Wind Turbines a Concern for Rural Ontario

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Bayshore Broadcasting News asked you what you think the biggest concern is for rural Ontario in 2014, and the Green Energy Act spun out at number one. Thirty-six percent of respondents feel the Green Energy Act or environmental sustainability is a major worry for those living in the province’s country lands.

The poll results follow a year rich with wind turbine controversy, including 78 towns, municipalities, and counties declaring themselves unwilling to host turbines. Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives refused to support the act, stating they would not support the GEA until a Health Canada study ruled winds turbine do not negatively effect health. Read article

27 thoughts on “Wind Turbines a Concern for Rural Ontario

  1. Wind turbines a problem? Dya think? But the people need to realize, this is a problem for everyone in our province. Electricity is a factor in the cost of everything we manufacture, grow, transport, heat, illuminate, etc, etc…..20 year contracts on wind turbines will bankrupt us. It must be stopped, NOW. Would you take out a 20 year payment plan, on a VCR? This is no different. These useless machines are obsolete, before they even get them installed. What kind of a thieving miscreant, would have approved of such a money-grabbing scam. And even more important, after 17 years of NO global warming, what kind of miscreants, would allow it to continue? Right now the answer is clear…..The Lib/NDP party!

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  3. R U stupid?

    ‘[excerpt] Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives refused to support the act, stating they would not support the GEA until a Health Canada study ruled winds turbine do not negatively effect health.’

    • Shocked and disgusted
      No, I can assure you that 57 Chev is most definately not stupid. I’ll leave it at that.

    • The MPP’s who blindly voted in favor of the Green Energy Act (Notably
      absent for the vote was Premier Dalton McGuinty)
      Aggelonitis, Sophia | Albanese, Laura | Arthurs, Wayne | Balkissoon,
      Bas | Bartolucci, Rick | Bentley, Christopher | Broten, Laurel C. |
      Brown, Michael A. | Brownell, Jim | Bryant, Michael | Cansfield, Donna
      H. | Caplan, David | Carroll, Aileen | Chan, Michael | Colle, Mike |
      Delaney, Bob | Dickson, Joe | Dombrowsky, Leona | Duguid, Brad |
      Duncan, Dwight | Flynn, Kevin Daniel | Fonseca, Peter | Gerretsen,
      John | Gélinas, France | Gravelle, Michael | Horwath, Andrea | Hoy,
      Pat | Jaczek, Helena | Jeffrey, Linda | Johnson, Rick | Kular, Kuldip
      | Lalonde, Jean-Marc | Leal, Jeff | Levac, Dave | Marchese, Rosario |
      McMeekin, Ted | McNeely, Phil | Meilleur, Madeleine | Miller, Paul |
      Milloy, John | Mitchell, Carol | Moridi, Reza | Pendergast, Leeanna |
      Phillips, Gerry | Ramal, Khalil | Ramsay, David | Rinaldi, Lou |
      Ruprecht, Tony | Sandals, Liz | Smith, Monique | Smitherman, George |
      Sousa, Charles | Tabuns, Peter | Takhar, Harinder S. | Van Bommel,
      Maria | Watson, Jim | Wilkinson, John | Wynne, Kathleen O. | Zimmer,

  4. Like said before if Ontario wanted to run the province on wind turbines – there would have to be so many that we wouldn’t be able to move around!!! – this entire issue regarding the wind turbines is a shame to include the Liberal government going ahead with the turbine plan without doing any studies!! they are doing what is best for THEM not what is best for you or I and our families!! -remember this come election time don’t vote LIBERAL!!

  5. The Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study is not going to prove “wind turbines do not negatively effect health” because that’s not what the Study was designed to do.

    Ontario Progressive Conservatives are capable of understanding this?

  6. I was NOT zoning in on just Heath Canada studies – there is a whole host of other studies to include the health effects on humans and animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – now bearing in mind all of the studies are NOT 100% fool proof!!! – I just FEEL that the party that is running Ontario now – how should I put it!! THEY ARE LIKE PIGS AT A TROTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. By taking the stand on the outcome of Health Studies Canada then the PCs don’t have to deal with other issues involving IWTs.

  8. Now that’s LEADERSHIP I can get excited about!
    Capable of finding creative ways to ignore big problems!

    Laugh Out Loud!

    OK now – everybody – let’s do – ‘the laundry’

    “You put your right foot – in,
    You take your right foot – out,
    You put your right foot – in, and,
    You shake it all about!
    You do the hokey pokey, and…”

    you know how it goes,,,

  9. This is bullish*t. McGuinty: gone but not forgotten. RCMP will nail his *ss. Hear that Dalton? Your lies, stealing taxpayers money, knowingly harming the people of rural Ontario will stop and you will be held accountable. That is if an insane victim of industrial wind turbines doesn’t catch up with him and his croney buddies first. It’s a matter of time.

  10. If you backup in time the Kyoto Protocol was put in by the Chretien government which was followed by the Martin government.
    And don’t forget the connections among Chretien, Martin, Strong and the Desmarias family.

  11. From the Health Canada Website: “On July 10, 2012, Health Canada announced its intention to conduct research to evaluate the relationship between wind turbine noise and potential effects on human health.”

    • ….and it will be non definitive, and more people are being rapidly thrust into the vortex of hell, like all those who came before them and that Health Canada knows all about.
      “Potential effects” my a**

  12. Then there are those who say McGuinty’s caucus didn’t know anything about this when five were present at the Kingston meeting the last week of June, 2008 where the Green Energy Act was hatched?

  13. Seems a lot of people don’t understand that the donations for any party are coming less from private or ordinary people but most of it from companies. So based on this, the Energy Sector which also include the wind/solar is a “huge but huge” contributor to political parties. The LIB party will never ever say that a wind turbine is bad investment or is a bad for people or enviroment to stop the contribution, so don’t expect to chage something. They need money to stay in power. The change must come from us from who is puting the stamp. For who? is up to you but not the LIB.

  14. Smitherman, Gerretsen, Dombrowsky,Cansfield and as I recall Wilkinson.

    This should be in the OWR archives.

    Rural Ontarians have to deal with:
    The developers
    Financial institutions that finance these projects and invest in them.
    Environmental groups
    Some highups in the medical profession.
    Sphere of influence from an engineering university
    Contractors who benefit from the “green” economy.
    Pension funds and labour unions

    And maybe other groups that didn’t get mentioned in the above list.

    Rural Ontarians can’t stand much more of this.

  15. First thing to do is if you are lucky to be polled , always say yes to libs and NDP and no to the PCs. When KW hears she has a hope in he!! Of winning an election then hopefully the votes show otherwise. If not we got a long road and a lot of approvals from now till then. Now with Brister out I hope we can get a worthwhile PC rep in to win the vote. Unfortunately we got too many brainwashed union voters over the years that won’t sway from the orange banner

    • Like I said before -I sent no less than 80 emails to K. Wynne’s office! and in my last 15 emails to her I stated since her and her office could not handled answering 3 of my questions!! please answer the most important one! – why was the wind turbine company Next Era allowed to take down an active eagle’s nest?? – she replies regarding the Fort Erie Race Track question!! why some people my ask – because she happened to be in the area!! -pretty darn sad for a Premier!!! – show you where her priorities are NOT with you or I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Lyn, read the article posted on Natioanl Wind Watch on the right sidebar “FOIA documents shed light on closed-door meeting on eagle deaths”
    Another link is:
    This website also has Pattern Energy information. Just use search.

    This might help to explain why she won’t answer questions about eagles?

    • Hi Barb!! thank you so so very much!! – I took a quick look at this just now!! – this is really shocking !! I will read it completely tomorrow!! again thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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