It isn’t hard to take ugly pictures in Chatham-Kent now…

Samsung Pattern Wind Project in Chatham Kent

14 thoughts on “It isn’t hard to take ugly pictures in Chatham-Kent now…

  1. Taxes for rural people should go down. The zoning should now be deemed industrial.

    Doesn’t affect property values my ass!

    God you hardly notice them when they paint them that colour as preached by the wind companies own….BS!

    • I doubt it, most lease holders (at least out my way) are older retired farmers that rent out the land for cash crops while they are nestled in town somewhere else.

      the wind farm companies preach to the communities that they are wildly welcome but in truth only a handful of people have signed, its just that the same farmers have leased many of their properties. And most would never sign up their home farms if they still live there.

      Wynne can give it a rest when she preaches that the poor farmers need the income……ya the ones that own so many properties and buy up any land to put their name stamp on it.

      but not to worry their names will be remembered for decades by the whole community, I feel sorry for the grandchildren. Oh wait, no one thought about them!

      • In our area, the ‘active farmers’ don’t want anything to do with them. Again, it’s absentee landowners or seniors who were ‘strongly encouraged’ to sign lease options.

        A lot of the turbines in the photos appear to be closer than the 550 metre setback, which is why I wondered how many of them were actually on leaseholders’ land.

  2. I was cruising around Fisherville to record turbines during high winds. Noticed a few run down houses. Either rented out, or abandoned. I couldn’t tell.

    • Many houses that are rented out look abandoned after a little while due to negligence by the absentee owner and / or the class of the clientele.

      Either way, down go the surrounding property values and there goes the neighbourhood.

      • The turbines are they new tenants. They have deeper pockets.

  3. Went to a hockey tournament there a couple of weekends ago. The parents got an eyeful of what is coming our way and were educated.. One turbine was practically alongside the highway, blades not spinning and the whole sky lit up at night like it was a circus show…all night long. Now, at the very least, they understand why property values plummet. I believe they have a greater respect for Mayor Jeffs.

  4. Anita…… I have to ask you to whom do you refer when you say “Now, at the very least, THEY (emphasis my own) understand why property values plummet”. Just who do you mean by “They”?
    Here’s the response I received from MPAC, on November 29, 2013 after appealing OUR assessment.
    “Based on our analysis and the study what was undertaken,
    MPAC has determined that no adjustments are required to
    the assessed values of properties located in proximity to wind
    turbines. As a result, we believe your property’s value of
    $XXX,XXX.XX is reflective of the local market as of the legislated
    valuation date of January 1, 2012”.

    Obviously the “they” to whom you refer does NOT reflect MPAC’s position on the subject. I sent a letter back to our local MPAC office asking for clarification as to which “study” was instrumental in their conclusion that “no adjustments are required to the assessed values of properties located in proximity to wind turbines”. Just interested to see if they’ve used one of the more oft-quoted ones financed through CanWEA. BTW Unable to sell this property for 75% of MPAC’s assessed value (back in 2009) before the wind “farms” were even constructed in our County! Would anyone you know knowingly buy a property surrounded, or about to be surrounded, by an industrial complex?? Not likely!

  5. Your right. MPAC says currently they do not see a decrease in property values near wind farms. But they do not look at the listing value they look at the assessment value. And by they I meant some members of my community. I think they(members of my community) understand that even with or without MPAC acknowledging a decrease in the property value…wind turbines stink and buyers don’t care what MPAC says. Who wants to live next to that piece of crap. Period.

    • There should be a way to challenge MPAC to purchase your house for their assessed value. Isn’t that how horse racing works? You put your animal in a certain “class” of race, but in order to prevent fraud, you have to offer that animal up for sale at the “value” of the race you are in.

      Obviously there are no mechanisms to do this. Until then, we are faced with a situation where there in a clear incentive to over value assessments.

      Comments welcome from those who know the industry.

  6. There are issues in C-K that people could work on but don’t seem to want to get involved.
    Closing the C-K airport until the safety issues are removed is one of them but everyone is waiting for the governmnent to act.

  7. all of these turbines are monuments of STUPIDITY a reflection of our mayor and council destroying landscape,valuable farmland, and local economy.

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