An Energy Company Is Suing a Mother of Two For Parodying Their Logo on Her Blog

esther nexterrorThe Vice, by Colin Graf
The bitter winds of winter may be wonderful for turning the blades on the giant wind turbines that dot more-and-more of the southwestern Ontario landscape, yet their presence is sparking not only electricity, but also controversy, conflict, and a lawsuit that could ruin a family who’s daring to stand up to an American energy giant.

Esther Wrightman, 32, of Adelaide Township, west of London, Ontario, was shocked when the lawyer’s letter arrived in December to tell her that NextEra Energy Canada plans to go ahead with a lawsuit for defaming the company name in a video and blog she posted earlier in 2013. She explained to me that the suit, which NextEra launched against her last May, had remained dormant until recently.

The letter, “felt like a personal attack. After all, they got what they wanted. Their turbines have all been approved (in Wrightman’s area), and construction has started. Their attitude is ‘Just get her, just take one more kick’,” she said, wearily. Farmers’ fields that would normally be buried under a winter snow blanket are instead grey with the “massive amounts” of gravel being laid down for the turbines’ foundations, she describes.

Next Era is a Florida-based electricity giant that owns major American interests such as Florida Power and Light and describes itself as the largest generator of wind and solar power in North America, with over 100 projects in the U.S. and Canada. Read article

15 thoughts on “An Energy Company Is Suing a Mother of Two For Parodying Their Logo on Her Blog

  1. I tip my hat off to Esther!! she is not going to sit back on her hands – like most Canadians and then complain what can we do!! – I say get off your butts call and email your MPPs – MPs the Premier of Ontario and the Prime Minister – and let them know how you feel about Nextra – plain and simple Nextra is a killing company!!!!!

  2. The next time anyone shows up at Esther’s house, provide them with a copy of the following information:
    Go to The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website at:
    Enter NextEra Energy Inc.
    Follow the link to:
    United States Security and Exchange Comission
    Form 10-K
    Fiscal year ended Dec.31, 2008 & filed Feb.27,2009
    Part 1, p.15
    Look for this information:
    Participation in the climate Action Partnership
    Participation in the Clinton Global Inititative.
    This shows you who NextEra is in bed with in the U.S.

    the U.S. Climate Action Partnership is an umbrella organization comprised of corporations and environmental groups.

    Nicholas parker of Toronto claims he is an advisor to the Clinton Global Inititative.
    And we all know who Clinton is.

    • I think the only reason they can boast to be the largest wind generator in North America is because they bought up Enron’s wind assets. You’d think in Enron’s case all assets of crime would be seized…yet, FPL scooped them up for likely pennies on the dollar.

      In my opinion, it’s akin to taking drug money.

  3. Keep up the good work. We thank you for your initiative. We are fighting hard also, but support your efforts to discourage the IWT. THANK YOU.

  4. Campaign co-chair for the United Way of Chatham-Kent says the organization will not meet its $2.2-million fundraising goal for 2014.

    In fact, the co-chair says they will be lucky if they reach the $2-million mark.

    “We’ve been talking to other United Ways in different communities. It has just been tough times all around, there’s been a lot of bad news that has come to the community in the last few months and I think that has something to do with it,” says Co-chair Cecily Coppola. “There will have to likely be some changes in funding decisions to the agencies. We would never want to cut anyone out completely, of course, but it will definitely impact the amount of dollars that agencies are receiving from the United Way.

    So far, this year’s campaign has raised $1.75-million. Touchdown for the campaign is scheduled for this Friday, January 25.

      • According to last years tax return they were….they also checked the box saying they did not have activities or something or other in politics…yet donated $ 45,000 for political purposes

  5. The more I hear about Next Era – they are like bullies in a play ground!! won’t pick on the big guy but surly will go after the little guy!! like innocent birds!!!!!!!!!

  6. Let this company have Esther arrested for not showing up in court and then she may be entitled to free representation.

    She should stay in her house long enough to summon friends an neighbours with cameras to record the event.

    Then demand a jury trial by her Canadian peers.

    • It is a Civil Suit…she would not be arrested for not showing…just lose the opportunity to defend herself…

    • Well @ least NextEra – a hot energy corporation
      admits to harassing Esther – repeatedly; and, since
      Ontario has adopted the – ‘points system’ – to prove popularity
      okay, give NextEra –
      1 point – for good behavior – in admitting harassment.

      Public perception is everything!

  7. It depends on what she is charged with. Some aspects of civil suits can turn into criminal charges.

  8. The important issue is that she be given a jury trial whether civil or criminal.
    It’s much more difficult to convince a jury than it is to convince a judge. That is if this gets that far.
    If she has a jury she can always defend herself if necessary.

    • Still stuck in your box I see Never learn the real truth, they only want you to claim joiner to the fraud,hook,line and sinker.Nex Terror and their lawyers B.A.R members and their legeze language just love that you all fall for it Fictional legal fear porn. Help as easy as ABC.

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