Ministry of Environment Appeals Own Wind Turbine Decision

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TORONTO – Environment – The Ontario Government is seeking to overturn itself in a court hearing that starts today in Toronto. Ontario. Wind Concerns Ontario states, “The rare and endangered Blanding’s turtle had a good day last July—the Environmental Review Tribunal revoked the Ontario government’s decision to allow a wind turbine project at Ostrander Point in Prince Edward County on the grounds that the project would cause ‘serious and irreversible harm’ to the endangered turtles native to the area”.

“Now, the Ontario government’s Ministry of the Environment is appealing the decision by its own quasi-judicial Tribunal, seeking to overturn the decision and allow the wind power project to proceed, despite the objections of community and naturalist groups,” states Jane Wilson, President of Wind Concerns Ontario  (WCO). “Beginning January 21, lawyers representing the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists (PECFN) and the South Shore Conservancy will be defending the ERT decision in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto”.

The wind power developer, Toronto-based Gilead Power, supported by the wind power industry lobby group, the Canadian Wind Energy Association, will be arguing to overturn the decision to protect the turtles. Read article

24 thoughts on “Ministry of Environment Appeals Own Wind Turbine Decision

  1. Ontario Nature – improving their image, and sends Naturalists,
    to collect $20,000 from PEC council.

    ‘[excerpt] “The Ontario government’s Green Energy Act has allowed developers to invade important natural habitat,” says Cheryl Anderson with the Naturalists’ group.’

    [excerpt] “Beginning January 21, lawyers representing the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists (PECFN) and the South Shore Conservancy will be defending the ERT decision in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto”.’

    ……and, there’s more to this –
    or, I am – really in need – of some mental health evaluation.

    Did Premier Social Justice – have lunch today?

  2. I don’t doubt for a minute this was the plan of action decided upon by those SOB’s prior to the decision of the tribunal to save the turtles.
    The decision based on the turtles was merely to divert the attention away from THE ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS suffered by people of Ontario as indicated in their testimony and medical reports presented at the tribunal. Now that the heat is off the real issue-INDUSTRIAL WIND TURBINES BEING PLACED TOO CLOSE TO HOMES AND ADvERSE HEaLtH EFfECtS; they appear to have changed their minds about the decision made on the turtle habitat. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, people are becoming sick and DYING and yet, knowing this, these a**holes continue to push forward with these killing machines. THIS IS A CRIME. Is this MURDER? MANSLAUGHTER? And they are using OUR tax money to pull this off??!!
    What a slap in the face to those poor witnesses at the tribunal. Throw the book at these crooks and throw their as*es in jail.

    • It has nothing to do with Turtles. The reason is that this is an “Important Bird Area” (IBA). Margaret Atwood and David Suzuki and lots “bird watchers” think this is important. Lots of international attention on this case. The Tribunal used the Turtles to sink the application. If they admitted it was birds, they would have a lot of other areas under question too.

      I’m not sure who decides an IBA. What about those Tundra Swans on Lake Erie?

      Unfortunately nothing is admitted about human health. So we have the following “Liberal algebra”:
      Turtles > Birds > Humans
      Humans are the least important animal in the eyes of the MOE!

  3. Hey doesn’t their little flower symbol kinda resemble a turbine ?…hmmmm

    Misery of the environment, fire them all!

  4. The issue here is whether or not IWTs can be installed in areas where endangered species live.
    This is why the government and the wind industry is willing to pay for this court case and any appeals of this case that may be needed.
    The governnent along with the wind industry is determined to install IWTs in Ontario. Can’t let endangered species get in their way.

    • Do you really think this is going to go to court?
      If so – who will be the judge?

      I don’t think it will go to court.
      It’s just politics……….which is very sad.

      But, it does have to do with the – Endangered Species Act;
      and, it’s all tangled up in the web of deception.

    • Yup – that’s the way I read it.
      ‘[excerpt] “Beginning January 21, lawyers representing the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists (PECFN) and the South Shore Conservancy will be defending the ERT decision in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto”.’

      • ‘[excerpt] Ministry of Environment Appeals Own Decision’
        So how many lawyers are watching this right now?

        I really want this case to move forward in the courts.
        It will present interesting material for law projects – for students;
        and, demonstrate
        how stupid the Liberals are.

        Are the naturalists giving the $20,000 back to demonstrate –
        what good corporate citizens they are?

  5. R U teaching a good example?
    And, why should somebody listen to U?

    ‘[excerpt] The field naturalists, on the other hand, argue that the tribunal didn’t go far enough. They argue that the tribunal should have concluded that in addition to harming turtles, the wind development is likely to harm birds and the special “alvar” ecosystem in the area – a limestone plateau with the barest covering of soil.’

  6. When the court case gets underway and it is decided which issues can be argued then we will know what this all about.

  7. As of Dec. 31/13 Ontario’s Liberal Government has approved 6,736 wind turbines.
Google ‘windpower grab wordpress’ for the complete chart by county in Ontario.
    The percentages may not round off to 100.

    Conservative Ridings – 4597
    NDP Ridings – 1365
    Liberal Ridings – 574 (Of the 574 in Liberal Ridings 537 were in the Thunder Bay Area. Out of sight out of mind?)
    To recap: In Ontario’s actual population areas (Thunder Bay is NOT a population area.)
    Conservative Ridings get to look at 68.3% of these beautiful bird blenders.
    NDP Ridings get to look at 20% of these monuments to Gaia.
    Liberal Ridings (Other than the woods of Thunder Bay) .6%
    That’s right .6%

    Strange that the Liberal electorate that loves wind turbines never build them in their own ridings.

    Mark Shortreed

    • Got THAT right Mark!! “We Liberals LOVE wind turbines as long as WE don’t have to live with them”! “We’ve heard there may be negative environmental impacts or they may be injurious to one’s health but none of that has ever been substantiated. We’re just reluctant to take the chance that those opposed to the ‘greening’ of Ontario may not be just NIMBYs suffering from the nocebo effect”!

      • Smug reply. How about answering why they are never erected in Liberal ridings. The voters of Toronto by and large swing the vote for more of these bird blenders. What is there, one on the Toronto shoreline? You libs accuse us of NIMBYism yet it’s you who actually practice it.

  8. There is also a university at Thunder Bay whose inhabitants believe that IWTs work and don’t cause any problems.

  9. WUWT, Posted Jan.23, 2014
    “A new Vinerism: Climate Change threatens Winter Olympics”
    From the University of Waterloo, Canada
    Prof. David Scott, Canada Research Chair in Global Tourism is the lead author.
    Look what is taught at universities now. Anyone know of any students who are majoring in Global Tourism?

    • Well Boola Boola, look what the universities are teaching now.

      What’s next?: “A new Vinerism: Global Warming threatens Summer Olympics”

  10. University of Waterloo,

    Waterloo News, Jan. 22, 2014
    “Waterloo Engineering launches graduate diploma in green energy”
    First of its kind in Canada.
    Further information about the Green Energy Graduate Diploma will be presented at OSEAs “Powering Prosperity Gala” on Jan. 23 at 6:30 pm.

  11. Will UWaterloo Professor Jatin Nathwani ‘tackle’ WIND TURBINE FRAUD
    and ‘confront’ how it’s harmed all of us?

    ‘[excerpt] Applications are currently being accepted for Fall 2014. Inquiries regarding the program can be addressed to

    “We face a global challenge in finding new ways to meet energy needs while protecting the planet. Tackling this grand challenge requires engineering and scientific advancement, but also core industry engagement and programs that directly involve working engineers in areas such as bioenergy and smart grids,” said Professor Jatin Nathwani, Ontario Research Chair in Public Policy for Sustainable Energy Management at Waterloo. “Waterloo’s green energy diploma does this, encouraging engineers and employers to problem solve for sustainable energy solutions while confronting day to day issues.” ‘

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