Municipality supports noise nuisance bylaw coalition

kincardineSaugeen Times
Kincardine council has gone from no support to full support for the formation of a multi-municipality coalition to draft a nuisance noise bylaw to regulate industrial wind turbine developments. Jan. 9, after a presentation by Warren Howard of North Perth, outlining the formation of such a coalition, council made no decision and no commitment to the proposal.

At the Jan. 15 meeting, council agreed to defer a motion by councillor Kenneth Craig directing staff to contact legal counsel to advise Kincardine on matters concerning a multi-municipality nuisance noise bylaw. Wednesday night (Jan. 22), council passed two motions, offering strong support for the coalition and the proposed generic noise nuisance bylaw. The first motion was Craig’s from the Jan. 15 meeting.

Deputy mayor Anne Eadie said she is unsure what Kincardine would have to send to legal counsel right now, other than a proposal in general terms. Councillor Randy Roppel said that before the coalition were to proceed, it would likely come up with a firm capable of representing all municipalities in the coalition. However, he agreed that a report would have to come back to council before approving anything. Read article

2 thoughts on “Municipality supports noise nuisance bylaw coalition

  1. A growing coalition can move towards separating from Ontario/Toronto in favour of empowered autonomy.

  2. With all the flack about the potential expansion of Billy Bishop Airport, people in Toronto are fearful about the horror of noise and infra sound. Hopefully, this fear will help generate empathy from downtown TO towards those who have been assaulted by industrial wind turbines, the perpetrators being the Ontario Liberals.

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