Value of houses within 1.2 miles of large wind projects slashed by 11%, study finds

South Kent Wind Samsung Pattern Chatham Kent Sinclair Ln 1Daily Mail, by Sanchez Manning
The presence of wind turbines near homes has wiped tens of thousands of pounds off their value, according to the first major study into the impact the eyesore structures have on house prices.

The study by the London School of Economics (LSE) – which looked at more than a million sales of properties close to wind farm sites over a 12-year period – found that values of homes within 1.2  miles of large wind farms were being slashed by about 11 per cent.

This means that if such a wind farm were near an average house in Britain, which now costs almost £250,000, it would lose more than £27,000 in value. In sought-after rural idylls where property prices are higher, the financial damage is even more substantial. In villages around one of Southern England’s largest onshore developments – Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm in Romney Marsh,  Kent, where homes can cost close to £1 million – house values could drop by more than £100,000. Read article

1 thought on “Value of houses within 1.2 miles of large wind projects slashed by 11%, study finds

  1. Surprise surprise! How can that be? Here in Ontario Dirty Wind Turbines have no negative impact whatsoever. MPAC and Wind Weasels even said so! And they’d never lie! Would they?
    You know the sad part is they probably spent mega bucks on this survey and stalled the issue for 12 years, while people wrongly lost tons of money often destroying retirement dreams and lives when any logically thinking person knows huge devaluations will occur, increasing the closer you are to IWTs.
    Only a totally brain dead idiot would think otherwise.
    And those homes were 1.2 miles from IWTs, 3 times farther than here! We’re getting screwed big time and it’s time to fight back & show these corrupt bastards who owns this province and that we won’t be pushed around by treasonous, corrupt lying Liberals at Queens Park. Time to run them out of town put Wynn, McGuinty & all the others who are/were in on thier crimes, in prison for good long stretch!
    They need to be made an example of to deter future pols (hello Justin Trudeau) from committing similar crimes.

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