NextEra fudges distances to squeeze in more turbines

[Ed. Note: This is not a one off case of turbines too close to property lines. Here’s another example in Melancthon for the Dufferin Wind Project.]

Dear Mr. Bradley,
RE: Jericho Wind Project, NextEra Energy Canada

On February 12, 2013, I wrote to NextEra (NE) on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Dayman who own property next to proposed turbine #18.  At that time NE documentation identified turbine #18 as being less than 60 metres (58.5 m) from their property line.  According to Section 53 of the Environmental Protection Act (359/09), the wind developer MUST be a minimum distance of 60 metres from all non-participating properties.  Mr. and Mrs. Dayman requested that NE remove the turbine in order to be compliant with legislation.

Turbine 18

NE responded to this correspondence on February 15, 2013 by claiming that turbine #18 was actually 60.8 metres from the Dayman property line, and was therefore in compliance with the regulations.  Despite numerous requests, an updated map illustrating this change was never provided to the Dayman family.

This is not the only concern with the placement of turbine #18 and neighbouring properties.  According to NextEra, the ‘receptor’ number for the Dayman property is JER 5267 and for the Thomson property is JER 5564.  A review of documentation provided by NextEra reveals the following data with respect to these properties and their placement to turbine #18  (WTG018: x – 424671 m; y – 4777622 m; z -292.97 m):NextEra measurements

*Despite requests on December 17 and 31, 2013 and again on January 13, 2014, NE has failed to describe the process used in the ‘field study’ conducted by Callon Dietz on December 10, 2013.

As you are no doubt aware, turbines must be a minimum of 550 m from a non-participating property.  Since these measures seem to change with the ‘wind’, both families have requested via e-mail correspondence dated:  February 12, 2013, February 17, 2013, April 21, 2013, August 15, 2013, October 22, 2013, October 29, 2013 and November 14, 2013, that NE demonstrate and confirm the actual distances with the families being present to witness the measurements.

To date, NE has failed to respond to their requests.

As is clearly demonstrated in this correspondence, the measurements provided by NE are conflicting and do not instill confidence in NE’s processes.  Additionally NE’s lack of response to these families is deeply distressing.  As such, both property owners request that independent confirmation, from a surveyor selected by them, be provided by NE.

Additionally, they request that the Ministry of the Environment confirm the measurements claimed by NE to ensure they comply with the requirements set out in the Environmental Protection Act (359/09), as this Ministry is mandated to do, PRIOR to approving this project.

Should further information be required, please do not hesitate to contact me.  We look forward to your prompt reply.


Marcelle Brooks,
on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Dayman, and
Mr. Thomson and Ms. Billings

Thedford, Ontario

copy to:

Ross Groffman
Director, Wind Development, NextEra Resources Resources, LLC
c/o NextEra Energy Canada, ULC

Kristina Rudzki, Ministry of Environment

Agatha Garcia Wright – Director Environmental Approvals Access


MPP Monte McNaughton

MPP Lisa Thompson

Premier Kathleen Wynne

Bob Chiarelli – Minister of Energy

Deb Matthews, Ontario Minister of Health

NDP – Andrea Horwath

Peter Tabuns – NDP Energy Critic

Jonah Schein – NDP Environment Critic

PC – Tim Hudak|

Christine Elliott – PC Health Critic

Michael Harris – PC Environment Critic

John Gerretsen – Attorney General Ontario

Gord Miller – Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

19 thoughts on “NextEra fudges distances to squeeze in more turbines

  1. I was told that this was going on, months ago. Good to see it is being dragged out into the light of day. The wind weasels need to start being held accountable, and forced to remove the offending structures….

  2. Don’t you people be bothering Mr. Miller with this trivial matter.

    He’s pretty busy with his new investments in CleanTech.

    “Gord Miller, Ontario’s environmental commissioner, who was appointed by the provincial legislature to act as the watchdog for Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights. His personal investment in CleanTech: $10,000”.

  3. The attitude of the times seems to be “screw you, do what you want”.
    An intelligent response to this: do what you have to, to protect yourself.
    Government does not abide by the laws, screw that. Next terror ____ you.

  4. Right you are ’57chev. These corrupt, low life, greedy Wind Scammers, just do whatever they please and to H with anyone or anything (Eagles!) that gets in their way. Time to show their foreign fat arses the door, and they can take The Wind (Wynne) Bitch and her gang of thieves with them. Unless they (Wynne & Co.) prefer to stay here, courtesy of the Ontario people, in a cozy Canadian prison, for say a year for every million they stole/misappropriated. That should keep them off the streets for a few thousand years! If only….

  5. This is nothing new at all,
    In my experiance with these f heads
    They also tried doing this to me encroaching a meer 104m in fact!

    Pushing my vacant lot receptor @ 9 acres in my field, stating it was the “building pattern” in my area bs.
    They had to meet with the Moe and had to move it back 62 m still using the setback allowed frontage to their gain.

    Intact 27 out of 39 turbines are of decreased setbacks! Nice that they even did this decrease on school rd were it is high traffic with families! The turbines are very close to the Rd and the moe approved it. Safety is not a concern it’s not their kids after all!

    They use this tactic often as the wouldn’t be able to fit thier turbines on lands otherwise.

    I believe many residents are not aware of this has even happened to them yet.

    Many are abutting other signed lands with different companies not sure if this is legal but their doing it anyways.

    Leave it to next error to cut corners this is nothing new, when your bastards like them you don’t expect any different.

  6. This happens because those that make it happen know there is no enforcement agency to regulate construction, and when distances are fudged, of course there will be no consequences for the developer, not even a fine.

  7. A great deal of attention has been given to health issues so there wasn’t time to deal with other issues involving IWTs.

    The more IWTs that are installed in Ontario the more trouble there will be.

  8. With the discovery of the level of influence some in the medical profession have with renewable energy issues, it might now be possible to better deal with the health issues.
    Let’s hope this willbe the outcome.

  9. Another ‘Wind Turbine F-word’ to add to the list……
    Fudge, Force, Fraud, Fiction, Fantasy,,,

  10. The GEA legislation or any other regulations are viewed by the wind industry as guidelines not rules.

    • The wind industry operates under “guidelines”.

      Those that oppose the wind industry must operate under a strict set of “rules”.

  11. Who needs King anymore? The information uncovered in the past couple of weeks about the sphere of influence the medical profession has in renewable energy just bypasses her now.

  12. NE has been fudging their distance calculations with regards to the proposed Goshen Wind Project in Bluewater and South Huron. I have land that is directly across a municipal road from a proposed turbine site and if the turbine was to fall down in any way, it would block completely the municipal road and the hub with all the toxic materials would be on my property. We have questioned NE reps numerous times in the times that they attempted to get me to sign on, with getting no answer from NE. I have questioned municipal officials and have received no satisfaction. I have told the chief building inspector for Bluewater that he ought to measure himself each turbine location before he grants them a building permit. I suspected that this was happening in other projects and appreciate this being brought into the open.

  13. Earth Measurement Consulting
    GPS Accuracy
    Surveying applications usually require the use of RTK or Post processing.
    “All GPS navigation and surveying techniques have limitations that may not permit desired accuracies in a given environment.”

    “In general, for detail surveying for construction, the traditional methods are still prefered.”

    What were the methods used for these measurements?

  14. Barbara – if you would – help us put into perspective what we understand about how public health organizations and universities process wind turbine and “green energy” issues?

  15. Universities and health organizations don’t need to process IWT and “green” energy issues. But they have VIPs in important positions of influence that the government can use to backup its energy policies.

    Start with the report that Dr. Pellizzari presented to council.Follow the names of the organizations and the references cited in this report. Leads to some VIPs in the medical profession. Then follow CAPE to ISDE and back to McMaster U.

    U.Waterloo introduced its new Green Energy Diploma at an OSEA gala.

  16. Combine the report to council with last summer’s newspaper article and you have “roadmap” to follow.

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