and it is KILLING!!!!!!! – call write email etc. your city officials, MPP’s – MP;s and the Ministry of Natural Wild Life etc. and tell them to stop building these so call turbines! and lets face it – if Ontario really wanted to go green and only run on wind energy!! – there would have to be so many turbines put up that you wouldn’t be able to walk around!! – so I don’t who so fooling who! or should I say who is lying to who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – lets get it done people!!! Lyn

  16. And you need incandescent light bulbs to hatch/incubate the eggs which can’t be done using CFL bulbs which are now illegal.

  17. Now I hope nobody thinks that the turbine companies are going to hatch these eggs ( there as good as dead) Nextra and the wind turbine companies don’t care!!!!! and I am beginning to think that the minister is turning their heads on this! – I have emailed them!! and I would suggest others to do the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Just because the windies are in with the windies dosen’t mean that citizens don’t have any legal “tools” left to use.

  19. Hi Barb!! I don’t get what you are trying to say!! again everybody we have to sick together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Legal “tools” or legal means.
    The public is gratly confused as to which are provincial matters and which are federal matters and maybe done on purpose.
    Filing police and formal compalints with the crown attorney are two different things.
    Both the C-K airport and the eagle’s issues are two things where citizens can file complaints.
    C-K is an airport safety issue involving the general public safety and as such people have the right to demand that the airport be shut down until all the safety issues are dealt with.
    it’s become clear now that the eagle issue is a fedeal affair and so the public can act there to demand that federal laws will be enforced.
    Then there are the issues about how IWT contracts were obtained but this requires establishing probible cause first and then moving with complaints.
    Thre is one C-K IWT project where this probably can be done.
    The very idea of companies coming into Ontatio and not obeying the law cannot be tolerated.

    • You confirmed what I was thinking!! !! many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we need more people like you Barb!! lets do all we can do people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – again make those calls and send those emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. How many “Barbaras” do we need – for crying out loud?

    And if Barbara has a chance, can it take us for a walk
    thru that C-K contract ‘case study’?

  22. For Immediate Release
    January 7, 2013

    Removal of eagles nest smacks of big money corruption: Barrett
    Last minute approval of habitat destruction for wind towers

    Selkirk – Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett says approval to remove an eagles’ nest east of Selkirk smacks of big money corrupting Ontario government procedure.

    The tree hosting the nest was cut down Saturday, January 5, 2013, to make way for an access road for a Next Era wind turbine. The Ministry of Natural Resources published permission for the removal at 5pm Friday, January 4.

    “Frankly, I feel betrayed – I was in communication with the Minister’s office through December, and we were never alerted to this unconscionable decision until it was too late,” asserted Barrett. “I got to the site on Saturday just after the nest had been removed.”

    Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal green-lighted the Next Era project last fall following a month-long hearing in Hagersville.

    “Clearly the Ontario government and its Green Energy Act have corrupted the system – with so much money to be made by government’s wind proponent friends, concerns for wildlife and rural values are steamrolled while opponents are kept in the dark,” Barrett intoned. “We’ve been told that the nest was removed to reduce eagle mortality – a clear admission that wind turbines kill eagles.”
    Barrett arrived at the Lakeshore Road location early Saturday afternoon. Neighbours had informed him that the nest was “active” – despite official remarks indicating the opposite – and that there have been a number of eagles inhabiting the area over the last 4 to 5 years.
    The Haldimand Norfolk MPP noted that it was just a few years ago that a dead eagle was found near the base of a wind turbine in Norfolk County – government officials at the time described it in the media as a “careless eagle”.

    “As with the Caledonia–Six Nations debacle, area people feel abandoned,” Barrett said. “People ask me, ‘if government isn’t going to follow the rules, why should we?’”

    For more information please contact MPP Toby Barrett at 519-428-0446, 905-765-8413 or 1-800-903-8629

  23. For immediate release:
    January 9, 2013

    Eagles nest removal ignores Environment Commissioner
    MPP Barrett questions decision making behind habitat destruction

    Queens Park – Ontario residents concerned about the removal of an eagles nest to make way for wind towers weren’t the only ones shut out from the decision making that saw the host tree quickly removed over the weekend.

    Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett says recommendations of the government’s own Environmental Commissioner were overlooked in the rush to judgement to remove the home of nesting eagles east of Selkirk.

    “It was just three months ago that Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller told us, ‘The Ontario government should put additional areas of the province off-limits to wind power projects to safeguard birds, bats and their habitats’,” Barrett reported. “Instead of moving additional areas off-limits to protect birds and their habitats, government has re-moved a key part of their habitat itself.”

    In Part 2 of his 2011/2012 Annual Report, Losing Our Touch, Gord Miller goes on to note significant shortcomings in the guidelines that continue to put birds and bats at risk:
    “-Development in Important Bird Areas not prohibited: Important Bird Areas are designated, using internationally accepted standards, as key areas supporting specific groups of birds. There are no special rules to prevent wind power development in Ontario’s 70 Important Bird Areas.
    -No consideration of cumulative effects: Wind power project sites are evaluated and approved on an individual basis, with no regard for the potential cumulative effects on birds or bats from other nearby wind power facilities or other potential sources of bird and bat mortality”

    “I continue to wonder just who government was listening to when this regrettable nest-removal decision was made?” questioned Barrett. “It certainly was not the Environment Commissioner, nor the people of Halidmand – I suggest if we follow the money we may get our answers.”

    Barrett says he continues to seek answers as to who was ultimately responsible for the decision that saw the 100 year-old cottonwood tree removed less than 24 hours after the directive was posted online.

    For more information, please contact MPP Toby Barrett at: (416) 325-8404, (519) 428-0446 or 1-800-903-8629

  24. “Barbara” – I was there to see the nest get hauled away.

    Then I received the above 2 letters from MPP Toby Barrett.

    But for obvious reasons, now I don’t know who to trust!?

    Will you complain for me?

  25. I was not there so I can’t complain or make an RCMP police report but I have seen the video and photographs on this website.
    They had a provincial permit and not a federal permit. Is this not the case?

    Perhaps Mr. Barrett needs to look into this aspect as well?

    The federal governmnent has already said the C-K airport has safety issues. So this is already established and therefore the public affected by these safety issues are entitled to make complaints on the federal level.

    A couple of Maritime companies were fined by the federal governmnent for the destruction of heron’s nests. Herons and eagles are both migratory birds. Thus we have a record of federal action in destruction of migratory bird’s nests. Therefore the public has a right to file complaints.
    Corporate executives involved in the destruction of migratory bird’s nests are also held responsible.

    There are other issues involved in the IWT situation which require that probable cause be demonstrated/established first before complaints can be made.
    Reasons must be presented so that a complaint can be made.

    Hire a compentent business lawyer with an engineering degree as well to advise people on what to look for and where to look for the needed information.

    that is if you can find one who dosen’t already work for the wind industry

  26. Like I said before the government is in bed with the wind turbine companies!!!!!!! – we the people have to start to shake some trees!! so to speak!!! – and hiring a lawyer etc. well don’t make me laugh!!! – even though I didn’t agree with everything that happen out in Caledonia regarding the Douglas Creek Estates!! at least the natives stick together – and they you get results!! -I have a return email from the MNR – said that they will look into this matter and get back to me! RIGHT!! but I am not going away!! I suggest everyone else who cares about the situation regarding these wind turbines so the same!!! makes those calls and emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. The MNR trying to cover up the information that the involved parties didn’t have a federal permit?
    If you want to put togther cases involving influence peddling,corruption, illegal activity then you need a comptent lawyer to help you.
    There are some accounting firms who do these kinds of investigations but they won’t want to risk losing potential business.
    All I can do is to furnish my opinion on what maybe should be done as I do have an accounting degree.

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