Move turbines away from airport

turbBy Morgan Ian Adams, Enterprise-Bulletin
Town council has officially signalled its opposition to wind turbines being sited near the local airport. On Monday night, councillors approved a motion to voice the town’s opposition to wpd Canada’s application to erect four 500-foot-tall wind turbines within four kilometres of the facility — the so-called ‘outer surface’ of the airport.

wpd Canada’s application was posted to the Environmental Registry in early December. The public has until Feb. 1 to provide comment. Regional airport chair Charlie Tatham has stated on several occasions — most recently in the last Friday’s edition of the Enterprise-Bulletin — the siting of four of the eight turbines proposed by wpd for the company’s Fairview Wind Project in Clearview Township could negatively affect the airport and its operations.

The company’s aviation expert has claimed the effect of the turbines’ locations on the airport would be minimal, only affecting a handful of flights.  That hasn’t been satisfactory to either the airport board, or the municipality, which with Monday night’s motion, has officially lodged its concern with the Ministry of Environment. Read article

4 thoughts on “Move turbines away from airport

  1. On the C-K airport safety issues,which do affect passengers and those neaby, it shouls also be possible for citizens to file complaints with the federal crown attorney as safety issues are public issues.
    C-K airport is in violation of federal laws and nothing has been done about to address this situation for all these many months now.

    • I think the Ontario Liberals see this as a political battle against national Conservatives.

      Strange times and strange thinking…

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