Why did the high voltage lines cross the road?

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[Ed. Note – this article speaks about the trans lines with solar projects being constructed, but we are also seeing the exact same issue with wind turbines – as seen for the wpd Napier project in the picture to the right.]

Sun News
, by Christina Blizzard
TORONTO – Talk about a power trip. Why did the high voltage lines cross the road? Why did Hydro One move transmission lines for a solar farm that hasn’t yet been built off the property of one of their senior managers to neighbours’ properties?

It’s a question that’s perplexing folk on the 4th Line in Shanty Bay, around 15 kilometres northeast of Barrie. I reported Jan. 13 how Hydro One plans to take hydro lines off the property of home owner Tim Ferris – who also works for the giant utility that manages the province’s hydro lines – to homes across the road.

Ferris, who could not be reached for comment, has a hydro easement on his property allowing placement of the hydro lines. The home of his neighbour, Jackie Crocker, across the road does not. Yet, Hydro One wants to upgrade the lines — and put them on the road allowance on her property. Read article

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  1. A shocking story: Stray voltage victim wins $4 million against utility
    A toddler living near the Kumeyaay Wind facility in Campo has had a tumor the size of a potato chip bag removed from her abdomen, Boulevard Planning Group Chair revealed last night at an Activist San Diego event on energy issues last night.
    Other people living near wind turbines and an electric substation in the vicinity have developed brain, stomach and kidney cancers—symptoms linked to exposure to electricity and stray voltage, as ECM has reported.
    That study concluded that the electric fields were likely coming from the Kumeyaay wind turbines or related substation and power lines–and recommended immediate correction. Yet nothing has been done to reduce the stray voltage or protect the health of those living nearby.

  2. This present winter the very cold temperatures could affect gas lines. In some places the ground is frozen quite deep.

  3. hey wait a second, are they sure its not next era, next terror doing this?? its dejavu! I too am being dinked by next era next terror the bastards they are by using my right aways while all my greedy neighbors are signed, and I get to host their lines and poles.

    hmmm just all a bunch of asses I reckon!

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