Bill Palmer Refutes Witnessees For MOE & Approval Holder

wind-farm-noise-mapBy Liz Dadson Saugeen Times
Acousticians made some more noise about sound in the final week of the Environmental Review Tribunal into the appeal against the Armow Wind development in Kincardine. Friday afternoon (Jan. 10), Robert O’Neal, an expert acoustician and witness for the approval holder, Samsung Pattern Armow Wind Ontario GP, gave testimony about wind turbine noise.

He said there are two sources of sound in the wind turbines: the mechanical sound from the nacelle; and the aerodynamic noise from the blades. The older design, called “downwind,” has been replaced by a newer design, called “upwind.” With the old design, air moves around the tower, said O’Neal. That has been eliminated with the new design.

He described low-frequency noise and infrasound, stating that the human ear can hear noise from 20-20,000 Hertz (Hz). Low-frequency is found at 20-200 Hz, and below 20 Hz is infrasound. O’Neal said that, at 10 Hz, infrasound would have to be at 97 decibels (dBA) to be audible, but at 100 Hz, low-frequency noise could be heard at 27 dBA. Read article

6 thoughts on “Bill Palmer Refutes Witnessees For MOE & Approval Holder

  1. Samsung Pattern Armow Wind Ontario GP –
    secured 92 private contracts;
    and, the private landowners – responsible for their own ‘due diligence’;
    feel comfortable – that –
    they will never be sued for negligence.

    ‘[excerpt] The hearing wrapped up Tuesday. The tribunal must now render a decision.

    The appeal, launched Oct. 23 by the Kroeplins, is against the proposed Armow Wind Class 4 wind facility, a 92-turbine, 180-megawatt industrial wind development in Kincardine. It was approved by the director of the MOE through the REA process, Oct. 9.’

    Time will tell………….

  2. “There is an acceptable risk value for everything,” said Meuleman.

    “I don’t want to be the one who says that the car your son was driving had an acceptable brake failure rate,” said Palmer. “That isn’t an acceptable value.”

    “There is an acceptable risk value; it’s the nature of the business,” said Meuleman. “But you think all risks should be mitigated.”

    “All people are equal,” said Palmer. “I would say, how can I mitigate the risk?”

    “Despite the cost?” asked Meuleman.

    “You should not improve the risk for some people and not for others,” said Palmer.

  3. Meuleman: costs vs human lives??? Maybe if it was your life or that of your mother or child. Give me an effing break. So much for equality and human rights. I am not Jesus Christ. I will not die for you.

  4. 92 contracts or 92 people out of how many others who will be affected by this?
    Were they talking about business risk or risk to the people living there?

  5. Well folks, Mr. Palmer has inarguably proven that IWTs have, do & will once again cause serious health problems for many so called receptors in the Armow (and all other) wind turbine projects, if allowed to proceed as proposed.
    So if this ERT hearing allows it, that is 100% proof of their bias & illegitimacy. And brings civil disobedience & possibly, (but hopefully not) eventual civil war in Ontario, a step closer.
    One way or another they must be stopped, that is a certainty.

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