West Elgin and Dutton/Dunwich Wind action groups merge for united front

Working Togetherby Patrick Brennan, The Chronicle
West Elgin citizens who are opposed to wind turbines are seeking to joint forces with those who have identical goals in Dutton/Dunwich. Merging the two groups was one of the goals that came from a meeting last week at the Sunnyside Breakfast and Lunch Restaurant at New Glasgow, attended by about 35 people.

“We’re al here for the same purpose and that is to fight wind turbines,” said Jane Anderson who led the discussion at the informal style meeting. “I think we are as passionate,” said Alex Perovich, a citizen who has spoke out passionately against wind turbines since they were first proposed for West Elgin.

Part of what’s at stake is the rights of citizens to voice their opinions on major long-term development affecting their community, Perovich believes. “If we let this go on, we’ll no longer have a voice in anything,” he said. “I’m totally against it,” commented another resident. “I work in Ridgetown, so I drive by them every day.” Residents noted it’s interesting the proposed minimum setback between a home and a turbine doesn’t seem that far. And they observed, it’s quite insulting for decision makers who appear to be sloughing off facing the turbine issue. Read article

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