Stand Up!

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  1. My German is very weak, but I believe that while ‘Steh Auf’ literally translates as ‘stand up’, it is the equivalent of ‘get up’ or ‘wake up.’ Germans ‘Stehe Auf’ – ‘stand up’ in the morning, so I think the intent of the phrase should translate as
    “WAKE UP!”

  2. these Wind turbines are not wanted anywhere in the World. Germany was somewhat okay with them in the beginning (most projects were community based and far away from homes) but now even they have realized that this is not the way to produce electricity. Turbines now get closer to where people are living and they do cause problems, even though the turbines are still much farther away from homes then what they will be here in Ontario. We will get problems BIG TIME!!! with our 550m setbacks.
    Rural Ontario = Hell on Earth

  3. Go figure the Liberal government ramming things down our throats ie placing smart meters in our homes – and then setting a scale in which you an use hydro at off hours!! – closing gas plants at the tax payers expense!! – closing race tracks !!!! and pushing the wind turbine garbage at us without having any studies!!!!!!!!!!!! etc etc etc remember the Liberals at voting time!! give them the BOoT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It seems that here in Ontario we live under the last administration on the planet that still continues to totally ignore that their own legislation, the Green Energy Act, has resulted in harm to their own citizens that they still refuse to acknowledge.
    OK! What do we do next…???
    Andrew Watts

  5. I say make as many calls and emails that you can to your MP’s- MPPs’ offices and to agencies such Wild Lie Associations etc. and keep calling !!l – until you get answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  6. Yes Lyn, it us up to us to “give them the boot”. Problem: writing letters until the cows come home isn’t working. The fire just gets bigger…time has come to fight fire with fire.

    • Hi there ! I completely agree with you!! -but where the problem lies with most Canadians they won’t do a thing -requesting them to write a letter or emails is better than NOTHING!! and just try to get allot of people to a meeting or rally! I have been there! Most Canadians are too complaisant!!!! – now what is the old saying if you stand up for nothing you will fall for anything!!

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