NextEra East Durham wind project approved by MOE

ist2_137405-rubber-stamp-approvedEnvironmental Registry
A Renewable Energy Approval (REA) has been issued to East Durham Wind, Inc. (NextEra Energy Canada) to engage in a renewable energy project in respect of a Class 4 wind facility consisting of the construction, installation, operation, use and retiring of 14 turbines with a total nameplate capacity of 23 megawatts (MW). The wind facility will be connected to Hydro One’s distribution system.

This Class 4 wind facility, known as the East Durham Wind Energy Centre, will be located in Municipality of West Grey, Grey County. Read more

2 thoughts on “NextEra East Durham wind project approved by MOE

  1. I am so thoroughly disgusted, disheartened, discouraged, and feeling defeated…My husband and I are so saddened by the MOE’s decision to approve East Durham wind project. In doing so, they(NexTera) may very well have sealed our fate, totally against our will. There are three poisonous, murderous, inefficient, corrupt, non recyclable weapons of mass destruction scheduled to be built directly across the road from our home/farm. WHEN WILL NO BE NO??? In all other times, no means STOP, GO NO FURTHER, DO NO HARM…Yet, NexTera has no scruples; our municipality has said NO for ALL TURBINES, yet those nasty corporate folks and the Liberals are no better than rapists…NO MEANS NO…STOP THE INSANITY

  2. I am so sorry that you and your family are being put through this. So many others, including me and my family, are facing devastating consequences because of our own province supporting such a dictorship decision making process. If our own government does not care about our health and future who will? It is so very disheartening and frankly is a form a bullying.

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