Samsung wind turbines being built 240m from Platinum Produce greenhouse

platinum produce greenhouseEllwood Shreve, Chatham Daily News
Tim Verbeek has grown increasingly frustrated watching two wind turbines be constructed, despite the fact his family business has an appeal concerning the structures before the Environmental Review Tribunal.

A decision is expected Monday over the turbines, and Verbeek, whose family owns Platinum Produce greenhouse located south of Highway 401 on Communications Road, said it appears a concerted effort was made to get the two turbines erected before the decision is handed down. The turbines in question are part of the South Kent Wind Project, a joint venture of Pattern Energy Group and Samsung Renewable Energy Inc.

Verbeek told The Chatham Daily News he findings it “coincidental” the two turbines that are in the appeal were built before others in the area. However, Pattern and Samsung are well within their rights to construct the turbines, said environmental lawyer Eric Gillespie, who is representing Platinum Produce in its appeal to the ERT. Gillespie said sometimes when an ERT appeal is launched, there is an automatic stop of the permit. “In this case, the Ontario government decided to let them go ahead anyway, even if there is an appeal,” he added.

But this isn’t the first time the lawyer has seen this happen. Gillespie, who represented the appellants that challenged the approval of the Kent Breeze Wind Farm near Thamesville in 2011, said Suncor Energy continued with construction of the project despite the matter being before the ERT. “This is where many people would say there is a major disconnect between the government and the people living where these projects are moving ahead,” he said. “The government has given an appeal right, but still allows wind companies to proceed as if there is no appeal,” Gillespie added. “That has been very difficult for many people to understand.” Read article

8 thoughts on “Samsung wind turbines being built 240m from Platinum Produce greenhouse

  1. Ever heard a wind turbine blaring noise at 240 metres?
    It’s DEADLY…

    If this employer makes his employees work in his greenhouse, he could be accused of reckless endangerment.

    Ice throw may be the least of his ‘concerns’.

    ‘[excerpt] Platinum Produce is still objecting to the two turbines being located near the greenhouse, with one being within 240 metres. The model of turbine being used in the South Kent Wind Project can hurl chunks of ice that can buildup on the blades, up to 275 metres.

    Verbeek said there is a concern for the health and welfare of the employees if chucks of ice come crashing through a glass roof where they are working in the greenhouse.

    Pattern Energy previously responded that the turbines have multiple sensors designed to detect ice buildup and can automatically trigger a turbine to shut down.’

    • Many of the workers who work in the greenhouse also sleep/live in a nearby bunkhouse… so 24/7 they will be within 550m of the turbine!!! Imagine the cumulative impacts and the unbearable situation for these migrant workers who are supporting their families back home.

  2. The issue is life and death period. Mumbo jumbo spewed is nothing but crap; in their attempt to cover up and justify to the public the crimes being committed.
    Liberal and wind industry lies = sickness and death.

    To do something that knowingly harms and kills people; is that first or second degree murder?
    Those in positions such as Premiere should be thrown the book for their crimes.

  3. So a bunkhouse is not a dwelling. How do insurance companies define bunkhouses?
    Insurance company lawyers must have the legal answer as to what bunkhouses are. Considered a dewlling or not? Maybe like a motel?

  4. Is a bunkhouse considered to be transient housing?
    Plenty of things are gotten away with because the public dosen’t know.

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