Don’t rush to cash in

conflict of interestToronto Star
They claim there’s no conflict. But the public is right to worry when leaders hired to protect Ontario’s environment and control its recycling programs start a private company that promotes “green” investments. As the Star’s editorial board has learned, these leaders are investors-directors in a new venture capital firm called CleanTech Capital Inc., which is promoting investment in some of the same areas they have been controlling or monitoring – on behalf of the public.

Decisions like this deserve scrutiny. After all, people privy to inside information in the public realm should not be allowed to benefit from that knowledge in the private sector. The mere appearance of conflict is problematic. Promoted as a “dream team” in marketing material designed to attract new investors with deep pockets, CleanTech principals include:

  • Gord Miller, Ontario’s environmental commissioner, who was appointed by the provincial legislature to act as the watchdog for Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights. His personal investment in CleanTech: $10,000. Read article

5 thoughts on “Don’t rush to cash in

  1. What about the Liberals and their cronies investing in wind turbines, and creating laws to force them on people, at exorbitant rates??? Is anyone paying attention to that?

  2. OK so Parker has been on to these scams for some years and the Red Star just discovered them… I’m shocked I tell you!

  3. CNBC
    World Economic Forum, Switzerland, Jan.2014
    Low cost natural gas abundance has made European electricity prices much higher than in the U.S.
    Due to a significant dregree of the push toward high-cost renewable,wind & solar,electricity which is imposing heavy costs on consumers and generating large fiscal burdens for governments.

    Ontario is going the wrong way!

  4. Now that we have MSM’s attention on the Gord Miller scandal, maybe we can get someone to look at the status of Mike Crawley, past president of the provincial Liberal party, now president of the federal Liberal party, contributor to the Green Energy Act, and of course, King of the Wind Whores.

    John Spears, are you paying attention?

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