Power from water still cheapest to generate

next terror protest 009Bullet News Niagara, By Nancy Reynolds
Is there no end to the way Dalton McGuinty found to victimize the ratepayers of Ontario, during his time as premier? The Green Energy Act, which sounds so good, has proven to be a great reason why hydro bills are increasing. The act lacks protection for ratepayers now and in the future. Make no mistake, we all want green energy. We want to exploit wind, sun and water, but we don’t want to pay inflated prices forever.

Start-up costs are just that, but they don’t settle in and stay. Who decided we had to buy all available wind and solar power forever at prices almost double in some cases and even more in others? Hydraulic power remains the cheapest to generate – hence Beck III. Available water from the Niagara River is supposed to keep Adam Beck generating station running full out, thus creating cheap, available electricity. That was the reason for building tunnels and canals. Read article

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  1. We don’t all want Green Energy because it is a snare and an illusion, one that is costing BILLIONS. It takes energy to create energy whether is is green, blue or yellow! Anyone who believes that wind energy is 100% efficient must be living on as planet where there is no wind, anymore.

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