Might v. right

criminal-justice-system-1372884734-8899The Times, Rick Conroy
It’s an obscenely unfair fight. I expect most people would intervene if they happened upon such a lopsided clash on the street. Or call the police. They would do something. It runs directly against our core sense of fair play. Of justice.

Consider the spectacle on display in a Toronto court room next week. On one side will be a handful of folks more knowledgeable about the nesting patterns of the whippoorwill than the finer points of administrative law in this province.

On the other side of the aisle will be the Province of Ontario, through its Ministry of Environment (MOE), the developer, Gilead Power Corporation, along with the entire Canadian wind energy industry through Can- WEA.

There are billions of dollars at stake in this hearing for one side. On the other, it is the sanctity of the natural habitat of a unique bit of Ontario.

For the developer, this is likely its last shot at salvaging a positive return from this project. This fight has already cost it millions of dollars. Every day Gilead executives linger in a courtroom, a hearing room or its lawyer’s office and not bulldozing roads into Ostrander Point, costs it many thousands of dollars more. This courtroom is likely the end of the road for this project. Read article

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  1. A pointed and really well written article that finds a balance between critical thinking and heart. Thanks, Rick Conroy. How government employees involved in decisions to harm the very lives they are charged to protect, can sleep at night is beyond me.
    Human consciousness is evolving, and those of us who love the natural world, and all the sentients in it, must continue to be as clear as Mr Conroy has been here.

  2. Awareness began to arise around the turn of the century that the human desire to hunt and kill birds and animals to extinction was going to cause us to lose not only a resource but also interfere with the natural environment to human detriment. One of those very aware that something had to be done was a pioneer in bird conservationist Jack Minor. Ever since then hundreds of organizations and governments have spent billions of dollars and millions of hours trying to reverse the loss of wild habitat , wildlife and bird populations through conservation. Just when we were seeing the fruits of such groups labour along comes GREED both in the form of Corporations and Government who seem to be bound on reversing the heroic efforts of conservation. Let us face up to the fact that WE are part of this. WE the tax payer, property owner and keepers of the future need to end the insanity by stopping this travesty from fulfilling its mandate of injustice. Ask yourself . . . why the heck do you want Wind corporations and their expensive “Green” alternative, unusable at peek need (Gas has to kick in) then paid by a government that has handled our purse like a spoiled brat to stop the blades turning to prevent over powering the grid? Or dumping the electrical power by PAYING US states and other Provinces to take the overload? Needless to say that they pay no mind as to what they do to peoples lives with the lowered property values, destroyed tourism, health issues and STRESS! Devisions of communities when a few greedy people sign contracts with Wind companies who make and take the cash back to their own countries. Something is wrong here, democracy has been kicked out the window and it’s up to you and I to make this insane thing come to and end. Come on now how long will your pocket book be paying for this? Get angry . . fight back . . . stop this injustice NOW!

    • ‘[excerpt] …….conservationist Jack Minor.’ And, the good intentions –
      of a few good men – were later gobbled up –
      by the Greed of Big Green – you know the rest.

      You can’t have it both ways!

  3. The question is “How?” One by one, counties and towns must secede from the province. Is there any other way?

  4. There are people in Toronto (and elsewhere, I guess) – seemingly caring, human beings – who would rather have wind turbines than birds. This has shocked me to the core as it has come from the mouths of former “friends.” The word “depraved” comes to mind.

  5. The correct spelling is Jack Miner in case anyone wants to look up more information on this subject.
    He also was involved in getting the Migratory Bird treaty done.

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