Dim Dippers

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Ontario’s NDP are now trying to position themselves as defenders of the province’s battered electricity consumers. The NDP’s concerns are getting lots of news headlines like this and this and this, but the solutions the Dippers propose deserve more scrutiny.

Ontario’s NDP latest energy pronouncements remain mired in the confusion they have added to Ontario’s energy file. The NDP have been stalwart supporters of the Liberal’s Green Energy Act, so it is a bit rich for them to now complain about the rate increases that ugly legislation is causing.

Do the NDP propose to expand or not expand wind and solar power? If they want more wind power, who will they be pushing their turbines on? These questions remain unanswered.

To the extent that the NDP claim to address the root cause of Ontario’s rates increases, energy critic Peter Tabuns argues that “Ontario has signed costly deals with private power companies that have created a glut in supply that must be exported at a lower price than the generation cost.”       Read article

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  1. The NDPee is Green, which is why they will yak about wasted millions and high hydro but say nothing on turbines and solar. They are typically Canadian as always: they go off in all directions at the same time.

    • Someone in the article suggested my comment is “insular”. Not sure what that means. What I am getting at here is that *IF* Horvath closed the Port Elgin turbine then she would be admitting, in public, that Green Energy is not working. It would bring left leaning press directly to the issue.
      There are so many ways that the Wind scam could crack. It is a bubble that will burst eventually. It is just a matter of time. I don’t care HOW it breaks or who does it.
      A win for Hudak is not at all likely, at least in the cities.
      As for voting for Horvath, you’re right. Probably best to vote for Hudak, if he can win in your riding. Otherwise NDP. The key phrase is “anything but Liberal”.

  2. Sad part is its so F%^& ed up nobody knows how to fix it. And all the turbine company’s have enough resources to sue the government and overload the courts and take more money than its worth.
    My guess is Wynne will disappear as did Dalton as the screws tighten.

  3. I find it totally bizarre that the NDP leader and one of her senior shadow ministers have taken until 2014 to work out just what harmful policies they have been supporting to keep the Libs in power for 3 years now. They haven’t been holding themselves apart from the liberal policies on green energy but every time a vote on green energy and the Green Energy Act has been put forward NDP MPPs have been instructed, by their leader, to vote in support of the Liberal government and their energy policies.
    Anyone who actually believes the NDP will change the wind and solar energy boondoggle, should they be elected, are living in a dream world! I think they are even more under the thumb of the environmental lobbyists than Wynne and her cronies, who all continue the fight to return us to the dark ages.
    Andrew Watts

  4. Richard: “A win for Hudak is not at all likely, at least in the cities”.
    You’ll never know 100% for sure, that Conservatives aren’t going to win in a particular area, so it would be wrong to count them out and vote NDP (or whomever) instead. The Liberals must definitely go, but the NDP could and probably would be even worse, if that`s possible. When they are both that horrendously bad, it`s probably pointless to try to measure who’d be worse. How low does the scale go anyway?
    Also look at Rob Fords approval rating, 42%, even after his latest little fall off the wagon. If he is still doing well at prov. election time, he could bring Ford Nation on side, with help from his bro Doug if he runs provincially as expected and Doug Holiday who’s a virtual shoe-in as well. Anything can happen with some strong candidates running. Not all Toronto voters are politically brain-dead/brain-washed, just most. Strategic voting never works and can’t, unless you know for certain what everyone else is going to vote.
    Just vote Conservative, because there is no other choice. That`s the unfortunate fact, in Ontar-ari-ario today. And speak up and out to educate everyone one know.

  5. On the one hand you have McGuinty Liberals who dreamed up the GEA and the whole push into wind energy which continues unabated today. On the other lies the NDP who aided and abetted the Liberals at every turn.They supported the GEA and Horwath used iron discipline to vote with the Liberals on 2 moratorium motions advanced by Lisa Thompson. These motions were symbolic and individual NDP support for them would not have affected overall energy policy.
    The conclusion is clear; NDP support wind power development, probably with more committment than Liberals do.The choice among the 3 parties seems obvious to me.

  6. To me, the Industrial Wind Turbine fiasco appears to be supported by the co-operation of five groups working together analogy-wise like the blades, nacelle and support column of a wind turbine.

    Similar to the three blades of a wind turbine that extract the wind’s power, are the following three groups …

    Self-righteous ideologues .. those who have adopted a pseudo-religious version of “Green” environmentalism, who will not examine related issues in an openly critical manner, and who fanatically label those who hold contrary opinions as “heretics”, “nimby’s, “deniers” or “deluded”.

    Self-serving politicians .. those who subscribe to an extreme “Green Energy” platform or agenda which they believe will help garner them enough political support to achieve their continuation in office.

    Self-profiting opportunists .. those who are willing to pursue financial gain without concern for the negative physical or economic impacts their actions will have on others.

    Membership in these three groups isn’t necessarily exclusive. Some individuals are active in two or even all three groups .. proclaiming a fanatical “Green” ideology, being IWT proponents politically, and having active interests in related financial gain.

    Continuing in this analogy, I view these three “blades” being held together by the “nacelle”, .. the manipulated group of society’s institutions .. the legislated “Green Energy Act”, the controlled Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Natural Resources, the biased Environmental Review Tribunal .. all enabling the first three groups to realize their objectives.

    Lastly, playing the role of the “support column” that holds the blades and nacelle in place, is the general population, the public, the voters. The majority of this group lives in urban and suburban environments and comprise the majority of the voting public that ultimately enables the activities of the three “blade groups”.

    As long as the general population accepts the misinformation of the first three groups, they will continue to support industrial wind turbines in populated rural areas. As long as the politicians continue to dismiss, ridicule, minimalize, and demonize the victims of industrial wind turbines .. the majority of the general population will feel justified in ignoring the victims’ situation .. perhaps viewing them as deluded .. or perhaps rationalizing “a few being sacrificed for the benefit of many” .. or maybe even “gettoizing” their plight as “better them than me”.

    As long as public opinion remains uninformed and insensitive, it will continue to enable the statusquo, by which the “blades” and “nacelle” in this analogy currently have the deck stacked. Only through the education and sensitization of the general public, can the “support column” of industrial wind turbines be removed.

    Only when public opinion is reversed, can the Green Energy Act be dismantled, can turbine contracts be invalidated, can justice be dealt to the scam’s perpetrators, and can their victims be compensated.

  7. Well said!!!

    But just maybe when Ontarians get their January, 2014 Hydro bills things might change a bit.
    Forecast to be the coldest January in about 35 years.

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