Turtles holding ground in court – Day 1 and 2 reports

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Turtles gained a small victory over turbines in the first day of a Toronto appeal court hearing on Tuesday. The first of three planned days in court, was a promising one for Prince Edward County Field Naturalists and their supporters, as the Ontario Divisional Court panel, led by Justice Ian Nordheimer, ruled that wind company Gilead Power could not introduce new evidence in the appeal.

The Blandings Turtle was hailed the hero last year when the 40-day Environmental Review Tribunal revoked Gilead Power’s renewable energy permit to put nine turbines on Ostrander Point, on the south shore of Prince Edward County. The tribunal ruled the turbines would cause “serious and irreversible harm” to an already threatened species.

Following the ruling, Gilead Power Corporation appealed the decision, then the Ministry of Environment also appealed the decision of its own Tribunal to challenge the small volunteer group Prince Edward County Field Naturalists. The Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County, another small volunteer association, is also appealing the tribunal’s decision dismissing the claim that turbines would cause serious harm to human health. Read article

4 thoughts on “Turtles holding ground in court – Day 1 and 2 reports

  1. You really have to ask yourself are living children and adults not as important than reptiles. Is this all just a bad dream I am having.

  2. Has the lawyer ever brought forth the question to the MOE ( misery of the environment )
    If the would ever feel the need to stop any renewable project EVER??

    I’m betting they too like all other ministries are mandated to not get in the way of these wind projects, it too must be wrote in their fine print somewhere.

    So I ask will there ever be a fair fight? Not thinking it’s wrote that way!

    Sure would be a question to outright ask them.

  3. I am praying that because this proceeding is taking place in a real courtroom that real justice will be served. Heaven help us if it is not.

  4. Smitherman said everyone had to be brought on board.

    But just maybe someone was dumb enough to write this down someplace.

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